PENDING CLOSED - $500 Slot Freeroll For New and Existing Players!

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  • Bingo Hall is having an Exclusive Fall Tournament for all our members!


    All players new and existing will be eligible for the Slot Tourney. Members must use our link to be eligible for tournament. The slot is Get Cracking. Players must go to live chat and request code: LBINGOBONUSES.COM for a $20 credit for the slot.


    Prize Pool:


    1st place: $150

    2nd: $125

    3rd: $100

    4th: $75

    5th $50


    Ok, this is where it gets interesting and a test of your will power! You have a choice! You can risk that $20 and play Bingo ONLY........and there is a big but!! The tourney will be void for any players who play bingo.


    If you choose to use the $20 credit for bingo can you cash out? Yes you can but free chip must be played 20x's before a cashout is allowed with a max withdrawal of $150.


    The $20 ND is valid for Get Cracking for tourney entries or Bingo only. No other games will be eligible for winnings. If a player plays another slot or casino game it will be void of winning.


    If you decide to stay in tourney, please DO NOT play any other games but Get Cracking.


    The contest will end on October 31st at 11:59 est time.


    Please post your user name so i can get the leader board stats for tourney winners.


    Good luck,





  • I am already a member at Bingo Hall.Do you have to be a new player for this? :-\

  • "All players new and existing will be eligible for the Slot Tourney"

  • I was told I had to send a copy of the promo thats posted in the forum for review then the bonus will be added?

  • You should be credited immediately! I will contact live chat.

  • Thanx 4 another great contest!!!


    username: luvkittynumber1


    I was given $20NDB not cash so I can't play yet. LOL


    Should I go back to LiveHelp to fix it?

  • I just spoke to live chat. Being the contest was just announced the team was not aware.....sigh. I showed them the landing page that explains it all.I was told the team will be made aware and member will be credited asap.


    Kitty go back and tell them it is for slot play tourney. If you have any further problems please let me know.



  • ok when i hit link above it takes me to "our" tourney sign up BUT im already a member so i cant get in that way......(just fyi for exsisting players)  so should i go to live chat and get bonus (will it mess me up from not using our link?) im sooooooooooooooo cunfoooosed

  • Hi lady,


    For existing members it is not necessary to go thru link i provided. Just go to live chat and give them the code. Make sure they give you $20 credit for slot play.




  • got it now no problems thanks again.....


    mzwic is my user name

  • It took me about 45min., but I finally got it sorted out.



  • got it ty

    acct: taktahu

  • for slots, is it peak total or balance?

  • Hi gals and guys,


    I just got back from Bingo Hall manager. They asked me to put the freeroll on hold til they make all the bonuses to be credited automatically.


    Im sorry for any inconvenience , and I ask for your patience.


    For those of you who already got the bonus I can suggest to wait as well.




  • okeydokey

    anyone got the Tcs to the turney?

    Most wagered? Highest total? Peak balance?


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