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75 Ball Bingo is the version of bingo that one is most likely to find in the United States and online bingo sites catering to US players. This is a much more common version of bingo, with its popularity peaking in the 1940s and continuing to this day thanks to the spread of online bingo sites across the internet.

The 75 Ball Bingo Ticket

  • The 75 Ball Bingo card is a grid consisting of numbers, five across and five down.
  • The word B-I-N-G-O is displayed across the top of the card and each column of numbers is placed under a letter.
  • A free space under the letter N on the card is left blank, right in the center.
  • The B column is filled with five random numbers ranging from one through to 15.
  • The I column has five numbers ranging from sixteen to thirty.
  • The N column has four numbers (because of the blank space) from 31 to 45.
  • The G column has five numbers ranging from 46 to 60.
  • The O column has five numbers from 61 to 75.

75 Ball Bingo Rules

  • The player purchases bingo cards.
  • 75 balls are rotated in a container or cage by the caller. Online, these are called at random using RNG.
  • The balls are usually divided into five different colors, each one representing one of the letters of the word BINGO.
  • The caller draws each ball randomly and calls out the letter and number, for example B-8.
  • The player uses a dauber to cross out each number that appears on the card.
  • The object of the game is to complete a certain, pre-determined pattern by crossing off all the numbers on the card to create the pattern.
  • The player who shouts BINGO after completing the pattern wins the game.

75 Ball Bingo Patterns

Traditionally, players of 75 Ball Bingo needed to complete a single line (down, diagonally or across) to win the game. As the game became more popular, and especially since its introduction to the online world, patterns have become more exciting and challenging, and today it is quite common to find 300 different patterns in bingo games. These include ‘blackout’ which entails having to cover the entire card. Other patterns include shapes such as umbrellas, numbers and letters.

Playing 75 Ball Bingo Online

Playing 75 Ball Bingo online is very similar in essence to regular bingo played at land bingo rooms, although the game is made much simpler by a number of automatic features built into the online software. For example, you can pre-buy your bingo tickets and an auto daub feature will cross off the called numbers for you. All you need to do is check to see if you’ve won and enjoy the payouts!


75 Ball Bingo remains one of the most popular forms of the game in the world, and can be found at hundreds of online bingo sites across the internet. More and more players are discovering the excitement of this game as they enjoy the speed and patterns associated with 75 Ball Bingo.

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