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  • Hi Bingo Players,


    Everyweek LBB will have it's top picks for the best promotions. We will do the work for you and search for the best deals of  week!


    Bingo Knights


    Bonus Bounty


    Every time you deposit your powered with a free 200% bonus plus 50% cash back.  Bonuses are including your loyalty. Balance must be at zero to claim with no pending withdrawals.  Play through applies to cash back also if used.


    888 Ladies Bingo:


    Win a Fiat Converitable and more! Pre buy room opens December 1st and game will take place on Christmas eve. Play in Santa's Grotto daily pre buy for your chance to win daily prizes.

    Get your tickets within the first week and you will get 50% cash back on every card you buy!  Gold 888ladies will also get an exclusive 10% cash back on all of their cards throughout the entire promotion.


    Sorry no US


    Big Heart Bingo:


    Weekday Bingo Tourney all day long Monday – Thursday

    5 Winners will get 25 BBS in addition to these prizes:


    1st prize 35 BBS

    2nd prize 20 BBS

    3rd prize 20 BBS

    4th and 5th prize 15 BBS

    ** Minimum dep required to play each day **


    Sorry no US


    Bingo Fabulous


    One Million dollar cover alls with 1500 guaranteed jackpot.


    10PM British local time on Wednesday, 10PM on Friday and 9:30PM on Saturday.


    Sorry no US


    Bingo Millionaire


    All Month long two big bingo tourneys!!!


    Beginning on Tuesdays through Friday. The player who accumulates the most winnings will win prizes.

    1st prize $1000

    2nd prize $500

    3rd prize $300

    4th-10th  $200


    Canadian Dollar Bingo


    Free bingo games!


    1am – 4 am daily

    6pm – 7pm daily


    ** Freebies are for active accounts with deposits in the last 30 days only as we are not a play for free site and do not consider it fair to non-depositors. **


  • Weekly picks for 12/8-12/10


    Gone Bingo


    Tuesday – From 8:00pm EST – 1:00am EST:


    Night Owls this one is for you!! 13 winners every hour in each bingo room. 2 winners for 20BBs – 3 winners for 15BBS – 3 winners 10BBs and 5 winners 5BBs!


    Wacky Wednesday – All day:


    Watch for the W pattern throughout the day for a guarantee prize of $125.00!


    Ladies Night Thursday:


    Go to the Green Room 8pm EST – Midnite where you can win up to $10,000 cash! At the top of the hour there will be 5 $2000 coveralls.


    Online Bingo


    $10,000 Coveralls nightly 10pm EST in the .25 room.


    $2,500 coveralls once every hour - Call 1- 48 $2500, 49 $1,500, 50 $1000, 51 $500, 52 $250, 53 $175, 54 $100, 55-75 $75!


    Dime Room - Speed Bingo (10¢/card Bingo Room)


    Cards are 10¢ and calls come every 4 seconds! Progressive Jackpots apply on every regular game and $1,000 coveralls run daily 9am-midnight EST! Join the fun CM's for exciting chat games and bonus bucks! Hold on to your daubers!


    Dime Breakfast Club: Grab your coffee and donuts and join us every morning 9am-11am EST for $15 fixed jackpots every other game!


    Wink Bingo


    Tuesday Hat Trick Bingo the most on the Number 36, Number 3 and Top Hat pattern 50,000 bonus points


    Wednesday Was she worth it? Bingo the most on #56 to win!£100


    Thursday Forbidden Fruit Bingo on the Apple pattern 25,000 bonus points


    Sorry no US


    Bingo Charm


    Taboo Tuesdays!!

    Join us for our Taboo Chat Game and our $200.00 Birthday cake patterns 8am -10am est. and 1 player from the winning team will receive the home version every Tuesday!!


    Wild Wednesdays!!

    Still waiting on that candy cane to complete your Christmas Around The World hunt? Win on any pattern and if you don’t already have it you get to pick your own!!!


    Thank Goodness You Won Thursdays!!

    Be even Happier when your neighbor wins on Holiday Pattern because what pattern they get you also get too!!!!!


  • Week starting December 14th


    123 Bingo


    Elves v/s Santa Claus!!


    The battle lines are drawn as the 'Little Elves' declare a war against the 'Big Guy'! Whose side are you on?


    Players in chat will be divided into two teams – one 'Santa' and other the 'Elves'. When any of your team members win bingo your team scores a point. At the end of 2 hours, the team to bunch up maximum points wins, and gets to share 250 BBs.


