Gamesys Slots - What's Hot and What's Not!

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Feelin froggy

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  • Hi Bingo Balls!


    You're probably beginning to see a trend on the bingo forum. We're going to list the slots according to Hot and Not status. Here goes for Gamesys software.


    It's a jungle out there full of Free Spins and Multipliers! Three frogs trigger the Bonus Game which I happen to think is very cool. You'll be chanting Zuma! Zuma! Zuma! in no time.


    Zuma has me feelin' Hot! Hot! Hot!



  • Omggggggggggg froggy i played this and went bonkers for it! Of course i had to play it in fun mode  >:D >:D >:D >:D >:D >:D >:D

  • Deal or No Deal


    This slot features an interactive Deal or No Deal Bonus game and a Mystery Bonus. The banker also calls randomly during a spin to wheel and deal. Can you beat the banker?


    5 Reels/20Lines

    Min bet 0.05 per line


    This slot is HOT!



  • Omg i love this slot too! Waiting for that darn phone to ring is about all i take!

  • Mystic Meg


    I can't win! These reels don't pay and the Fortune Teller Bonus awards small wins. I won 8.50 on this round. There is a second bonus game called Star Signs but I have never seen it. Meg may be mystic but she's not using any powers on me.


    For me this Mystic Meg is NOT HOT!


    Now listen Meg, this could change. If I decide to play with you again and you are hot, I will change my rating.



  • Queen of Egypt


    This a 9 line slot game with an Egyptian theme. I happen to love all things Ancient Egypt and this slot gives me my fix. You've got Scatters and Wilds and you can win up to 10,000 coins!


    I would give Queen of Egypt a "Warm" status. I have kicked butt on here and sometimes not so much.



  • Tycoons Treasure


    If you don't enjoy a good classic one line slot then give this a try anyway. Tycoons Treasure has been a bankroll booster for me. Go directly to jail! Do not pass go! Oops wrong game. Maybe a long lost cousin of the Monopoly man?





  • Tycoons Treasure


    Go directly to jail! Do not pass go! Oops wrong game. Maybe a long lost cousin of the Monopoly man?



    As soon as I saw the picture, I thought of Monopoly man.  


    Thanks Froggy for the HOT news.



  • Oh too bad Meg is a false prophet! I love these type of themed slots.

  • Spinning for Gold


    I gave this Rumpelstiltskin themed slot game a chance. The graphics are not so great but there is a cool gamble feature. You have the opportunity to quadruple your win by choosing a red or black card. If you're right, your win is increased. If you're wrong, you get nothing.


    For me this slot is Not Hot!



  • Winning Headlines




    This 15 line slot game is HOT! That's all I've got to say!





  • Very nice win there Froggy. 


    Definitely a hotty!



  • Poochie Slots


    These adorable pooches get an "A" for cuteness but the reels leave quite a bit to be desired. There's no bonus and it just doesn't seem to pay out. Even raising my bet to .90 per spin didn't make much difference.


    Chi Chi, Scotty and the rest of the pooches are cuties.


    I hate to say it but Not Hot! Oh how I wanted to like this one.


    If anyone has luck on this one, please share. I want this to be a hot dog...






  • I see what you mean about the slot itself - very bland.


    I've not played this one Froggy - the dogs are cute though.



  • Hi all,


    I played Winstones Resort & Casino and at first I was torn.


    Within minutes I had a nice little win of £25 and the payout was steady. Well, that didn't last. I reduced my bet and still got no where.


    There is a free spin bonus that I would love to tell you I played but the closest I got to it was a view in the pay table.


    Hope you can do better than me. Personally, this slot is NOT HOT.



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