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  • Hi Members,


    I thought it might be nice to have a list of bingo basics for players who are new at bingo. I know when I first started playing it was very confusing to me. I hope this will help players that are new to bingo with some questions they may have.


    Please feel free to add to this list anything that might be helpful to a new player.


    Q. What is a Free Trial?


    A. A Free Trial gives the player a chance to try out a bingo site for free. Free Trials are not cashable and any winnings from a Free Trial will be voided.


    Q. What are Bingo Bucks (BB)?


    A. Bingo Bucks are free money that can earn real cash and prizes. Bingo sites terms and conditions do vary in regards to BB’s. Check with customer support for details.


    Q. Can I cash out from winnings on BB’s?


    A. Yes you can but there is variations on terms depending on which site you play. If you have won with your bingo bucks ask customer support the terms to cashout.


    Q. Can I cashout on  a No deposit chip?


    A. Yes, in many cases a player can cashout on a free chip. There is terms for cashing out. Contact support for the terms to make a withdrawal,


    Q. Can you explain some the bingo terminology used when I play bingo?


    Some of the terminology used in the bingo world can be confusing for the new player. Here are a few commonly used terms:


    BOGOF = Buy one get one free

    1tg = One number to go for a bingo

    TOH = Top of the hour

    PJP = Progressive Jackpot

    Blackout = Also known as “Coverall”. Covering all the numbers on a card to win.


    Q. Why can’t I chat in the room?


    A. Depending on which site you play, chat may be disabled for a Free Trial or only available to depositing members.


    Q. What is the difference between 75, 80, 90 and 30 ball bingo?


    A. The main difference in the variation of these games is the layout of the cards and the number of balls in play.


    75 ball bingo is a card up to 75 numbers with a free space in the middle of each card. This is the traditional American bingo card.


    90 ball bingo popular in the UK, Europe and Australia is up to 90 numbers on a card. The game is usually played in 3 winning patterns on a single game: One line pattern, two line pattern and ending with the Full House pattern (aka “coverall”)


    80 ball bingo is similar to 75 ball bingo with slight variations. There is up to 80 numbers on a card and the game is played at a more quick pace. The dauber is replaced when a number is called on a card with a “shutter”. The shutter slides over the winning number called.


    30 ball bingo is the newer variation on bingo. This is a fast paced game with up to 30 numbers on a card. Currently there is only the Fullhouse pattern available for this game. 30 ball bingo can only be found online and there is more winners per hour than any other style of bingo due to the speed of the game.


    For a more indepth look at each game please click here and scroll down the left hand side of home page under “Online Bingo Games”


    Q. Why am I limited to buying only a certain amount of cards?


    A. With many bingo sites the number of cards that can be purchased depends on the players level. As more games are played, the higher the level of the player. This allows more priveleges in purchasing the max cards allowed in any of the bingo rooms.


    Q. Do I have to create my own team to play Team Bingo?


    A. No, a player can submit their name for a request to be placed on a team by the bingo site. Team Bingo is a fun competition where players play in teams for cash prizes.


    Q. What if I miss a bingo on my card will I lose?


    A. No, although there is a bingo button in some rooms, players do not have to click it in order to win. The winner in the room is automatically announced.


    Q. Do I have to be present if i pre-buy bingo cards once the game starts?


    A. No, a player can purchase bingo cards in advance and does not have to be present at the start of the game.


    Q. How do you win a Jackpot in Bingo?


    A. A Jackpot can be won in two ways. One way is getting a bingo in a certain amount of numbers called. If there is not a bingo in the number of balls called, it will increase by one with each new game until a winner is declared.


    The other way to win a jackpot is by getting a bingo on a winning jackpot number. There is 3 balls displayed at the start of the game. If a player bingos on one of these 3 numbers the jackpot is won.


    Q. What if I have more than one card with a bingo on it?


    A. If a player has more than one winning card and has to split the pot with another player it will be divided by 3 equal winning cards. For example: Player 1 has two cards with a bingo and player 2 has one card with a bingo for a $90 prize. It will be divided into 3. The player with two bingos will win $60 while the other player will collect $30.


