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  • $30 ndb at bingo hall just got an email with code DOUBLE30LBHL  redeem thru live chat

  • L25BHL is supposed to be good for $25 prob have to go to chat i havent tried it hope it works...i also got an email with code A10BHL for $10 havent used that one either..i did use the one in my previous post and actually got it...good luck

  • got this new code in my email today DOUBLE30MBHL have to go to chat to redeem ugh... havent tried it yet i really hate having to go thru live help for bonuses.. usually i get the code is only for noobs or some other reason i dont get it and do i want to deposit....but i did get the last one so maybe ill try this one too...bugs the crap out of me when they send me codes they know i dont "qualify" for

  • I decided to try it and was pleasantly surprised at how easily & quickly the CSR gave it to me.  Thanks!!

  • 25ABHL is for $25 give code to chat to play new sugar rush valentines day edition....i cant even play the new slot games they wont work on my laptop

  • just got this in my email code DOUBLE30IBHL for $30 give to live help


    Bingo Hall

  • got this today in my email DOUBLE30LBHL for $30

  • DOUBLE30ABHL $30 ndb give code to live help

  • DOUBLE30MBHL for $30 give code to live help

  • got this today DOUBLE30ABHL $30 ndb give to live help

  • FWD50BHL give to live help


    Bingo Hall

  • I just log in today and got  $25 free bonus.


    I lost it all and go to Live Help and said the code:




    and get more  $50 free bonus.

  • they told me I had to make a deposit before I could get the bonus.

  • Got it thanks


  • SFB50BHL give to chat

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