Warnings and Blacklisted Online Bingo Operators

Shady online bingo sites? Get the in's and out's!

Credible operators are a crucial component of the online bingo experience. Scams are all too common in the online gambling world, and we have to be cautious about those we trust with our cash. Predatory sites do not openly boast their rogue intentions, but their reputation precedes them, and we can always count on cheated customers to spread the word. A well-informed player is a safe player, and Latest Bingo Bonuses intends to help educate you every step of the way.

We've created a list of known rogue brands every player should stay away from. Rest assured, their warning or blacklisted status is well-deserved, meaning they've been caught using unethical business practices such as slow payment processing times, poor customer service, predatory T&C's and other shady practices. 

Bingo brands are assessed and judged based on their merit from the players' perspective. Another decisive factor is our own experience, gained from dealing with frauds up close and personal as affiliates. Our sources are reliable and accurate, ensuring that our Warning list includes only those operators who truly deserve such poor ratings.

There are several elements or lack thereof, which make or break a gambling site:

  • license to conduct gaming and wagering services, issued by a reputable gambling jurisdiction
  • genuine, licensed software
  • unambiguous, precise, and honest terms of service
  • reasonable payout rates and payment processing times
  • the efficiency and dedication of customer support
  • certified fair gaming
  • honoring deals with affiliates

Steer clear of a site that fails to meet any or all of the above requirements. These paint a picture of a venue that has invested resources, time and effort to establish and maintain a respectable business, appreciates loyal customers and operates from the highest level of integrity.

Bingo sites listed below have earned a spot on our naughty list, due to the following reasons:

  • a lack of valid gaming license
  • pirated games with a questionable Random Number Generator
  • predatory, ambiguous and misleading terms and conditions
  • slow payments or unpaid winnings
  • unresponsive or poor customer support
  • breach of affiliate contact

 Warning: Not recommended. Proceed with caution

Players are advised to choose an alternative bingo site when a warning sign appears. This means that we've recognized issues with the operator and do not recommend depositing. You may experience delayed payments. If you're still inclined to check out any of the sites on our warning list, read the T&C's thoroughly as to avoid breaking any of the rules despite how unreasonable they may be. Better safe than sorry!

Blacklisted: Avoid at all costs

This is the ultimate warning. Blacklisted bingo sites are proven to deny payouts for no legitimate reason, leave customer complaints unresolved, change T&C's without warning and/or operate without a gaming license among other red flags. Predatory rules and extremely high wagering requirements on promotional offers are other issues on our radar. These brands operate in a manner designed to put the player at a severe disadvantage.

For a detailed description of services, software, payments, disadvantages and player feedback, visit the bingo review page.

This page is subject to diligent and regular updates - the information found here is accurate and based on verified facts. To stay safely away from rogue groups, visit regularly, and always check with LBB before registering and depositing anywhere.

21 Bingo Sites Found

Refine Bingo Sites with Warnings:

Blacklisted Bingo Sites

Players are strongly urged to avoid these bingo sites at all costs as they are regarded as highly unethical in business practice including nonpayment of withdrawal requests.

Bingo Sites with Warnings:

Players should exercise caution before playing at these bingo sites due to delayed processing of withdrawals, poor customer service or poor terms and conditions.

Bingo Sites on Probation:

Due to reports of delayed withdrawals and uncooperative customer support these bingo sites have been placed on probation until management works to resolve issues.

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How do I spot a rogue online bingo site?

We recommend researching informational sites such as this one. Player feedback is the best resource to provide you with the necessary insight before you deposit. Look for valid gambling licenses and certifications, which are posted directly on the bingo site. As tedious as it may seem, it’s imperative to read through the terms and conditions. If they are vague or contradictory, that’s a red flag. Should you experience unresponsive customer service, payment issues or predatory T&C’s, warn other players by sharing your experience directly on our bingo review page.

What is the difference between a warning and a blacklisted status?

We place warnings on bingo brands when we recommend you proceed with caution. We’ve received some reports of negative player or affiliate experiences. The blacklisted status is the ultimate mark on the reputation of an operator. We advise players not to deposit there based on consistently proven cases of poor business practices.

What is pirated software?

This refers to bingo/casino games that are not genuine and are not provided by a trusted source. Fake copies are used to steal from players. Jackpots are inaccurate and bets do not count toward the prize pools. In fact, operators can manipulate the outcome of bets as fair gaming practices like the random number generator (RNG) do not apply.

What is a 'bonus abuser'?

This is outlined differently based on the operator. Rules may restrict bet amounts, gameplay, geographical location and a number of other factors. Violation of a rule or accepting bonus offers back to back may result in the confiscation of your winnings if the operator deems you a ‘bonus abuser’.  While it is acceptable to have rules in place to prevent legitimate abuse of offers, in the case of a rogue site, the terms are unreasonable and may even be made up along the way as a means to avoid paying the player.

Is the operator delaying my cashout on purpose?

Withdrawal requests that take more than 48 hours to review are generally considered delayed as are payments that are not processed within a week. There are exceptions, especially if you’re located in unregulated countries or states, but the details concerning withdrawals should be spelled out in the T&C’s. Violation of their own terms, unresponsive customer service, requests for information you’ve already provided or magical new rules indicate an intentional delay in processing your cashout.

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