    Runners-up, don’t lose heart! You get 150 BBs to share!


    Time and Room:

    GREEN (Quarter’s) Room – 9 p.m. to 11 p.m est on Mondays and Thursdays


    Desperate Housewives


    Super Sized Diamondz


    Diamonds……Diamonds….I don’t mean rhinestones! Diamonds are a girls best friend!!


    Diamondz Jackpot  $1000BB December 13-December 20th


    Bingo on the DIAMOND pattern on the :42 of each hourwith Super Jackpot of 500! You and your neighbor above will go into a drawing. There wll be a drawing for 4 winners of 250BB.


    Glorious Bingo




    For just £1 you can win a 42" Flatscreen TV.

    Game takes place every other Thursday at 9.45pm!


    Sorry no US


    Free Bee Bingo


    $10,000.00 Daily 2pm-MID EST (7pm-5am GMT)


    The current number is at 51 numbers called!


    Coveralls will start at $10,000.00 and decrease as numbers are called. You could be our big winner with the right .50 cent card!! Each game will be worth no less than $100.00!!!


    All of these promotions are available with our free trial bonuses! Click Here for details!

  • Mecca Bingo


    Santa's Secret Grotto


    On Saturday 26th December we are running a private room with £5000 in bingo jackpots up for grabs and free tickets for everyone who qualifies!


    To qualify, all you have to do is spend £20 of real funds on any bingo variant between this Monday and Thursday. We are also adding £250 to the chat games budget!


    All the details


    When you achieve the £20 spend you will get a pop up message letting you know you have qualified. The private room will be visible in the lobby from 6.30pm on Saturday and the first game will be at 7pm.


    Qualifying period will run from Monday - Thursday this week commencing Monday 21st December and ending this Thursday 24th December.


    PRIVATE ROOM for this qualifying period will be on Saturday 26th December


    Bingo included in your spend: 90 Ball Bingo,80 Ball Bingo, 75 Ball Bingo, Pattern Bingo, Speed Bingo, Club Bingo, Joker Jackpot, Deal or No Deal Bingo and Snakes and Ladders.


    Sorry no US


    Bingo Flash


    Casino Crossing


    Slots Master!


    Plot your slots wins on a weekly chart to win huge cash-and-BB hampers! Play weekly tourneys til December 26! And win:


    Top 3 players (Total sum of wins) get:


    1st Prize: $150 Cash + 200 Bingo Bucks

    2nd Prize: $100 Cash + 150 Bingo Bucks

    3rd Prize: $50 Cash + 100 Bingo Bucks


    1776 Bingo


    Bingo Tourney


    Begins on Tuesdays at 12:01am EST and runs through 11:59 pm EST on Friday night. The players who accumulate the most winnings during this Time will win these great prizes!!!


    1st place $1,000.00 bonus

    2nd place $500.00 bonus

    3rd place $300.00 bonus

    4th -10th $200.00 bonus





  • Week 12/28-12/31


    888 Ladies Bingo


    Horoscope Game


    Win 60,000 LPs + a personalised chart from Russell Grant!


    What do the stars have in store for you - is it 30,000 LPs? Or perhaps 60,000 LPs and a personalised chart to top it with? Play this brilliant horoscope game to find out!


    Mon-Fri, 7pm - 9pm, at "Cheeky Chatters"


    How do I win?


    In this game there are 12 star signs all bundled up in charming little patterns which rotate equally during the 2 hours of the game. The 12 roomies who bingo the most on each of the 12 star signs win 30,000 LPs - every zodiac month!


    Out of these 12 winners, the roomie who bingos the most on the monthly star sign doubles the winnings and wins 60,000 LPs plus a personalised chart analyses straight from Russell Grant's expert skills and interpretative powers!


    There will be 12 winners every month so make yourself a note coz you could be next!


    Be sure to use our exclusive code: lbb20 for £10 and its cashable!!


    Sorry No US


    Bingo Hall


    New Year's Resolutions


    Take a minute to think about all the things you did this year! It is just amazing... So many things have happened, that are now going to be memories for us to tell with a smile on our face!


    Let's take some time between December 25th and December 31st, to make our New Year’s Bingo Resolutions, and send it to the following Email address: and it will be posted in our Blog!


    Members that send their New Year's Bingo Resolutions will receive a $20 bonus credited in their account!


