Bingo sites that take Moneybookers

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  • I was just wondering what the easiest way to find out what Bingo sites take Moneybookers for deposits and withdrawals.  Any suggestions?

  • You're right Boo, and theres no list which shows which Bingo Site takes which deposit options, i had that question on my mind earlier because of i have a pay pal which i have alot of money on and found a few sites that do take paypal..


    After i have my coffee i'll get us a list unless there is one some where on LCB for Bingo Site Deposit/withdraw options

  • Hi guys we are working on this as we speak... should be available in couple of weeks....





  • And that's why you rock Zuga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Great IDEA!!!!!  wooo hooo!

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