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  • Hiya Bingo Lovers,


    It is amazing the talent we have at our forum with great posters and writers! So impressive are all of you that this contest will be a breeze to win. The problem is picking just one winner so we are going to have 2 winners for this contest!


    Here is the details:


    Write a bingo blog about your experience at any bingo site you have played at from our list at LBB. The blog should be at least 250 words long. Not like i will be counting each and every word but make it more than a few sentences!


    The most creative blogs will win $25 each. Enter as many times as you wish. The contest will close one week from today on July 15th at 11:59pm EST.


    Good luck and happy writing!!!










  • smiley-bounce016.gifsmiley-bounce016.gif


            Wow...sounds awesome and I am so excited...can't wait to read some good ones...


            Now I will be reading yours instead of writing...heh heh...this feels good! ;D


            Thanks, Lips, Zuga and LCB for another great contest...this will be so much fun!!!


                                          -linedancing...LCB Rocks!!!...linedancing-



  • What a wonderful idea!


    I can't write sooooo I will be enjoying everyone elses entries!!



    Good luck to all of those who participate !!!





  • Mommy your an excellent writer because you write from your heart! Thats the best kind. Give it a shot and win some $$$$



  • C'mon guys.... its a free CASH for the best two blogs... all you have to do is to post about your experience...




  • Well I woke up early this morning, and without a free chip in sight (well one I haven't used ;) ) I remember I have some BBs over at 123Bingo. Sometimes I get bored really fast playing bingo, but today I guess I am in a bingo mood. Besides, these games are usually fast paced at this site, and I have hit a couple of bingos here in the past.


    I go to the Country Bingo room, and I buy 24 cards at .05 each. I always buy as many cards as I can, when the BBs will allow it.


    The next game doesn't start for a couple of minutes, so I go refill my coffee. I sit down, and the pattern that is playing is Any 3 Lines. The game starts, and the numbers are being called.


    There are only 11 players, and I have a pretty good shot at hitting a Bingo.


    I really don't get too involved in chat, I don't know what's going on half of the time. Chat games confuse me, I need to learn how to play though, because they do look fun to play, and the BBs you could win are nice as well.


    The numbers are being called, and my cards are filling up. This type of pattern doesn't tell you how many to go for a Bingo, so I am just hoping that I am close on one of these cards ;D. I spot a card with 1tg for 3 lines..I get excited..."BINGO! has been called" screams out of my speakers, but it wasn't me that had a Bingo. :'(


    So I think I am going to make my way over to the Get Cracking slot, and see if I can do better over there. I really enjoy the slots at Bingo sites, Trolling for Treasure is another one I like alot. I never do well on it of these days I will ;)


    I like 123Bingo, and although I have never deposited at a Bingo site, I have been considering it, and I would deposit here.





  • Awesome blog mommy!!!!!! Loved reading it hun.....thanks for sharing!!



  • mommy...


    This is a great blog and thank you for sharing!


    I love and love it!!!




  • Right when Bingo Sky opened their doors I played with the no deposit bonus they were offering I believe it was 10.00 back then(years ago).


    I started off playing in the nickel room, the pots were very small as they were still beta testing so not many players at all. They did offer a 'big' game which was coverall for 100.00. When you get close to bingo the cards turn colors, which is my favorite aspect of playing bingo. Anyway, I needed one number O75 I had one eye covered and the other eye watching to see when a yellow ball was going to appear hehe, well here it comes yellow, by this time I cover both my eyes up and wait a couple of seconds....... YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE  :P red card! I was so excited as I was just starting out playing bingo so I thought I was rich :)


    So now, you know what I did.... Went to the .25 room, played 20 cards at a time and won almost every game. I couldn't do no wrong. By this time its late at night I have been playing bingo all day and I am exhausted. I go to the help desk and inquire about cashing out since it was on a no deposit bonus and most places have you make a deposit and so on. Nope not here, I sent in the required documents and Bingo Sky sent me my winnings of 100.00 (the max cash out from the 10.00 freebie) via western union. To this day this is one of my favorite bingo places to play at.  :-*

  • Ok so the kids are in bed, and it's mommy's quiet time! I feel like a little more bingo, so I head on over to Bingo Charm. I have already taken advantage of their generous no deposit bonus, but I have around $2 to play with.


