Bingo Lucky Numbers

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Nov 03, 2021
Bingo Lucky Numbers

People are always looking for something to make them feel thrilled and excited. Excitement may come in many shapes and forms, for some people online bingo fits the bill! If you want to learn more about winning tactics, you have come to the right place!

Whether you play online or prefer the tangible Bingo here is what you need to know about your gameplay plan…

If you choose to play online, check out what other perks you may acquire!

Let’s take a look at some of the frequently called bingo numbers…

Bingo games usually use numbers up to 75 but there are also types with a lower or a higher number of balls. This means that each number has a one in seventy five chance of being drawn, mathematically speaking. The question is, does it all come down to math or is there something else you can do to increase your chances of winning?

Based on a lot of data and research, there is a number that appears more often than others and that is number 6. There is no logical reason or explanation behind this, it is simply what the results have shown. Second luckiest number would be 4 and the least called bingo number is 5.

There is a theory based on the perfect average, the average of all the 75 balls. The number you get from the perfect average is 38. It is believed that numbers closer to the perfect average are luckier. Additionally, some claim that numbers closer to either end of the spectrum are the lucky ones (closer to 1 and 75). This theory has its flaws but every once in a while it might give results. Of course, many other circumstances are relevant for the final numbers, how many tickets were sold, the number of players in the room etc. so keep in mind that there is no rule, still just a lucky guess!

The RNG (Random Number Generator) is a system that picks out the numbers randomly and is a part of any game of luck. Your best chance may be to keep track of the numbers drawn and check if there is some kind of a pattern used and try to base your numbers on this.

Based on mathematical probability, there should be a pattern in the way the balls are drawn. This means that the longer you stay in the game, the higher the chances that your numbers will be drawn.


Are there lucky bingo cards?

The conclusion is quite similar to the one regarding numbers, bingo cards with the numbers closest to the median. Bingo cards often have numbers repeating on one card. What you can do is try to find a card that has fewer duplicate numbers. If you can’t find one that doesn’t have duplicated numbers, that increases your chances more…

Lucky bingo numbers

You have probably heard about the lucky number 7, this is for a reason. It is one of the most frequently chosen numbers by people. Number 11 is also in the mix. Whether they are actually lucky or not is, yet again, a matter of chance. Some people believe that there are unlucky numbers as well, the most popular would be number 13. In the end, it comes down to what numbers you think are lucky and which ones turn out to be that for you!

Something to take into consideration is the fact that the more players fighting for the prize, the lower are the chances of winning. Experienced bingo players are looking for games with fewer players, they are not playing for high jackpots or bonuses because the possibility of winning profit is significantly higher than in a normal game.

Another option is to play for as many cards as possible and increase your odds of winning that way. If possible, look at the numbers of the cards and pick based on the numbers, avoid duplicates.

Evenly spaced numbers have a higher chance of getting drawn so this is something worth taking into consideration as well.

How to pick lucky bingo numbers

Players can pick lucky numbers based on strategy, the average of numbers, the most drawn numbers etc. or they may simply choose what are lucky numbers for them based on dates, personal preferences, age…

Whether your chances of winning are higher in either scenario is unknown. Perhaps your own personal numbers will have a greater chance than the ones in research data.

Which ones do you think are luckiest?

Your lucky day based on Astrology


Astrology is a worldwide phenomenon and many people are interested in knowing more about their signs, future and luck. Clearly, it has become a big part of playing games of luck.

Is it possible to use astrology to enhance your odds of winning some game?

If you ask people who are involved in astrology, they will say yes, it is possible to have a period of time when you are more likely to win. Of course, it is difficult to determine when that period is without the assistance of astrology experts. They will be able to check when the planets are beneficial for you and tell you about your luck in general, are you a person that can expect a stroke of luck or should not expect a lot from these kinds of activities...

Lucky signs

Some signs are considered to be ‘luckier’ than the others, let’s see which those are!

The luckiest sign is considered to be Sagittarius. The planet that rules this sign is Jupiter, it signifies luck and optimism. Pisces is also ruled by Jupiter so it is also one of the lucky ones.

Other signs that are considered lucky are fire signs which are, besides Sagittarius, Aries and Leo. Fire signs are energetic, positive, active and can feel what is good for them and this leads to having luck.

Aquarius is curious by nature and likes to take risks so games of luck are often interesting to them. Who dares to take risks has a higher chance of gaining something great!

Lastly, Gemini is playful and eager to learn things so this kind of entertainment is appealing to it. Being intelligent and curious may contribute to it finding out the perfect combination!


Every player should carefully think about which strategy he/she wants to try out. Perhaps for some, the statistics and strategizing might do the trick and for others, it is a matter of luck. It is smart to review the important data and determine what kind of a player are you, will you go with strategy or destiny? Is this solely entertainment for you or do you want to surely win? Are the stars perfectly aligned to bring you some prizes?

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