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  • Get $25 for new accounts!!



    Contact Live Help to claim your $25 bonus just for signing up.



    GOOD LUCK ALL!!  ;)

  • Please wait for a site operator to respond.


    this is the convo i had with them not a great bingo place!!


    You are now chatting with 'Jennifer'

    Jennifer: Hi

    Jennifer: How may I help you today?

    polopolo111: do i get my free 25 yet and if so can i use it on slots this is my 3rd attemp contacting you!!

    Jennifer: You can get your free 25 but to play slots I will ask you to make a deposit such that I give you a wonderful bonus on it and you go ahead and play for a longer time and give yourself more chances to win...

    polopolo111: ok so i can only play bingo right

    Jennifer: yes of course

    polopolo111: ok so how do i get the bonus

    Jennifer: You make a deposit of like 50 and I will credit the bonus of 333% from my end...

    polopolo111: so its not a freeplay

    Jennifer: It is

    Jennifer: but to withdraw money from your winnings there has to be a deposit

    polopolo111: ok so i have to deposit in order to play

    You are now being transferred to Patrick.

    You are now chatting with 'Patrick'

    Patrick: No

    polopolo111: why am i being transferred

    Patrick: Jennifer is from accounts department and testing something here

    polopolo111: im so confused

    polopolo111: so what do i do i have to make a deposit and then i play or what i dont get it

    Patrick: In order to credit $25 no deposit bonus to your Bingo account. I request you to provide/Verify us your complete name, Address, Phone Number and E-mail Address.

    polopolo111: i gave my info

    Patrick: FREE CHIPS has been credited to your account.

    Patrick: Thank you for your patience, the no deposit bonus has just been credited to your account, Remember :

    Patrick: For today only we have deposit special for our new players. If you make any deposit right now, I will give you 300%+ bonus which include 300% deposit bonus + Cash Back Bonus* (as per the promotion).So How much would you like to deposit today?

  • i finally get my bonus i log on to the game i buy my tickets and tadaaa the whole system crashes (on thier end) i lose half my bonus money and its not put back into my account heres that convo



    Isaac: Hello.  How may I assist you?

    polopolo111: i want you to cancel my whole account this site is absolutely rediculous!!! it took me forever to get my freeplay to try this out and i finally play a game and get cut off half way through

    polopolo111: just cancel my account!!!!

    Isaac: I'm sorry for the delay. I'll be right with you.

    Isaac: ok

    polopolo111: and on top of that i was not reimbursed the bonus money

    polopolo111: helllllloooooo


    and yeah never got a reply DONT PLAY THERE IS A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Erin, that sucks!  I am sorry hun.  :(



    And to make this gala event even memorable, we are giving away $10 free!


    What's more, Bingo-Knights promise you a 300% bonus on your deposits, as a return gift! Contact our Live Help within next 24 hours and yell BDAY5 to claim your free money!

    So, wait no more and be the part of this sparkling birthday party at your favorite Bingo home.


    Good Luck  :)

  • Thanks bkddh,  I just redeemed it!!!! Maybe I will see ya there!  weeeeeeeeeee





  • Register and use activation code for free 25



    I am US and was able to claim.

  • Thanks for the post hun!!!!!  ;)

  • Jim what is the code for the free 25?

  • Deb,

    No code is required. Register and activate from the verification link emailed to you and the 25 is auto credited.


    I played a little over 5 hours yesterday on this, bingoed a dozen times, played slots and Keno. At one time I had over 200 in bank. I took a break with 75 still bankrolled... so I will be back at it again.

  • WTG Jimbeaux!!!  Wooooooooo Hooooooooo!!



  • That Free 25 has been treating me good...


    Sorry for the fuzzy picture, a $125 spin bringing me to over 250 bankroll. Playthrough is well gone already, but I am still having fun with their money. Bingoed for 100 on a coverall and a couple of smaller bingos while spinning the reels.


  • WOOOOO HOOOOO!!!  That's what I love about bingo, (especially the sites that have slots right in the bingo room) if my ADHD kicks in I have no problem staying busy!!!



    Good Luck All!!!!!!!

  • Guys Im working on exclusive free chip here, so i suggest you to wait till i get the deal done...

  • DOH!!!  :'(

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