CLOSED - LBB $150 May Flowers Contest - 2016

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Feelin froggy

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  • Thanks so much for the contest and OMG i won!


    Thanks thanks! :) :)

  • Bummer.  I think im tbe only person that didn't win. 

  • TY! Yeah me!! I won something. How are the winner's chosen? Curious mind wants to know???

  • Thank you so very much !! Congrats to all the winners !!


    I Love LBB !!  :)

  • Congratulations winners! Thank you, Betty & LCB for the contest! I love participating in these contests, so I feel like a winner from the gate!  <i_love_lcb>

  • Woo Hoo!  Thanks for the contest and the prize.  It is greatly appreciated.  Was fun looking through all the bingo sites.



  • Congrats winners, wtg Tanya  :) :)


    Thank you LBB for the opportunity  :) :)

  • Bummer.  I think im tbe only person that didn't win.


    Well it's not only you that didn't win .  There are others, including me that didn't win.

    Though winning is the ultimate goal, having fun and being given the chance to participate and win is good, too. 

    Hope next time you make that list.  Have fun!  :)

  • Bummer.  I think im tbe only person that didn't win. 


    Not everyone can win. Plenty more contest to come though...

  • wow, third place! :-) Thank you very much for a great contest! :)

  • Just logged in and WOW this totally made my week! Thanks Froggy and LCB for always thinking of us members. Congrats winners!

  • Congratulations to all participants especially the winners, and thanks all staff LBB for this great contest! :)

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