PENDING CLOSED - $500 Slot Freeroll For New and Existing Players!

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  • hi,  i contacted live and this is what i was told.....



    cloudz/BHA372872: hi tommy

    Tommy: Hi, how may I assist you today?

    cloudz/BHA372872: i would like to request code: LBINGOBONUSES.COM for a $20 credit for the slot tourny

    cloudz/BHA372872: its for existing player right?

    Tommy: There has been a delay with that promotion

    Tommy: It is still not working

    cloudz/BHA372872: ok then should i try again later?

    Tommy: Keep checking to see when it is going to start

    cloudz/BHA372872: i thought it alrdy started

    Tommy: No it has not

    cloudz/BHA372872: oh well do u know it will start

    cloudz/BHA372872: cuz in our forum ppl are alrdy getting credited for thae bonuses

    cloudz/BHA372872: the*

    cloudz/BHA372872: i dint see the starting date but it said this..."The contest will end on October 31st at 11:59 est time. "

    Tommy: No one has been credited and it has not began

    cloudz/BHA372872: ok then ill try again later

    cloudz/BHA372872: ty for ur time



    can someone plz tell me wassup wit that???


  • Let me quote myself ....


    Hi gals and guys,


    I just got back from Bingo Hall manager. They asked me to put the freeroll on hold til they make all the bonuses to be credited automatically.


    Im sorry for any inconvenience , and I ask for your patience.


    For those of you who already got the bonus I can suggest to wait as well.




  • I was credited $20 for the inconvenience and asked to check back  later for the tourny money. I already like the place :)

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