Closed - $150 Support the L’BB’s During Breast Cancer Awareness Contest

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Feelin froggy

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  • Thank you for excellent contest  :-*


    Mecca Bingo also support as you see, this is from their site



    "Do you know what’s even better than that winning feeling?

    Knowing that when you win, a charity does too. In our charity bingo sessions you can share that winning feeling while spreading the love, because all the profits from these games will go to Breast Cancer Care.


    To donate to this amazing cause while having fun, you can play our Pink Games every Monday and Wednesday this month between 7pm and 8pm. The tickets will cost 10p and every £100 game will be linked across the following rooms: Two Little Ducks, Dancing Queen, Key to the Door, Clickety Click and Lucky for Some.


    Play now and let’s make these games count."


  • Pink Ribbon Bingo also support:  :-*



  • Here is my second entry... thank you for such a great contest.


    Bingo Mania mascot is pink  .........


  • Hi LCB'ers and LBB'ers,


    good luck to every single one of you guys and gals. So far some pretty cool entries and hope to see many more. Plus stay tuned for future contests.




  • Thanks


  • 2nd Entry


  • Gina Bingo is fully pinked out!!


  • Hello LBB)

    My first entry



  • Aaand second entry with fully pink start page)


  • Time is running out to enter. If you haven't yet found some pink to share, get busy! 

  • My second entry

    bet365 bingo


  • Well hello my little bingo balls!


    You've been waiting to see who won so here's the list!


    Olol Vai $50

    tarynchristiane $30

    rena35 $20

    cica001 $10

    Kais ben rachid $10

    robby8111 $10

    shirlsplay $5

    aymenpronet $5

    North Remembers $5

    aelen $5


    Prizes will be credited very soon.


    Congrats and I'll see you on the next one.  ;)

  • That was good contest  :-*

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