CLOSED - $500 Slot Freeroll For New and Existing Players - Updated!

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  • Bingo Hall is having an Exclusive Fall Tournament for all our members!


    All players new and existing will be eligible for the Slot Tourney. The player with the largest bankroll will win the following prizes.


    Prize Pool:


    1st place: $150

    2nd: $125

    3rd: $100

    4th: $75

    5th $50


    Players will be credited with a $20 Bonus that can ONLY be used to play Get Crackin Slot. If any other games are played it will be considered void of any winnings.


    How to claim your $20 bonus:


    For NEW Players:


    Please register here NEW PLAYERS. After validating your account through your email the bonus will automatically be added to your account.


    For EXISTING Players please click here EXISTING PLAYERS. Go to live support and request code: LBINGOBONUSES.COM to claim your $20.


    Play as long as you like and earn as many credits as you can. When you feel like your bankroll is the highest, STOP. Do not bring your bankroll to zero. Winners will be based on the amount of credits in their account.


    This is not like other freerolls where credits are accumulated and your bankroll is brought to zero and total credits are recorded. Winners will be judged solely on the bankroll left in accounts.


    It will take strategy and will power to hold on to your bankroll!


    Please play the slot labeled "LBB CONTEST"  only found under the SLOTS tab under 9 line slots.


    Here is a screen shot:




    Tournament will end on Oct 31st.


    Please note that bonus money rules apply and are available at site.


    Any member who previously registered for tourney before it was placed on hold will be entitled to $20 bonus again!


    Good luck,










  • shame, lol, i had it to $700 and got bored and spent it, lol

  • they say its not active yet



    Rod: They have been checking on this, but as indicated, the last information that was provided to us is that it is currently not active. It should be activated within the next few days.

    mzwic/: ok thank you

    mzwic/: ill post that

    Rod: You are welcome.

    mzwic/: see you again in few days then and thank you for the tourney

    mzwic/: :)

    (mzwic is me  lol)

  • then poof ive got 20 in my account so now i dont know whats going on but im assuming that they DID give me the 20 for tourney and im gonna play slot.

    im so bored i have to do something  lol

  • Lips.....I DO NOT have the LCB CONTEST GET CRACKIN as an option. What do I do?

  • live chat told me it's still on hold

  • Hi Guys,


    This contest is NOT on hold. If live chat tells you that it is on hold you tell them it is not! I spoke to live chat last night and thought it was all straightened out.


    If you can not see the LBB Contest Slot go to live chat and tell them. Make sure to refresh your page. If the problems persists please let me know.


    Again thank you for your patience.



  • lipstick,the link above that you have for existing players is the same as for a new player.I'll just go to the bingo page on here and try live chat again..and thank you!!!

  • Thanx lips, Tony hooked me right up. The live help is pretty prompt there. That's nice for a change.

  • lipstick,the link above that you have for existing players is the same as for a new player.I'll just go to the bingo page on here and try live chat again..and thank you!!!


    Yes the links are the same for both new and existing players. All our links to this site are set up for new player sign up. Just back up the address in browser to "com" to get in if you are a existing player.



  • Thanks again lips,I got in!!!

  • Thanks again lips,I got in!!! :-[ didn't mean to do it twice!!

  • :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)


    I am so happy you got in that i love seeing it twice!!! It is like music to my ears........or should i say cow mooooossssssss.....wink!!!!



  • do you still need our account names for leader board?    and btw this is a SWEET deal for lcb'ers    first ive been in like it and its much appreciated thank you for your hard work lipsypoo

  • LOL!!!Thanks lips!!! :) :-*

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