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  • USA Ok


    New Players Only


    Must register via our link Melina Bingo


    bonus code : LBINGOBONUSES.COM


    Players will automatically get $20 on registration and rest of the amount they have to collect from live help with the Code : LBINGOBONUSES.COM .


    Melina Bingo Review




  • 2. Minimum withdrawal request is $100. ALL withdrawal requests below $100 will be rejected. Maximum withdrawal limit on bingo and casino game winnings is $1250 per week.


    3. There must be a deposit of minimum $20 in your account


    4. Player(s) can carry forward or withdraw winnings coming from Free Sign-up Bonus limited to a maximum of $50*.


    sooooo, i can win from the bonus, but cant withdraw it?

    2. Minimum withdrawal request is $100. ALL withdrawal requests below $100 will be rejected

  • Great exclusive Zuga!!!! Can't wait to try it out.........weeeeeeeeeee!!!



  • does anyone else have a problem with the sign up screen ...mines shows stars instead of sign up catogeries so i dont know what to fill in at a lot of them.

  • I got mine! Sign up and contacting live chat for the 5 bucks took about 6-7 minutes. Very quick! Hmm... bingo or slots? Slots or bingo?



  • Hello LCB


    Thanks for the post.  Signed up..went to live chat and Jeff told me at first it was the wrong code..but eventually he credited my acct..I think he was sleeping when he did this because he credited me and extra $25..so now I got $45 instead of $25 !!..and it's in my cash balance and not bonus balance :)

  • got it, ty

  • good for you luckrunamok :)


    maybe others will have the same luck and catch Jeff on sleep too ;)



    I might consider upgrading this exclusive to $45 soon :P





  • nah, i got jeff, and he gave me $5

  • Took only two minute to b e credited....live support person,John was very quick and funny.


    Thanks for another wonderful exclusive, zuga...


    Your hard work is so much appreciated! :-*


    Good luck everyone...go win some big bucks!!! ;)

  • Thanks so much Zuga :)


    I am up over $100.  So do i make the $20 deposit and then i can cashout $50? 


    Can anyone plz explain to me correctly, if im wrong and i probly am lol ;)00

  • Hiya Boom Boom,


    The most you can cashout from the free chip is $50. In order to collect the $50 you must make a deposit. But please do NOT take deposit bonus. If you do then you have to deal with playthrough requirements on the deposit bonus.


    After you do make a deposit bear in mind that the minimum withdrawal is $100. So you will have to play a bit to build up your bankroll to $100.


    Good luck,




  • Thanks Lips!!  I was just coming to say i found them myself.  Good self lol



    * Player(s) can withdraw winnings coming from Free Sign-up Bonus limited to a maximum of $50. Player’s account will be credited with $50 cash (wagering not applicable on this $50 credit) along with the initial deposit amount and applicable bonus opted by the player. The player has to meet the wagering requirement if applicable for the deposit amount and all associated bonuses including Chat BBs taken by the player from the time of deposit and before making a withdrawal request.


    Example1: A Player "x" wins $100 from our free signup-bonus and wants to deposit to be able to withdraw his winnings. Player chooses to go for straight deposit (zero % deposit bonus and no-wagering required option) of $100. Player's account will be reset and credited with $50 Cash Plus $100 Cash plus $00.00 bonus. Therefore the player’s has $150 in Cash and can withdraw all $150 if he wishes or can play on to win more and withdraw.



  • Welcome to Live Help. We are eager to help you. Please wait for a site operator to respond. You are 2 out of 2 in Queue. You will be answered in next 0 Minutes:9 Seconds, We appreciate your patience, Thank you! ----------- In order to protect your privacy and account security, please provide us with an Account Security Question (ASQ) and the answer. We will update your account with the ASQ and answer. When dealing with us you have to verify the account by answering to the ASQ. ----------------


    Thank you for your patience. Hi I am James and I will be more than happy to help you today. How can I help you please?


    taaadaaahhh: hi


    James: hi


    taaadaaahhh: can you claim code LBINGOBONUSES.COM for me please?


    James: Gm:


    James: Would request you to please hold for a moment while I pull up your account details


    James: AS per site rules you have already claimed the Free Signup Bonus


    taaadaaahhh: that's right


    James: You cant get the bonus until you make a deposit


    taaadaaahhh: but do I get the $5 extra?


    James: How much you wish to make a deposit?


    James: No


    taaadaaahhh: http://www.latestcasinobonuses.com/onlinecasinobonusforum/exclusive-no-deposit-bingo/exclusive-$25-no-deposit-bonus-melina-bingo-usa-ok/


    James: 11/14/2010 11:07:53 AM


    James: Winning Credit: Signup Bonus $20 


    James: Winning Credit: Signup Bonus $20 


    James: 20.00


    James: Ok


    James: Remaining 5$ credited in your acccount


    taaadaaahhh: thanks


    :D :D :D

  • I got on here tonight and Sandy on live chat told me that I could not get the extra $5. She said that it was not for Melina Bingo...I did get the initial $20 when I signed up!  She was mad and cut the chat short. I gave her the code also but she said no.

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