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  • I just read an article in the Daily Mail that talks about bingo addiction and it said that studies have shown that 1 in 10 players are at risk for gambling addiction while 2.5 percent already suffer from it.


    What I found interesting was that of all the bingo players involved in the survey, almost 100% (96% to be exact) said playing was about the social factor and not the possibility of winning cash.


    The article is available here if you're interested.


    How many of you are social gamblers? I definitely see a difference from when I go play bingo versus when I play Slots or Video Poker in a land based casino. The bingo experience is a lot more social. When I'm in a casino I prefer to be practically invisible. Perhaps it's because in bingo we're all pooled and playing for the same prize.


    What do ya think? Are you chatty a gambler and do you see the social appeal with a game like bingo? This could also cover sitting in a row of progressive Slots or games with shared bonus features online or off.  How about the tables, do you engage in the small talk or send out the "leave me alone" vibe?

  • Thx for the link and the interesting information , i personly dont play bingo very often but at least once or twice a month a

    I do and personally prefer the chat off to be honest but when playing on a dice or high lo site i do enjoy the chat and spend more time chatting than playing so i can see how it can be  addictive

  • I mostly play bingo online and honestly, I stay away from the chat box. And even when a friendly, or perhaps overly-friendly, moderator attempts to start a conversation I feel uncomfortable and weird. I like bingo but I'm not a chatty or talkative person.


    Really good article I think, and I can see how bingo too can become addictive. Gambling for socializing can have equally dangerous effects as gambling just for money.

  • SO crazy that you would say this Froggy... because guess what? I WAS JUST ABOUT TO POST SOMETHING ABOUT MY OWN ADDICTION!


    I am totally strung out on a Poker/Casino site that has a social aspect. I have been negating my yard, ignoring my phone and completely immersing myself into the community that I am gambling with. :)


    I will post all about it in the new Bitcoin section... I totally understand and relate to what those Bingo players are reporting. The social aspect is the ticket when it comes to keeping people involved... you guys at LCB, know all about that... keep the conversation flowing and the traffic will flow with it! :)


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    One more thing... your last paragraph poses the question, are you a chatty gambler? Do I engage in small talk? Come on now, do I need to answer that? I am a chatty everything ... I love talking to people and I have made friends playing BlackJack twenty years ago, that I still travel with and visit today! I am a social butterfly... :)


  • I love playing bingo, but the first thing I do is turn off the chat. Instead, I play mini slots in between games, or catch up on my email, etc. As far as playing slots, I usually put them on auto spin.  I don't really have the time to be a social player.....

  • I tend to get in a zone when I'm gambling so the chit chat breaks my concentration LOL  I'm more quiet in the bingo rooms like Markotik.


    Cnichas do you find that there more chatty people then not when you're playing the table games?


    Jenna I am not surprised that you have made great friends over the years. Do you think people are more social online or in the land based casinos? Most players I see in casinos seem like they want to be left alone. The absolute worst for me is when someone asks me how to play. Kills me!


    ingie53 I don't often use auto spin because I don't want to risk missing anything. I don't focus much on bingo chat either and I love the mini games. The bingo cards may be cheap but oh those mini games!



  • I prefer playing bingo at the hall as it is a great means of socialization.

  • I prefer playing bingo at the hall as it is a great means of socialization.


    Let me guess, Texas Charity Bingo?

  • Yeah definitely the social part of the game is as much addictive as the gambling itself. I am little socially awkward with strangers, but can understand why people like it.

  • I prefer playing bingo at the hall as it is a great means of socialization.


    Let me guess, Texas Charity Bingo?


    Yes, you are absolutely correct!

  • I don`t know of any bingo halls near where I live,but love playing online,have met alot of nice people

  • Hi sfilkins, what are your preferred sites? Are you active in chat?

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