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  • OK guys ,



    Another Mystery Free Chip is located at one of the LatestBingoBonuses pages. The member who finds it first and post a link to that page here, wins the free chip.


    123 Bingo will credit $25 bonus to the winners account.


    For those of you that are not familiar with this game, here's what you should be looking for ( this was Mystery chip 4 )






  • The mystery chip is here...

  • Hey Steph.........ya look like a winner to me!!!! We need Zuga to make it official!!



  • WTG Steph

  • Congrats girl! You're quick.


    thats it... congrats ! private message me ur user name.


    But there is another Mystery Chip to be found.




  • Wow...double chip wednesday thanks Zuga.  ;D

    Any hints you may want to give us?

  • Sure,


    the location of the  2nd Mystery chip has to to with the name of one of the famous Clint Eastwood's characters.


    GL ;)

  •  Here it is
  • Well, I guess that eliminates "Posh", "Starlight", and "Saturn"...



  • Darn I was just found it to >:(Harry's Bingo - details

    19th December 2009

    Is it Harry's Christmas or Merry Christmas....


    Less than a week left until Christmas, I just came home from shopping and it is SO COLD!!! I really wish I would have a white Christmas at least once in my life. Since I can't have a white Christmas, let me find a GREEN bingo room. (you know, the kind with money in my account!!) Oh yes, there it is £5.00 FREE at Harry's Bingo!!


    Decisions, decisions where do I want to play. There are two rooms, 80 Ball Bistro and 90 Ball Dosh. I would really LOVE to play both but my computer is running too slow these days so I need to make a decision! 90 Ball it is!!! (it loaded the fastest, hehe) Hmmmm, now I know where I can have a "White Christmas" in the Dosh Room I am greeted by snowflakes and a snowman who seems to be a BIG FLIRT!! He is winking at me. ;-) So I wink back. I purchase my 15 cards and hope for a win. While I wait for the current game to end I play the "Five Times Riches" slot machine in hopes of earning some more Bonus Bucks!!!!!


    I continue to purchase my 15 cards and getting 6 free!!! I just LOVE playing 90 ball bingo, I really like the fact that EVERY game there are 3 chances to win! The more chances the BETTER!! It seems the closest I am going to get to BINGO tonight is 2tg. If it weren't for the slots I would have been finished LONG ago!!!


    I have been playing almost an hour and things aren't looking too good. The slots are drying up and after this last card purchase, I only have £.87 cents in my account. It looks like I am calling it a night. Then what do you know, in 25 calls I SEE RED!!!!!! WOOOOOO HOOOOOO B-I-N-G-O for me. The pot is kind of small, just £.6.36 for Any Line but it was ALL MINE and I still have 2 more chances to win this game!!!!! But I don't so I decide to call it a night!! I will save my winnings for another day!!!Mystery Free Chip



  • You're good Lucky. I got the great hint from Zuga but was too slow to capitalize on it.

    Congrats, congrats, congrats.

  • Wtgggggggg Helwin......oh yeahhhhh!!!

  •   I would like to give it to Lucky8s if that's okay, I had my fun finding it and feel kinda funny as I haven't deposited yet.




    Aren't you the nicest, no wonder you are a HERO member. But NO I will not take your chip that was too kind of you, believe me I had fun hunting for it. I kept thinking Cool Hand Luke, Gran Torino all the movies Clint Eastwood was in, Make my Day Punk. Then there it was Dirty Harry. I got sooo excited when I saw it then I could not firgure out how to post the link so I just copied it HAHA I am such a DORK!!!! But you are a SWEETIE, SWEETIE and A GREAT BIG SWEETIE. But no I could not take your free chip cause I am a slow typer. If you look I was actually like 10 mins behind you. Just WIN Big on your chip!!!!  Good Luck and thanks again. You are a RARE breed. Not too much kindness going around these days. You are a good soul. Good things will happen to you!!! ;)

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