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  • I just got it today Ladywithgun, i went to chat and told them i was a member of Lastest Casino Bonuses and had a code for 10 Free got it right away.

  • exclusive  doh  !!!  im a dork

  • I've had an account at 123bingoonline for years.

    When I entered WLBB10 into the new code redeemer and also received the  "coupon code does not exist" message.


    So, went to live chat, explained that I was from LCB, that it was an exclusive code for existing players, ...


    The CD Rep told me that that code was not valid at this time ..... but, that they had some deposit bonus promos.


    I replied that that was not stated on the forum, and could she please give me the date that the code was inactivated because I was going to want to go back and report to the forum moderator.


    There was no reply for quite a while ...... then, all of a sudden, the reply "you're all set" and "chat was closed by the operator"


    I checked, and the $10 was in my account!


    Never underestimate the power and reach of LCB

    Thank you Zuga

  • Ya know.....It seems that lately I have been having the same kinda trouble from the live chat at this sites whole group. By whole group I am meaning- 123bingoonline, bingoflash & bingoknights. They used 2 be so friendly & have it a little more together than what they do now. What's up with that? 

  • I thought i was the only one who thought they have changed they use to be so nice. I also had my accounts for years and have deposited thousands at 123 was the only site i was depositing on at one point. but i dont really bother anymore as the live help ch are a bit moody and un helpful nowadays i use to get so many loyalty bonuses and good will bonuses now their are new people in live help that say we dont offer anything no more then just cut you off how rude!!!!


    After all my loyal custom this is how im repayed. They even use to call me their VIP player as i deposited so much there.


  • I have definitely observed a change in the attitude and willingness of Customer Support representatives (CSrs) at (among others) 123bingoonline.

    It used to be that almost without fail, if I requested a ND bonus so I could play a while; CSrs found a way to provide me one. Now, every contact seems to end up in battle.



    1. The understanding and appreciation seems to have been lost; that we, as depositing players have chosen (out of all the other casinos out there) to deposit our hard-earned, real take-to-the-bank money with their casino.


    2. Whereas, I used to be able to count on CSrs to find some way to take care of us - at times exceeding my expectations. Their goal used to be to find a way to help us with what we wanted/needed;

    Today; it seems like an almost limitless amount of time and effort will be spent on finding (or creating) reasons that they can't do whatever it is you request.


    I'm going through a situation right now where, because of the medals promo weekend shut down, I was shut out of being able to participate at all in the medals promo.

    All I've asked is if they could provide me a ND bonus, it would go a long way. I thought they would be happy to be able to do that.


    I've had 2 very unsuccessful live chat discussions and am on my second round of emails. I don't understand anymore.

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