  • Thanks for clarifying some stuff for us Lips...


    Working hard as are such a doll ;)





  • Lips this is perfect, and so easy to understand and does give direction where to look for more information.


    Theres 3 things i'd like to recommend..


    To speak with support about depositing and withdraw options getting as much info as you can to have a complete understanding of the bonuses.

    Ask about WR's and PT's in Bingo they are quite substancially lower and easy to beat, but make sure you understand them.


    Make sure you have only one account, you can get that information from support, alot of the bingo sites are sistered, some do allow you to have accounts at all.


    If you are a USA player, ask support is "USA okay for deposits", alot of Bingo Sites allow USA players to play with the free trials but are not allowed to deposit, many times i went to chat and asked is USA okay the answer is yes, i end up loving the place only later find out it's okay to play, but USA is not allowed to deposit, then im disappointed.


    Chat is alot of fun, you meet alot of people from all over the world, these are called your roomies, trust me you will get to know them and see them everyday,i have a great time with them, it is a very enjoyable and an important part of Bingo, you can win alot of BB's playing the chat games.


    Being a depositing player does give you alot more advantages, other ways to win money, join tournaments, chat games, and other fun benificial promotions which are run constantly.


    Being a Bingo Newbie can be a little confusing, it was for me, they do give out alot of Freebies so you will get alot of practice, once you get the hang of it.. You'll have a fantastic time, i truely enjoy Bingo along with the slots they offer.





  • Thanks so much imagin for your input!! Great advice for the new player.



  • This is great Lips and Imagin.


    A personal big thank you from me.



  • Thank, Lips and Imagin...


    These are great tips and information for not only the beginner but for many of us who's been playing at many different Bingo sites with all different software with varieties and styles.


    I would like to add what I find it quiet delightful and exciting is the Multi Screen Bingo.  Multi Screen Bingo is a single bingo screen that holds different bingo rooms with multiple chat rooms and huge range of different side games like slots and instant games... So one window for all your favorite bingo rooms. You don't have to switch from one room to another.

    Simultaneously players can keep an eye on their wins in different rooms.


  • This is a very useful piece of information. Bingo is a game that's on everyone's minds these days. It's getting more and more popular with every passing date, so more and more people are lurking in for some basic information. I'm sure that this would one of the best sources for some basic understanding about the game and the way it has to be played online. Keep up the good work going. 

  • I just thought I might add that I am coming 2 find lately that alot of the free bbs that alot of the other players get, but I don't seem to EVER GET,  is due to the fact that my player profile is not filled out either AT ALL or even sometimes it's just incomplete. So make sure that 1 of the 1st things you do after registering a new player account is to go ahead & fill out that info. Hope this helps a buncha ya'll out there get a buncha more free bingo bbs.


    GOOD LUCK!!!

  • Good work. It clarifies many things.

  • Thank you  lipstick_xoxos and  Imagin.ation for the tips.

  • Wow! this is great buddy..

    If anyone have any doubts then they get clear at here..

  • I too appreciate this great advice for new players (and old). There aren't enough folks out there giving honest advice about how to win great free money at online bingo!

  • Very useful list. Thanks for taking the time to compile it.

    In the case of Q. Can I cashout on  a No deposit chip? the A.

    'Yes, in many cases a player can cashout on a free chip. There is terms for cashing out. Contact support for the terms to make a withdrawal' is correct, but I'd like to add a few details if you don't mind.

    Usually you can cash after playing a certain amount of money, for a particular period or after making the first deposit. This applies especially in the case of 100%, 200% and so on bonuses or in the case of no deposit bonuses.


  • Hey,


    CyberBingo is offering $20 Free to all players who registers an account.


    US Players OK

  • thanks silly lilly for your input.  You can find all the exclusive LCB bonuses by clicking on the Exclusive Bonus tab at the top of the LBB page or at .


    If you read the reviews you can also find all the other sign up bonuses, ND bonuses, and some good information on the site plus you can add your own user reviews of the sites there as well.  Good stuff.

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