Closed - A1 Bingo Exclusive Contest with NO Deposit $300 in Prizes!!

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  • A1 Bingo is holding an exclusive contest for our members! For all new and existing players. Open to US players.


    A1 Bingo Slogan Contest


    Create the clever slogan by finishing this sentence: “A1 Bingo is…..”


    Members can complete the sentence by using as little as one word or as many words as they wish. Enter as often as you like. No double posting, please wait til a member enters a post before posting again.




    1st prize $150


    2nd prize $100


    3rd prize $50


    Winners will credited with playable bonus bucks with which they could play and when they win they will be paid with pure cash. All new and existing players are eligible for the contest.


    The winners will be determined by the most clever slogan. Contest ends on Oct 31st at 11:59 pm EST.


    Members may want to view the site to get their creative juices flowing!


    Good luck,



  • Very cool contest. I can't wait to see our clever member responses  ;) $150 is a nice chunk of change!

  • How many suggestions do we get to make/how many times can we enter?

  • Great question allgood would of been nice if i added that!! On my way now to add it to the original post now.


    Sorry for the confusion.



  • "A1 Bingo - It's how bingo is done!"



  • A 1 Bingo is absolutely Incredible!!!!!





  • "A1 Bingo - Where the winners play!"

  • A1 Bingo  - the power of winning - come in and find out

  • A1 Bingo - play and win to make a difference

  • A1 Bingo - A-OK!

  • ithink we are all A1--or 1A

  • A1 bingo, where the A1 players play

  • A1 bingo, where the bankrolls, climb to A1

  • A1 bingo, fair, honest, winnings paid fast. If your not playing at A1, your not getting A1 service.

  • A1 bingo, doesn't the name say everything!

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