    *Bonuses will be credited on January 5th. Make sure to take advantage of our $10 cashable exclusive!


    New Bngo Billy


    Win $2,010.00, $1,000.00, $500.00 and $250.00 on December 31st! Reserve with $100!


    • Schedule: Room open on Thursday, December 31st from 12:00 am – 12:00 am ET.

    • Cards cost: $2,010.00, $1,000.00 and $500.00 games: 25 cards for $25.00. All other games: 25c per card. Max 24 cards per game.

    • Restrictions: Room open to members that make a SINGLE deposit of $100.00 or more between December 1st and December 29th!

    • Comments: Regular Games with starting pots of $50.00. Snowflake will show up every 2 hours between 12:00 pm ET and 6:00 pm ET with starting pots of $100.00! 1 Game with a pot prize of $2,010.00, 1 Game with a pot of $1,000.00, 1 Game with a Pot of $500.00 and 1 Game with a pot of $250.00.

    • Specials: If you were 1, 2 or 3 calls away from winning the $2,010.00 game we’ll credit you with a special consolation prize. Just open a ticket right after the end of the game and we’ll verify your account and then credit you with your consolation bonus!


    •1 to go: Wins $125.00 CASH!

    •2 to go: Wins $25.00 CASH!

    •3 to go: Wins 25 BBS!


    Use exclusive cashable $40 free chip!


    Big Heart Bingo


    Spinz and Winz Tourney


    Earn a point for every ten spins and 20 lucky players will win these cash prizes:


    First place 200


    2nd place 175


    3rd place 150


    4th-5th place 100


    6th-10th 75


    11th-15th 50


    16th-20th 30


    Use our exclusive £ 15 US welcome!






  • Starting week of January 5th - thru January 7th


    Spectra Bingo


    Bingo pays your bills!!!


    We are going to pay the “water”, “gas” and “electricity” for three lucky players each month (that’s one bill for each player)!



    Every time you buy a card in each of the “water”, “gas” and “electricity” pattern games, you receive one ticket into the month-end draw. And every time you win that game you get an extra ticket into the draw.


    At the end of the month we will randomly draw three winners, one for each bill, and once you have been contacted by us, simply send us the relevant bill for the month just gone* and we will pay it for you!!!


    Million Dollar Coveralls


    Every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 10:00pm British local times, One Million Dollar Coveralls!


    Sorry no US


    123 Bingo


    Weekdays Slots Tournament


    This New Year win yourself some cool cash with our 'Weekdays Slots Tournament'. Top three players to win the highest on a single pull will spin their way to some amazing cash rewards:


    1st Prize: $150 CASH + 250 BBs

    2nd Prize: $100 CASH + 150 BBs

    3rd Prize: $75 CASH + 100 BBs


    The tourney will run from Monday, January 3 to Thursday, January 28.


    Big Heart Bingo


    Frenzy Fusion


    Play bingo all week long and 10 lucky winners will win 1000 bonus!!!


    Play slots all week long and 10 lucky winners will win 500 cash!!






  • Picks for 01/13/10 – 01/15/10


    Big Heart Bingo





    Grab a chance to win exciting Ipods, Cameras, REAL CASH & Bonuses


    Daily Raffle - Everyday 10 Lucky Players at random win £5 bbs.


    Frenzy Fusion- Play Bingo & be among the 10 Lucky Players to share £1000 BONUS! Spin the slots & be among the 10 Lucky Players to share £500 CASH!


    Wednesday Walkaways – Be among the 5 Lucky Players to walk away with £25 Each from Voucher Express or £25 INSTANT CASH


    Lucky Thursday - Bingo "Full House" on the Lucky Number 7 and grab £7 bbs extra!


    House of Bingo




    We're giving away £150 Cash every single day, with two chances for you to win!

    Wouldn't that spice up your evening?


    Wednesday CASH BACK


    When you make a deposit and play slots. You can claim 10% Cash Back if you lose.

    Daily Promotions


    Get Rich  3.00PM 5000 up for grabs in a special PJP game. You can now "get rich" instantly, win if you bingo in 35 balls


    Amigo Bingo


    At your request we are extending your favorite

    Extra Bonuses all Wednesday!


    Today for players under 75% ratio:


    • Deposit $50 to $149

    - We will match your deposit ONCE (100% Extra Bonus)

    • Deposit $150 to $299

    - We will match your deposit TWICE (200% Extra Bonus)

    • And deposits of $300 or more

    -We will match your deposit THREE Times! (300% Extra Bonus)




    Three part bingo and buy one and get one free!!




