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  • Hi guys,


    We got a special contest for you. 123 Bingo will credit one lucky member with a FREE chip.


    The Mystery chip is placed at one of the Latest Bingo Bonuses pages.


    The member who finds it first and post a link to that page here, wins the free chip.


    Special Thanx to Lips, who suggested this contest.


    Good Luck




  • Thanks Boss but you made it fly!!!!


    Good luck to all!!!



  • Oh that chip is hidden well!!! :D

    This is FUN!!!

  • it sure is hidden well, great time killer!!!

  • Zuga is a tricky one!!!!!!

  • that is for sure!!

  • hey ! no pain no gain ;)


    GL All

  • well i found something


  • well i found something



    please post a link





  • okay, i give up, are you sure it's there???!!!!i think i've looked at every page, blog, news, etc three times!!! i'm about to go to the loony bin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I got credited 10.00 was that it?


  • Don't give up!!!!! It's there.......your looking too hard!!!!!



  • Thank you for contacting us, you are number 1 out of 1 in the queue. You will be answered in 35 seconds, please wait for the operator to respond or call us at toll free (US only) number listed on our site.


    Thank you for contacting us at our 24X7 Live Support. You are chatting with Kevin. How may I assist you?

    BGO495346: hi kevin

    BGO495346: i was checking to see about the mystery bonus for 123 bingo for Latest Casino Bonus

    Kevin: Hello

    BGO495346: i found a picture of LCB ...onlinecasinoheader

    Kevin: May i know the amount you would like to deposit ?

    BGO495346: i am not depositing

    BGO495346: they is suppose to be a mystery bonus here for us

    BGO495346: in the bonuses

    BGO495346: and the only thing i found was a screenshot of the Latest Casino Bonus webstite

    Kevin: All set now

    Kevin: Good luck!1

    BGO495346: okay is that what i am looking for

    Kevin: Ok

    Kevin: Thank you for contacting us, if you need any help or updates on special promotions

  • I got credited 10.00 was that it?


    Nope, it will say "BINGO MYSTERY CHIP"

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