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  • Week of 6.21 - 6.25


    1776 Bingo




    Get Set For The Kill!! It's Captains Beach Babes Vs Around the World Volley Dolls!! $2000.00 bonus to the winning team!!! Put on your finest beach wear and step up to the net every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 8 pm EST in June! Just let a host know you want a team!




    Bingo Gala




    4pm - 5pm WORD SCRAMBLE in Fab 90 room


    The CM will give you a scrambled word and a clue. Be the first player to guess what it is and win 2 GBBs!




    GINA'S CATWALK 5am - 6am/10am - 11am/12pm - 1pm/5pm - 6pm EST in Club 90


    Pick a #1-18. This will represent your model for the catwalk. The model which completes the catwalk in 1st place wins 3 GBBs, 2nd place wins 2 GBBs and 3rd place wins 1 BB.




    Gold Hall


    JP starts at $20 and grows by $5 every game until its won. This is a MUST GO Jackpot on 10c Cards! Balls to JP also increase by 1 each game.  Plays daily on the Blackout -1 pattern at 8pm - 9pm  EST.






  • Week of 6.28 - 7.2


    Bingo Mania




    While the boys are away, it's time to Play


    Enjoy Bingo World Cup Championships from June 20th to July 11th. We know the boys are away, so it's time to have fun and play bingo with exciting prizes at Mania.

    Starting on Sunday, June 20th to Sunday, July 11th, score the most bingo points and you could win these grand prizes



    Top prizes:


    1st place - $1,000 cash

    2nd place - $500 cash

    3rd place - $250 cash


    Consolation Prizes:


    If you deposit $20 or more and wager $20 or more during the week (Monday to Sunday), you will also be entered into a random draw to win a separate weekly jackpot of $250 cash!


    But, wait, there's more ways to win and have fun:


    Weekly Top Winners


    To ensure everyone has a shot at winning, we'll also be awarding the top 3 weekly winners (players who score the most points) in each bingo room with these added cash prizes:


    Nut House:


    1st place - $50

    2nd place - $25

    3rd place - $15


    Loony Bin:

    1st place - $100

    2nd place - $50

    3rd place - $25


    High Roller:


    1st place - $200

    2nd place - $75

    3rd place - $50


    How do I score points?


    For every $10 you wager in bingo games in any of the rooms, you'll receive 1 point.

    Through out the tourney, we'll have a golden ball game, if you win this game you'll earn 3 points. These games will be scattered across each of the 3 rooms.


    Bingo Hero




    90 Ball Bingo Courts are set for a Great Play


    One line = 1 point


    Two lines = 2 points


    Full House = 3 points


    Ten points = 1 BB


    Cyber Bingo







    On Tuesday, June 29th, from 6pm-12am ET in the Tournament room, if you’re down to 1tg when the bingo game ends you can be rewarded extra BBs! On every game played during this timeframe, if you are down to 1TG on any card purchased, simply email to collect 5 BBs. Please note for multi-part games, wins count on part 3 only.


  • Week of 7.5 - 7.9


    Bingo Charm




    Wild Wednesday!!


    All day wednesday is wild for build a sundae, bingo during the schedule build a sundae hours and you can pick whatever you need for your sundae!!





    Fun-filled Friday


    Sizzle and Chill! The heat is on in Captains Quarters this Month!! Bingo during our Fire n Ice session to find the coolest hottest prizes ever!


    Bingo on "funny farm" pattern and get a pick from the fire and ice board!! **12 card min, current deposit**


    Bingo for Money




    Ice Cream Delight


    July 7th is Strawberry Sundae Day... another chance for us to celebrate!


    Hit the most 3 Ice Creams in straight line in our Double Scoop Delight slots machine and get the chance to win one of the 3 $1,000 prizes, in bonus, that we have for this week!


    4 extra $100 bonus prizes will be given among all those members who dare to participate in this contest.


    Time Frame: July 3rd-8th

    Prizes will be credited on July 16th




    UFO Hunting


    Hunt down the Flying Saucer special games in our Fair & Square bingo room and win!


    1) Win a set of 5 special games in the course of the week and send them to:, to collect a complete reward of $100 in bonus, which is basically double what you would have to pay in 5 of these games, maxing out cards.