    $1250.00 in guaranteed jackpots for Player Appreciation Day!

    Starts at 9pm EST – Free $100.00 Pattern. One hour of $250, $150, $125, $100, $75 & $50 Jackpots!!


  • For week of 01/17 - 01/20


    Fun Time Bingo


    Martin Luther King Day Celebration


    Receive a 250% deposit bonus all day long.


    Bingo on the cake, candle or star and win $50 guaranteed.




    Buy your cards, it’s time to hit the track, bingo on the "racing track" pattern it has a fixed JP of $50, and you’ve won the race.




    Prepare to get blown away, Its wet windy Wednesday and the winds are high, so are the Jackpots, splash for cash, bingo on the Windmill pattern, which has a start off Jackpot of $15, buy your cards and watch the Winds blow high.





    The trickiest of them all, what will the JP be?, only when bingo is called will we know, bingo on the "crazy rocket"  for a mystery JP.


    Bingo Gala


    Crazy 8's everyday from 1am to 2am EST


    Watch the bingo board closely, when you see a number with an 8 called, be the first player to type in chat ‘crazy’ + # called , (eg. i28 type ‘crazy 28,’) and you win 2BBs! One win per player per game.  


    MYSTERY NEIGHBORS  Every day! 3am - 4am


    When someone in chat bingos, the CM will take the last number called and count up and down from winner for the neighbors that game. Example: bingo on O75 and the CM will count up 7 and down 5 and pay those players 2 BBs each!


    OVER THE RAINBOW Every Day from 4am - 5 am


    Pick a color of bingo ball, (Blue, Red, White, Green OR Yellow). The last number called determines the color for each game. All chatters that chose that color win 2 BBs.



    Bingo 777






    This dazzling game will play for a guaranteed £1000 jackpot every night at 10PM sharp in the Royal Court!! Prizes will be split £50/£50/£50 with 50p tickets and a Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer plus a guaranteed jackpot of £1000! So the full house game winner will be bringing home the bacon!! Get in there roomies and stock up on those pre-buys. Don't miss this gem of a game!






    We're giving one lucky player the chance to grab a grand!! Join us at 8PM every Wednesday night in Cloud Nine for your chance to scoop up that GUARANTEED £1000 Jackpot!! Come on down and you could be leaving with a grand in your hand!!! £1000 MUST BE WON so make sure it's YOU!! (This game replaces the Dream Maker on Wednesdays)


    Sorry no US













  • For week of 1/25-1/28


    888 Ladies


    Winning a Golden Ticket will automatically register you to a £5,000,000 Golden Game on February 17, 2010!!!


    There are sooooooooo many chances to win Golden Tickets! Every day there are 30 tickets up for grabs, you mustn’t waste another second! Go and grab yours!



    888ladies are helping Haiti


    With up to 3,000,000 people affected by the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti our 888ladies family want to do our bit. We’re donating all proceeds from card purchases so far, right up until our £8,888 January Jackpot next Friday, to the Oxfam Haiti Earthquake Appeal. So now you’ll have the chance to grab a big jackpot and donate to a good cause at the same time! Lets make this a max-out month and really make a difference.


    Use exclusive code: lbb200 for a £10 cashable free chip!


    Sorry no US


    Bingo Flash


    Free-flowing Weekday Bonuses


    Each day of the week, we reward one lucky player who deposits $50 or more with an EXTRA bonus!


    Monday: 250% raffle for 1 winner

    Tuesday: 100% raffle for 2 winners

    Wednesday: 150% raffle for 1 winner

    Thursday: 200% raffle for 2 winners


    King-sized Weekday Cash Raffles


    Live Help and the Chat Managers announce surprise raffles almost everyday! If your deposit meets the minimum requirements for that day, you can ask Live Help to count you in for the draw! You can win up to $1,000 cash on your deposit!


    Slots A'Lot!


    Go slots-happy on weekly tourneys from Monday, January 4 to Sunday, January 31! And win, by total sum of wins:


    1st Prize: $150 Cash + 200 Bingo Bucks

    2nd Prize: $100 Cash + 150 Bingo Bucks

    3rd Prize: $50 Cash + 100 Bingo Bucks




    Spruce up your poker-skills to win weekly prizes! Tourney (on Video and Table Poker) runs on weekends, from January 1 to January 31!


