CLOSED - $100 in bingo bucks Contest!!

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  • Paramount Bingo a Contest Exclusively to all our Members!!


    Guess the Latest Paramount Bingo Winner Contest


    Here is how it will be played:


    In the Lobby of Paramount Bingo there is a list of the Latest Winners.


    You will have to guess what the cash prize will be in dollars and cents for the winner at the top of the list. Here is a screen shot of what it looks like:




    The member who comes the closest to the winning cash prize of the winner will win 100BBs!


    The contest will run from 11.1 - 11.14. At exactly 10pm EST on 11.15 (one day after the contest closes) I will take a screen shot of the Latest Winner and the cash prize. This will be the winner you will try to match the cash prize to.


    This contest is open to all new and existing players. If you have not registered at Paramount Bingo yet please use our link provided above to do so.


    Enter as often as you like, but please no double posting!


    Good luck to you all!








  • Oh this is a great contest whether you love bingo and/or slots! Paramount Bingo has some great games. Good luck everyone!

  • C'mon guys this is easy and its for 100bb's.


    I am gonna get first and if i win...ya'll gonna be sorrrrry!!!



  • $45.45

  • My guess would be $59.16 :D

  • My guess would be $75.00  8)

  • I'll guess $35.00

  • I'll guess $50

  • $72.90

  • $50

  • Great contest Lips.


    I'll guess $58.48



  • 37.90 is my guess!!

  • my guess is $31.50

  • 43.20 !!!

  • Ill say $21.00

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