    2) By next July 13th, we will be counting all these games and the 3 members who won the most, will be able to get one of these bonus prizes:


    1st place: $500

    2nd place: $350

    3rd place: $150

    Time Frame: July 3rd-8th

    Prizes will be credited on July 16th







  • Week of 7.12 - 7.16


    Bingo Fest






    On Monday, July 12th, from 2pm-6pm ET in The Great Escape Room, if you’re almost a winner, you can be rewarded extra BBs! On every game played during this timeframe, if you are down to 1TG on any card, simply email to collect 5 BBs.


    Please note for multi-part games, wins count on part 3 ONLY.


    Cyber Bingo






    We are digging deeper this week for some bigger diamonds! So grab your shovels and let the fun begin. This special will be too exciting to miss.


    On Thursday, July 15th, from 8pm-12am ET in our Diamond room, our Digging Diamonds will be worth more in value!


    The payouts for this special night only will be as follows:

    (3) Diamonds worth 20 BBs, if not won, pays 10 BBs in draw

    (3) Diamonds worth 50 BBs, if not won, pays 25 BBs in draw

    (3) Diamonds worth 80 BBs, if not won, pays 40 BBs in draw

    (3) Diamonds worth 100 BBs, if not won, pays 50 BBs in draw

    (3) Diamonds worth 200 BBs, if not won, pays 100 BBs in draw


    Rules to our Digging Diamonds:


    Bingo on a Diamond (based on the last ball called) and win the prize amount found under it. If there is more than (1) winner on a Diamond, it will be split amongst the bingo winners. Once a Diamond is found, it is taken off the board. The prize value of all the unfound Diamonds at the end of the game will be divided in half and put in drawing(s). (Example: If a 200 BBs Diamond was not found, a 100 BBs drawing will take place.)


    South Beach Bingo




    Hot Dog Special


    July is national Hot Dog month, so we wanted to put something special up for this week!


    In the course of the week win a total of 5 special Hot Dog games that will be featured in our High Rollers bingo room. All those lucky members who reach this goal will have the chance to participate in the private Red Bingo Room, which will open for a complete 4-hour time frame featuring penny bingo games, with $25 to $50 variable prize games and free games with prizes of $75 each, totaling $1,500, (or maybe a little more!)



    All qualifying members will be contacted on July 20th during the course of the day.!


    There is no need to send us any additional information.


    Time Frame: July 10th-15th




    Catch the Hog


    Chase the hog in Quarters, because some will have $1,000 prizes tied on their neck!


    This week we will feature the special Funny Farm patterns in our Quarters bingo room. Each of these games will be progressive, but 4 of these will feature a prize of $1,000. When are they going to be featured? We are not going to tell you, just chase them and win!!


    Now, don't worry if you were not one of the members who won them, as we will also give a $2,000 bonus prize by next July 20th to the member who won the most special games, but not one of the big prize ones!!


    Time Frame: July 10th-15th




    Bingo Combo


    Set up your bingo combo and win!


    Our Nickels, Fair & Square and Taco bingo rooms will feature special Combo games, featuring the Malt, Burger and Fries patterns, respectively.


    The members who get their winning combo set will be able to send an email, including the winning game numbers to:, in order to get a $200 reward for each combination and the member who sends the most combinations will win a $1,000 bonus, to be credited by July 20th.

    Just note that game numbers cannot be used twice. You must have made a deposit in a matter of 3 days before submitting this information and that you are entitled to receive a maximum of 1 per day.


    Time frame: July 10th-15th


    Busy Bingo




    Free Free Free!!


    One free game every hour, everyday in 80 Bingo Hall!!




    Nostalgia for 70's


    600BBs up for grabs!


    In 75 Bingo Hall every day!


    Bingo on the PEACE and LOVE pattern played twice every hour.




    1st 150BB


    2nd 100BB


    3rd 75BB


    4th 50BB


    5th 25BB


    6th - 15th 20BB













  • Week of 7.19 - 7.25


    Bingo Cabin




    $400 in Coverall Specials Giveaway


    We plan to spoil you today with 4x $100 Min Prize Coveralls running from 8pm to 11pm (EST)


    Time: 8pm - 11pm (EST)

    Room: Snowflake Lodge

    Games: 4x $100 Coverall Game

    Cost of Cards: $0.50


    Money * Money * Money


    The top 5 depositors today will be entitled to these spectacular purchase bonuses on the next deposit made:


    1st Prize - 200% Bonus on next deposit

    2nd Prize - 150% Bonus on next deposit

    3rd Prize - 100% Bonus on next deposit

    4th and 5th Prize - 50% Bonus on next deposit




    100% Back on all Deposits Today for July VIPS

    All VIPS will receive 100% back on all deposits made today

    Lemonade & Sunshine


    Watch for the “Lemonade & Sunshine” pattern to win a special BB Bonus. If you bingo on the special Lemonade Yellow balls (O-61 to O-75), your bonus is $10 BB. If you bingo on any other ball, you will win a sunshine bonus equal to the last digit of the last number called (not less than $3 BB). *Plus* Be one of the 2 winners of the most Lemonade & Sunshine patterns today 1am to 1am to win an extra $25 bonus.