    Top 3 one time winners get:


    1st Prize: $150 Bingo Bucks

    2nd Prize: $100 Bingo Bucks

    3rd Prize: $50 Bingo Bucks


    Use Exclusive $10.00 free chip


    Bingo Mania


    Gallery Bonus


    Send us a picture of yourself and you will receive $5.00


    Free Trial $5.00


    Fun Time Bingo




    Sit back and see the galaxy beyond. We've topped the "star" pattern jackpot with an extra $40, yessss $40 more added to the initial JP.




    Buy your cards, it’s time to hit the track, bingo on the "racing track" pattern it has a fixed JP of $50, and you’ve won the race.




    Prepare to get blown away, Its wet windy Wednesday and the winds are high, so are the Jackpots, splash for cash, bingo on the Windmill pattern, which has a start off Jackpot of $15, buy your cards and watch the Winds blow high.





    The trickiest of them all, what will the JP be?, only when bingo is called will we know, bingo on the "crazy rocket"  for a mystery JP.


    No Deposit bonus $10.00


  • Week of  2/1 – 2/4


    Bingo Playground


    £5,000 Hat Trick Bingo Event


    A total prize pool of £5,000 for the month of February.

    When a single player gets a Hat Trick Bingo (1 Line, 2 Line, and 3 Lines) they will take a prize of £200 Cash!


    A1 Bingo


    Bank Heist Slots Contest


    Combines the 3 Reel & 5 Reel Bank Heist Slots games.

    All wins of $20.00 or more that show up on the winner's page will count towards the contest. Players will be eligible to win::

    1st place: 100 playable bbs

    2nd place: 75 playable bbs

    3rd place: 50 playable bbs

    Winners announced on February 5th


    Mecca Bingo




    UK bingo fans will see the return of  ‘Luck be a Lady’ advert on Wednesday, 3rd February on ITV1, 2 & 3 which will once again feature the famous lucky pink boxes.


    £50 FREE PLAY


    All new customers from February 1st can get up to £50 FREE PLAY during the two month campaign.


    Sorry no US


    Bingo Flash


    BingOlympics 2010


    •  Salute the Rings- Pay homage to the Olympic rings and get united to win a Guaranteed Jackpot of $50!


    •  The Bingo Relay- Lead the flame in the Olympic Relay from Monday to Thursday this month for a Guaranteed jackpot of $25 or more. Plus, 1 BB for every participant.


    •  High Five Weekdays- Play the first and second rounds of Alpine skiing, the Biathlon, the Bob Sled, Ski Jump and Snow Board for the jackpots worth $2,800 or more, mind-blowing BBs and wonderful bonus treats.


    Casino Oval


    •  The casino games on Bingo Flash are in the complete Olympic mood as well!! Participate in the perky slots championships and take a tour of the smart world of poker to grab the most awe-inspiring prizes worth $3,000 in cash and bonuses.





  • Week of 2/8 - 2/11


    Red Card Bingo


    Be on the lookout all this week for Cupid to drop in and show his/her love to all of our fabulous roomies!!!


    Marvelous Mondays!!


    Double Deposit entries into EOM Deposit Drawing for a beautiful Heart Shaped Pendant!!!


    Love Me Tender Tuesdays!!


    Still waiting on that arrow??? Wait No More!!! All Valentine’s Patterns are WILD!!

    Will you still love tomorrow Wednesday!!

    Steal a pattern of your choice from any player (player must have pattern!!!


    Thank you Thursday!!


    Give your neighbor the pattern you land on during the Olympic Games!!!


    Bingo Knights


    The $600 Valentine Weekly


    Easy cash-grabs here you just cannot ignore!


    Make a deposit of only $60 every week.


    And step into the weekly draw for two cash prizes: 1st Prize of $400, and 2nd prize of $200!

    Plus....$200 more slips into your account if you notch up two raffle wins over the four weeks!


    Week No. Qualification Dates 1st/2nd Prize

    Week 1 Mon 1th – Sun 7th $400 $200

    Week 2 Mon 8th - Sun 14th $400 $200

    Week 3 Mon 15th - Sun 21st $400 $200

    Week 4 Mon 22nd - Sun 28th $400 $200


    Use Exclusive Code: LBK45 no deposit cashable chip!


