Scorpio & Bingo

Gloria Ch Gloria Ch
Dec 24, 2021
Scorpio & Bingo

It is still uncertain and not proven whether it is possible to learn about your faith through various things such as horoscopes, cards and the like. People are continuously interested in learning more about themselves and their destiny and are learning about this more and more.

Nowadays, by going online, you can find information about everything. We have explored various sources and we will try to come up with the most accurate pieces of information on the subject. By examining astrology as a discipline and each sign of the zodiac, we will try to help you out and discover more about the topic.

How can you use astrology as a leverage to assist you in gaming? Can we know some things in advance? What do we need to know about the signs and planets?

Let’s check what astrology says about water signs and scorpios.

Water Signs

Water signs are all highly emotional, deep and turned to feelings, often reserved and pretty sensitive. They are empathetic which means they understand how other people feel and they have the ability to read people well, what their intentions and emotions are. These signs are very loyal and devoted to their loved ones. You can rely on them and they will do what they need to in order to help their friends and family. Because they are extremely emotional, the most emotional signs of the zodiac, they sometimes lack control over their feelings and may be moody or too emotionally intense.

A bit about Scorpio

People born in this sign are dominant, consistent and strong-minded. It is said to be the most loyal sign in the zodiac but it is also sensitive and emotional. Scorpios are fighters and in times of trouble, they are active, they take initiative and are eager to find a solution. They have an innate ability to find flaws in things which is why they are good at jobs such as critics, they can easily spot mistakes. Sometimes, scorpios are too critical of things and people due to the same quality. Everything they do, they do with great passion. Scorpios are suspicious by nature and it takes a while for them to begin to trust someone or something.

The flaw they possess is that they sometimes hold a grudge against others which can lead to being vindictive.

Famous Scorpio

  • Pablo Picasso 
  • Leonardo DiCaprio
  • Bill Gates
  • Marie Antoinette
  • Christopher Columbus
  • James Cook
  • Demi Moore
  • Martin Luther
  • Vivien Leigh
  • Albert Camus
  • Diego Maradona
  • Katy Perry
  • Grace Kelly
  • Prince Charles
  • Jodie Foster

Scorpio & Luck

This sign does have a solid amount of luck per se. Even though this is the case, scorpios prefer to be the creators of their own luck. They love to achieve goals through work and effort more than through just receiving things for no particular reason, by chance. The combination of hard work and luck they tend to have, might be the perfect combination for gaming. However, there are some things to consider…

Scorpio & Bingo

Games of luck are something that people of this sign are interested in but, they sometimes go to extremes, they are either not interested at all, or are passionate about it. It isn’t unusual for scorpios to cross the line of safe gaming as they are prone to vices in general so be careful on your gaming journey…

The position of Jupiter, the planet of luck, plays a major role not only for scorpios but for every sign. If Jupiter is in the same sign as your sign, you are a person that has more luck than other people of the same zodiac sign.

So, when was Jupiter in scorpio?

From mid November of 1993 to December of 1994, Jupiter was in Scorpio as well as from the end of October of 2005 to the end of November of 2006. Scorpios born in these two years might want to consider giving Bingo, scratch cards and other games a chance!

Also, you may want to check the position of Jupiter around your birthday. If the planet of luck is in your sign around your birthday, that year will be luckier for you (the year from that birthday to the next one).

You can check this every year and get some insight into how lucky your following year is going to be…


Scorpios are a stable, strong sign that love to earn things for themselves. Their interest in playing games such as Bingo may be worth their while since they have good potential to win and be successful in this. Utilize your intuition which is your strong side, as for the rest of water signs, and try out different games. Make sure you are staying within the lines of safe gaming. Plenty of bonuses and rewards may be waiting for you!

You can check the position of Jupiter if you wish to know if you have some additional assistance from the stars. Start with small bets, explore the territory and you might find what you are looking for.

Happy gaming!

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