    Hot Ball Coveralls:


    Bingo on B1 thru B5 or I 25 thru I30 or N31 on any coverall and claim it to win a bonus of $10 if in Snowflake Lodge or $5 if in Powder Slope.


    Bonus Hot Balls are: 1-2-3-4-5-25-26-27-28-29-30-31




    Coverall Lucky Gall G60: Starting at 8am (EST)


    Bingo on any coverall pattern on (G60) today for a Bonus $20 in Snowflake Lodge and $10 in Powder Slope.


    *Plus* Play from Noon until Midnight and if you win on the Coverall pattern on our specially chosen lucky ball number (G60), you will win $50 BB. CLs are not responsible to prompt you so be sure to claim it!!


    * Snowflake Lodge only for this one




    50% Back On ALL Deposits Today


    Want more bingo bonuses on your deposits? Sure, here you go! Every deposit that you make on Friday and Saturday you will receive an instant 50% re-deposit bonus.


    Secret Surprise:


    Bingo on the Present pattern today and you can win a BB prize ranging from $10 to $50 BB. When you bingo on the Present pattern, post "Secret Surprise" and the CL will reveal your prize. CLs are not responsible to prompt you to post “Secret Surprise”.


    Sorry No US


    Bingo Hall


    Happy Mondays


    INCREDIBLE 250% BONUS! All you have to do is make your deposit and your account will be granted with the complete 250% special bonus!


    If you have not had a processed payout within the past week you will receive a 200% BONUS.


    Blackout Bingo Room - Tuesday


    Make sure you visit our Blackout Bingo Room!


    It will open from 7 pm to 1 am ET on Tuesdays and Sundays. Featuring only Coverall games with bigger prizes than our regular Coveralls feature!


    TACO ROOM BINGO - Wednesday


    Participate in a 3 hours bingo session including:


    $125.00 pots fixed linked to a Progressive Jackpot.

    Progressive Jackpot Games with a starting amount of $35.00 USD each.

    $1,000 Coverall that will be raised by $100 every week until it's hit on those calls or less.


    All these, for a prize of as little as $5 per pack of 10 cards!


    So log in your account this and every Wednesday, between 6 pm and 9 pm EST, to participate in this fantastic competition!


    Ladies Day - Thursday!


    It's time to win; it's time to show 'em what you got Ladies!


    Our regular promo for the day is 160% bonus for every deposit you make.


    Now, for those ladies out there, we will give a 188% bonus on all your deposits of $100 or more!




    Our regular deposit bonus of the day is 180%


    However, that is not all, because we will also feature happy hours during the course of the day and you will be able to get a 200% bonus on your deposits of $100 or more, instead of our current regular promo!


    10 to 11 am ET

    3 to 4 pm ET

    7 to 8 pm ET

    11 to 12 mn ET


    New Billy Bingo




    Billy’s celebrating her 5th B–day during the entire month, so to keep up with the party mood, we’ll be offering a sweet bonus treat during Monday, July 19th.




    Specials Promotions all week long!


    10am–3am • Wild Summer!


    Limited Time Only!


    Get 5 Cards for free on EVERY GAME!


    Playing 3–Part Game Style!


    Each part with fixed pots of 15c.


    Coverall Games (CA) playing every hour




    Temperature keeps rising outside and that is affecting our bonus system!!

    Play EVERY Thursday and claim sizzling bonuses on the FIRST TWO deposits of the day!


    Only valid on Thursday, July 22nd.


    Check this out…


    HEAT LEVELX–TREMELY HOT Bonus Percentages!

    MILD (Billy Member)

    110% + 50% = 160%


    First TWO Deposits

    MED (Silver Member)

    130% + 50% = 180%


    HOT (Gold Member)

    150% + 50% = 200%


    First TWO Deposits


    (Platinum Member)


    200% + 50% = 250%

    First TWO Deposits



    (Diamond Member)


    220% + 50% = 270%

    First TWO Deposits


    Posh Bingo


    Posh Swag


    Do you love a spot of retail therapy? If so, you’ll be excited to hear that it’s late-night shopping every other Thursday @ 8pm in our Posh Swag game!