    Posh Bingo




    This one might refer to the ladies but you gents can join in too!  Bingo the most on #1 on a Monday and win a share of 25,000bps!



    Wager the most on our Hollywood Stars Instant Game on Tuesday and win a share of £25!




    Beee brilliant & bingo on the Crown pattern or Letter B to win a share of 50,000bps from the honey pot on a Wednesday!




    Something for the weekend? Call Bingo in 44 calls & get your share of 25,000bps!


    Sorry No US








  • Week of 2/16 - 2/18


    Bingo LOL


    Winter Bingo Olympics


    Go For The Gold With Our Bingo Olympic Game! Each Time You Collect All 5 Olympic Patterns, You Will Get $100 Cash Bonus Credited To Your Account!! You Will Also Get An Entry Into Our End Of The Month Prize Drawing Were You Can Win One Of 5 Gold Jewelry Prizes!!


    Calling All Luvbugs


    Join Us For A Luvbug Road Rally!! It’s A Race Between The Rooms! It’s A Race Too The Bitter End!! It’s A Race That Will Reward Your Team A Prize Of $2,000.00 Bonus Each Night!! Force Them Off The Road When You Bingo In The Opposing Teams Room!! The Game Plays Each Night Tuesday, Wednesday, And Thursday 8 Pm-10pm Est.






    The WORLD famous Bingo Cruise sets sail from Miami and is headed to the Caribbean, cruising exotic destinations with breath-taking scenery. We're giving away three deluxe all-inclusive cruise packages for two worth a massive £12,000! The winners will also get entry into ALL the bingo events on the cruise, playing for a massive $80,000 in prize money! So many sights to see and so much bingo to play!!


    All you need to do to win this amazing prize is buy as many tickets as you possibly can for our special Bingo Cruise games and at the end of each month, the top 20 players will receive £10 bonus money and will enter the Hall of Fame and earn the right to compete in the final playoff in June! It's as simple as that!


    Join us for some cruising fun and secure your place in the final. Our special Bingo Cruise games will be playing 10AM -11AM Cloud Nine, 2PM -3PM Velvet Lounge, 6PM -7PM Royal Court and 9PM-10PM in the Barmy Club.


    Sorry No US



    Bingo Gala


    Eazy Jackpots


    Eazy Jackpots! (every day except Sat & Sun) plays at 8:00pm, 8:15pm, 8:30pm and at 8:45pm EST. $75 prize played on the Blackout -1 pattern with an 'Eazy' Jackpot of $150 in 52 numbers or less!!


    Play Time Bingo




    Collect our Presidents' Day Collectible Patterns February 15th through February 28th and you will win 15 bbs. The Presidents' Day, Top Hat, and the Washington's Teeth patterns all have a $50.00 Prize & $1,500.00 Jackpot. Collect all three patterns and send the Game IDs for all three to for verification to win the bbs.  There is a 2 times per day limit per player for submitting the collectibles for bbs and remember, each game ID can only be used one time.


    Bingo Hero


    Cupids Giveaway


    Play Bingo in any of your favorite rooms. The top 10 wagers will win their share of 300 bonus bucks. One lucky winner will receive a Hair straightener!


    Daily Lottery


    Each time you win a Full House in the 90 ball room, your name will go into a hat for the Daily Bingo Lottery.

    Ist prize 25bbs

    2nd prize 15bbs

    3rd prize 10 bbs






  • Week of 2/22 - 2/26


    Jackpot City




    Players who lose on FH bingo games throughout the day get awarded 1 point each. Take part in chat games galore every Monday and receive an extra £3 for every correct question answered!




    It’s karaoke night! Come and join us for a sing along, fill in the missing words of a song and win CD’s of your choice as well as extra pounds! Earn your points on all 1 liners today!




    It’s movie quiz time! Know your movies? Then come and play our movie quiz every Wednesday and win your favourite DVD’s! Earn your points today when you bingo in less than 65 calls.




    Cash in on mystery night, fun and games on Thursdays where we mix things up a bit. Join us – who knows what surprises are on the cards! Today you’ll receive points when you bingo on 2 lines.


    Sorry no US


    Big Heart Bingo


    Monday Moolah


    Get 15% cash back on deposits if you don’t win!!


    Daily Raffle


    Everyday 10 lucky winners will be picked at random and awarded 5bb’s each!


    Frenzy Fusion


    Bingo all week long and be amongst the 10 lucky winners to share 1000 bonus


    Spin the slots all week long and be amongst the 10 lucky wagerers to share 500 cash!



