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  • USA ok


    New Players Only


    Must register via Eat Sleep Bingo


    Upon the registration you will receive £30 bonus. For the additional £5 go to Banking, then Redeem Coupon LatestBB5 .


    Any winnings derived from the Free Money are not eligible for a Withdrawal unless the player is a depositing player before using the bonus they will be able to cash out.


    Eat Sleep Bingo Review



  • is there a buddy alias we can refer?  I'm registering now

  • hi drjugz ,


    Im not sure they have a refer a friend feature, i guess its best if you contact them directly.


    But if they do, your friends wont be able to get this bonus, as they have to register via our link.




  • aaaaaa dernit! i knew it i saw this site and signed up maybe a week ago even said i bet anything Zuga will probably get an exclusive, but i did it anyway... i should of known better, that teaches me!!!!!


    Nice exclusive, love the bingo site


    Thank you Zuga, you always get the best!!

  • is there a buddy alias we can refer?  I'm registering now

    Yes, there is a buddy alias.
  • Thank you, zuga! I haven't played at any bingo sites for a while but couldn't resist this offer. ;D Thanks again for all your hard work and thank you, all the Adm/Mods. for all you great efforts to bring fantastic exclusive deals. :-*

  • Thank you guys, we do our best






  • what I was trying to ask was for one of you guy's aliases so you would get credit!  Gosh - sometimes you people are sooooooo far off track :)


    true consciousness, perspicacity, & endless possibility...

  • Hi Zuga - Registered, filled out profile, even changed my avatar. No bonus has appeared. (I haven't gone to banking for the $5 yet.) Am I missing a step?

  • the £30 bonus should be there by default. For the additional £5 go to Banking, then Redeem Coupon LatestBB5.

  • is there a buddy alias we can refer?  I'm registering now


    I see what you are saying here drjugz, and thats kind and thoughtful of you, LCB is the one referring you, i'm not sure but i think his link is automatic and recieves the credit, theres no names posted to recieve it other then if you want to put your own friends

  • the £30 bonus was not there by default. And it is not there yet.

  • i registered an account,when i click on tab check profile, or banking redeem voucher-it  keeps going to a page and says i'm not logged in and to log in.I do but it keeps taking me here.What's going on?



  • this place is crap,u cant play any games unless u deposit if u can even get the site to work,i sure wish these places were checked out before posting them

  • Dont like the site then dont play it !

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