    Knowing I had very little money, I go to the penny room. You got to love penny bingo. I buy 30 cards for a total of 0.30! The prize pool isn't huge, but I am just here to relax, and play a game of bingo.


    Tornado is the pattern and the prize pool is a cool $2.60 ;). After only about 20 numbers, Bingo! was called, and it wasn't me.


    Ah well, there is always a next time. I buy cards for the next game, and now there is alot more players in the room. I sure hope this is my lucky game.


    Palm tree is the pattern and same prize pool as the game before. After a bunch of numbers are called, I get a little disheartened, none of mine are being called. Then out of nowhere, I get a whole bunch of numbers covered on my card, and I have 1tg!!!  I have got to say, I like that thrill of having 1tg, and sitting on the edge of your seat, yelling that magic number that you need at your screen. Come on B15!!


    DARN.. again no bingo for me.


    Well I played the rest of my balance out on the next couple of games, but no luck. That is ok though. I had fun for a little bit, and that's all I was really after.


    I still enjoyed my experience, and I like this site, the games are fast, and I like the little leprachaun guy! I will be coming back.






  • Thanks given and mommy for sharing your experiences!!



  • When i first started Bingo, i had no idea what the hell i was doing, and please forgive for saying this but i thought it was for older ladies with hats, buttons, colored daubers and stategically placed lucky charms and troll dolls.

    Was i in for a big surprise finding out how sexy and cool it is to play some Bingo.. One of my first sites i played at was Bingo Knights, i picked that one because of the name i was kinda at that time searching for a "Knight in Shining Armor".. sitting at home lonely with nothing to do. I decided to see if id have a change of luck in love and in money!

    The chat host was delightful and filled me with welcomes, sprinkling me with lucky dust and offering more and more for my money! Oh how luck was i tonight!! You could only imagine how gorgeous he must of been filling a girl with his razzling dazzling skills of charm. I was enjoying it, soaking it up!

    Come time i bought 30 tickets, im soaked with the spirit of winning on my side, playing 90 Ball which has now become my favorite passtime, thanks to the fabulous host i am so hooked!

    I sat there as Bingo Balls rolled in 3tg.. 2tg.. anticipation on high 1tg.. ooo weee a BINGO!! On to the next row 2 lines are up.. and the same as it does.. 3tg 2tg 1tg BINGO!! 3 Rows are up.. and all are wishing me Good Luck! Keeping my fingers crossed as this is the big win.. 3tg.. 2tg.. 1tg.. on the last.. i sit without a breathe, seconds feel like hours, im grasped in my seat, yelling.. Come oooon B10.. I feel it thats MY BIG WIN. That beautiful caller calls MY NUMBER B10!!!

    Excited and thrilled i type into chat.. OMG everyone i won my first TOP HAT!!! Wow and Whoa and it felt so GOOD!!

    I'm dancing and singing, feeling so neat.. just moments ago i was falling out of my SEAT!!!

    The chatters were happy and dancing right along with me.. i see many WTG's!!!! They were all cheering me on and feeling my win!!!  I see someone ask.."hey whats a "top hat"? I explained what i thought that it is winning all three.. How kind they were in not embarressing me, to not interfer with me feeling so glee. I saw little giggle faces and LMAO's.. without a hitch, later i find its called a "Hat Trick"...  :-[  I thanked them so much, and that night i found.. How sexy and cool Bingo can be!!

  • Love it Imagin....I am gonna win me a top hat one of these days ;)


    Wonderful story!



  • Hehe! Remember to yell TOP HAT and Dance with all glee! :D :D

  • Thanks much,giv and Imagin for sharing your blogs...both are great stories and I love them! Let them keep coming guys! ;)

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