CLOSED - LBB $150 May Flowers Contest - 2016

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Feelin froggy

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  • Thank you for another great opportunity, nice contest!  I think I found:


    Katie's Bingo:





  • Bet365 Bingo. Spring Superbooks promotion!!! Big beautiful White Superbooks Flower. Thanks LCB for a fun contest.


  • Thank you LBB for the contest !  :)


    Well, it's near impossible not to find a flower in a farm and I found mine at FARMYARD BINGO.

    The golden flower of the corn looks like gold and the green grass and small flowers blooming  :D :D


  • Dshrum DBA Jewelnurse


    The Wizzard of Bingo


  • Dshrum DBA Jewelnurse


    The Wizzard of Bingo

    Naughty Bingo Site

  • Here's some flowers at Daisy Bingo.. :)


  • Flowers  at Ladbrokes bingo  are so beautiful  :)


  • Whats up with all the daisys :D <i_love_lcb>

  • Break the Bank Bingo!!!  :-) 


  • Just a reminder that we are in the final hours of the May Flowers Contest. Remember, all entries must be from our list of bingo sites here.

  • I'm so sad I missed this contest! I thought I would find a picture today and now it's too late. But anyways good luck to all and thanks for another great contest! :)

  • GL GL GL to all who entered. First contest I found to enter! Yeah! TY!

  • My win 10 playing tricks on me asked for Naughty Bingo gave me the flowers on The Wiz???  woo :-pp


  • Hi Bingo Balls!


    Great flower finding skills. We have the winners for this month's contest. Congrats to you all, thanks to everyone that participated and keep lookin' out for a June contest. Your accounts will be credited shortly.


    $  50.00 rayoflight

    $  30.00 North Remembers

    $  20.00 elskerlinn

    $  10.00 shirlsplay

    $  10.00 tweeksta

    $  10.00 medtrans

    $    5.00 Kathy Anderson

    $    5.00 chillymellow

    $    5.00 Patty1959

    $    5.00 hobitgirli


  • Thank you so much for good contest and prize, Congratulations to all winners and thanks for all who join in this contest  :-*

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