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  • WARNING  ............. i checked previous post by dtssweet 21st oct 2010 and at the time minimum deposit was $20 ....


    minimum deposit now is $25 ....so dont make the mistake of only depositing $20 ...you must deposit $25 minimum because if you win and wish to withdraw you wont be able to with a deposit of only $20...and therefore if you do make this mistake if you then try to deposit a top up amount of $5 to make it up to $25 deposit it minimum it will then be subject to bonus rules because guess what ...the only deposit after the first deposit has to be with a bonus plan ..how crap is thaT THEY DONT EVEN GIVE YOU A CHOICE OF WHETHER YOU WISH A BONUS OR NOT... 

  • $20 is in my cash balance, does that mean I have to play the same or since $5 in the balance, I only have to play the required play through on the 5 or the 25? I am so confuzzzled.  ???  8p

  • You have to wager on the full $25 bonus.

  • Received an email for $5 free code is FEB5 hope it works for everyone. Contact Live support and give them the code.

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