Bingo Superstitions

Gloria Ch Gloria Ch
Apr 06, 2022
Bingo Superstitions

Players have been wondering for years if there is some kind of a formula or recipe that could increase their chances of getting the perfect Bingo combination. Many players have their own systems. Some always use the same numbers, some players always use different numbers, some players find the numbers in different places…

Someone needs to win right? Why wouldn’t it be you?

What are some tips and tricks you can use to guide you in the right direction?

Bingo tips & tricks

There are numerous tips for Bingo players that play real life Bingo. Let’s take a look at some of the most useful ones!

Real Life Bingo

Get there early - By coming to the venue early, you get enough time to do the essentials, buy tickets, settle in your seat, get a drink…

Choose your seat carefully - by choosing the right seat, you eliminate distractions and you are able to hear the important information

Stay alert - avoid drinking alcohol, have a coffee or tea instead, don’t play on days when you are very tired

Lower attendance - it is better to play when there are fewer people since it increases your odds of winning

See how many cards are suitable for the given situation - if you have more cards, you may increase your chances

Pick cards that don’t have a lot of numbers in common - by doing this, you cover a wider range of numbers and therefore increase your chances

Tips for any kind of Bingo

Use strategies - choose cards with median numbers, this theory is called the Tippet theory and it suggests that more numbers gravitate towards the middle

Mark numbers that were drawn -  keeping track of the winning numbers is a good idea no matter if you play online or in real life. There might be some pattern that could help you figure out the numbers that are going to be drawn

The Granville Strategy - says that picking cards with an equal number of high and low numbers and an equal number of odd and even numbers increases your odds of winning. Also, if you have numbers that end in a variety of digits

Set a budget - gaming is fun as long as it is safe. Set a budget for yourself, an amount that is harmless for you to spend on Bingo. Make sure you never put yourself in the position to spend more than you can afford because the funds you spend must be seen as potentially gone, no win is ever guaranteed. Pick your banking method and happy gaming!

Online Bingo

Play free games - practice and develop your gaming skills by starting your journey with free games

Choose a casino with good bonuses - receiving bonuses such as the signup bonus, welcome package, no deposit bonus, loyalty program etc increases your funds and helps you play more and potentially win more

Learn more about different bonuses here!

Play big jackpot games - this is a tricky one since experts are not on the same page when it comes to big wins. Some say that your chances are slimmer because these kind of games are more popular but on the other hand, just one win brings a lot of funds so if you want to win big, these are the games you should choose

Bingo Novelties

As the popularity of Bingo playing has increased so has the new features and perks for its players. Every person cannot be the winner so Bingo providers have come up with various gifts and benefits for punters.

Some of the gifts are Bingo tape, cups and mugs, admission ticket holders, keychains and magnets, caps, T-shirts, markers and pens, wallets, bags, Christmas ornaments and many many more merchandise…

Many of these products can be purchased on different websites. The products have Bingo motifs such as a horseshoe and other symbols of luck, numbers, cards, slogans, trolls and the like.

Bingo Superstitions

It has been discovered that a large percentage of Bingo players have certain beliefs that they respect because they believe it helps them win. Let’s see which ones are the most popular among the players…

The funny thing is that the most popular ones are not related to playing Bingo at all but are the ones that allegedly bring bad luck. Players are careful about the following things: not opening umbrellas indoors, not putting new shoes on the table, not walking under ladders, not passing someone else on the stairs…

The ones that are related to Bingo are having a lucky day of the week, having a lucky friend, having a lucky charm, sitting in the same seat, believing some numbers are lucky/unlucky, lucky pens/dabbers, winning/losing streaks…

Many players are astrology lovers and women tend to be more superstitious than men. Passionate Bingo players believe in fate and are likely to have certain beliefs. Young bingo players were more superstitious, although older bingo players were more likely to believe in astrology and fate.


Whether the mentioned tips and tricks really work has not been proven yet however, there has to be a reason why they are so talked about so why not try them out?

Bingo superstitions are very common and various so do not be afraid of having your own and believing in them. Having a lucky charm, numbers, seat, friend and not doing the aforementioned activities cannot hurt. Who knows, they may bring you good luck!

None of the things we discussed are harmful so players can use them freely and safely!

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