    Bingo for Money


    Lets Make a Deal!





    Slots Bingo


    Some days ago, it was our Rime of the Ancient Mariner and now, we are launching another special with the chance for you to get extra bonuses!

    Special Slots Bingo games will be featured in our Nickels room, with an out of the ordinary $75 prize.

    Set up combinations of 3 Slots Bingo games in a row and get a $200 prize in bonus.


    2 Slots Bingo games and a regular game shall give you a $100 bonus!

    The timeframe for you to win and claim this offer is February 19th to the 25th.

    The prizes will be credited in a matter of no more than 72 hours and you must have a deposit made at least 3 days before claiming the prize.


    Unveil the Madness


    All those members who win the Crazy Jet game in High Rollers bingo room will be entitled to get a surprise bonus by next week!

    Just win it and we will match your account with a random surprise bonus ranging from $50 to $500, depending exclusively on how many games you won!


    You have from February 19th to the 25th.

    Final prizes will be credited on March 2nd.


    Bingo Day


    Cloud Nine




    We're giving one lucky player the chance to grab a grand!! Join us at 8PM every Wednesday night in Cloud Nine for your chance to scoop up that GUARANTEED £1000!!


    Come on down and you could be leaving with a grand in your hand!!! £1000 MUST BE WON so make sure it's YOU!!


    Dream Maker


    8PM Daily (excluding Wednesdays)


    The all new Dream Maker has arrived! Now a daily chance to make all your dreams come true! With a £100 minimum prize and the chance to win 2 jackpots - a massive £25,000 Jackpot AND a £3000 Dream Jackpot up for grabs everyday!!


    Be the first player to get the coverall pattern in 43 balls or less and you'll win the £25,000 Dream Maker, if you bingo in 47 balls you scoop the £3000 Dream Jackpot!! The ultimate life-changing prize!! Make sure you're a regular in Cloud Nine - where all your dreams come true!!


    Sorry No US


  • Week of 3/2 - 3/4


    Golden Hat Bingo


    Return Gifts


    The celebration is on at Golden Hat Bingo on the eve of 1st Anniversary and when there is party then gifts got to be in the list. Join the fun to avail £2 free as Return Gifts from Golden Hat Bingo from 1st to 10th March by just being a £10 depositing player. With that your balance will go healthy and we will help your bonus balance smile with an extra free £2. We want you all to join the bingo party to enjoy unlimited rejoicing moments.


    Footloose Spins


    Golden Hat Bingo invites you all to come and join our birthday party of us where there is no place of any tension during the celebration time, have some footloose spins to your favorite slots as we have got 10% cash back if you happen to lose your amount. We want our lovely players to let loose and break all the ties and enjoy the sparkling galore of slot games from 8th to 10th March on chosen mini games namely, Dynamite Digger, DOND Scratch card, Bounty Balls, Golden Balls, Clover Rollover to win in abundance and if unlucky to do that then get 10% cash back on lose amount.


    Sorry no US


    Big Bucks Bingo




    3 Part Bingo and Buy 1 Get 1 $1000




    Player Appreciation


    $1250 in Gauranteed Jackpots


    Free $100 Pattern


    One hour of $250, $150, $125, $100, $75 & $50 Jackpots



    Eat Sleep Bingo


    Afternoon Tea Tourney

    The CM will ask you to pick any number between (1-90)

    When your number has been called, be the first correct claim to type "Tea & your number"

    You will win 1 cup of tea.


    The two players with the most cups of tea at the end of the game wins


    1st - £10.00BPs - 2nd £6.00BPs - 3rd £4.00BPs.


    Missing Word


    The CM will ask you to guess her missing word. For example “Hand ___?  Answer was ‘Hand Bag’,  The first player to type in the first correct answer after 4-3-2 1 countdown wins £1.00BPs.


    Room: 90 Time: 7PM to 8PM Amount: Varies


    Room: 90 Time: 1PM to 3PM Amount: 0.10




    Bing Lotto




    7-11 AM EST

    in the Ruby Room

    WIN $50 CASH




    12-4 PM EST

    Emerald Room

    WIN $50 CASH




    11 PM-2 AM EST

    Diamond Room

    WIN $25 BB'S


    Monkey Shine

    $200 CASH







  • Don't forget to hide a 6 pack of bud in your bingo bag ton!!!!



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