CLOSED - Wednesday Mystery Free Chip

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  •   Are you sure you're sure? I won it once already. I didn't know how to put the thing in there and found out it's pretty easy. Whatever page you're on it shows in the box up top after http://    Just copy with r/click and paste with r/click


    Yes I am sure. You keep winning cause "YOUR A Winner, Winner chicken Dinner"  Thanks for the tip I am going to try it now. Thanks for the tip. Congrats on your win.

  • Good job helwin, funny thing is I looked in the bingo blog first and totally missed it. I need to get my eyes checked. ;D

  • I don,t know how this works. How or when do i get my chip?

  • Hey Stefanie,


    PM your 123Bingo alias to Zuga so that he can credit your account hun.


    CONGRATS again.



  • Stefanie  please ckeck ur account


    still waiting to hear for other account




  • what the heck is going on?


  • Hi Gretchen,


    Not sure what your referring to. If there is question or concern you have, would be more than happy to help ya out.


    Feel free to PM me or address it here.




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