    Don’t miss your chance to bag some bargainous POSH PRIZES! There’s Nintendo Wii’s, digital cameras and £200 worth of vouchers to name a few!


    With cards at just 50p it’s absolute steal!! Talk about shopping satisfaction!!


    Promo: Posh Swag

    When: Every other Thursday @ 8pm

    Where: PoshDosh tab > Prizes room

    Prize: Perfectly Posh Prizes


    Win 500 every hour on


    The doors to the Jazz Café are open & we’re giving you the chance to win up to £500 CASH EVERY DAY in our Sliding £500 game! Better yet, cards are only 10p! Sound like music to your ears?


    Game plays daily between 7pm & midnight EVERY HOUR ON THE HOUR in the Jazz Café room. We’ve upped the tempo, so the faster you call BINGO, the BIGGER the jackpot you win (hence the sliding jackpot part!)


    Cover your card in 25 to 48 calls & win £500. Minimum £30 win & maximum £500 WIN! Yes our daily Sliding £500 game hits all the right notes!


    Sorry No US
















  • Week of 7.26 - 7.30


    Bingo Fun




    Every Sunday at 3PM and 8PM, Mondays: 3PM and 8PM, Tuesdays: 3PM and 8PM, Wednesdays: 3PM and 8PM, Thursdays: 3PM and 8PM, Fridays: 3PM and 8PM, and Saturdays: 5PM and 10PM!! It's a Blackout but with a difference and you could win from $250 - $450 in one smack!! Here are the rules:


    Win in 45 balls = $450

    Win in 46 balls = $400

    Win in 47 balls = $300

    Win in 48 balls = $250


    You see - Calls do Count!! Cards will be $0.25 with a minimum of three cards!! Be sure you prebuy so you do not miss your chance!!




    Sunday: 2PM-2:30PM, Monday: 5PM-5:30PM, Tuesday: 1PM-1:30PM, Wednesday: 5PM-5:30PM, Thursday: 12PM(noon)-12:30PM, Friday: 5PM-5:30PM, and Saturday: 4PM-4:30PM!! That is one half hour of FREE games daily throughout the month of July!! Prizes will be $5.00 and the card price is ZERO. Unbelievable but true, good luck and enjoy the FREE half hour each day!!


    Use our Exclusive code: Code for US dollars: LIS76 , Code for UK pounds: LIS75 for $15


    Sorry No US


    Bingo Beez




    BOGOF - Buy One Get One Free! | 4am - 5am EST - 2pm - 3pm EST - 5pm - 7pm EST -  Daily in 90 Ball Hall


    Play our classic 5p games with the 90 Ball Progressive Jackpot up for grabs and a minimum prize of £5. 3 - 48 cards. Buy 1 get 1 FREE!




    HALF PRICE BINGO | 3pm-4pm EST - 10pm-11pm EST - Daily


    Play Bingo at Half Price! Play for the quarters PJP for only 12c! Minimum $20 pots. Progressive Jackpot starts at $2,500.


    Bingo Card




    Don't Worry Be Happy!!


    Win on the Happy Face pattern and receive a drawing entry for a $50.00 Deposit every Monday night in July! There will be One drawing during the Chatters Appreciation party between 10pm- Mid in Captains Quarters and you must be present to claim. We will have $100.00 Happy Face Patterns in play throughout the day!!


    Mini Hi/Lo Slingoooooooo Tourney!!


    Spin those Slots and Daub those cards. Every day Monday - Thursday from Noon - 10 pm EST!!! The Top 5 winners and Bottom 5 out of the Top 20 each day will win $100.00 bonus!! And One Lucky Winner from the Top 20 will be entered in a daily drawing for a Mini Gift Basket of Yummy Treats!! Winners will be announced during the 11pm hour!!!


    Bingo Hall




    Magic Reward


    From $3,000 to $1,000, our High Rollers and Quarters bingo rooms will feature special hidden prizes during the course of the day, just be pending and win big time!


    Stay tuned from 7 to 9 pm EST in our High Rollers or Quarters bingo room, as you could become the glorious winner of one of these two prizes.


    The Magic will be in High Rollers on July 26th or the 27th, and in Quarters on April 28th or on the 29th.




    Bingo Circus


    Clowns, elephants, pop corn and more, this is what we will have for you in all of our bingo rooms this week!


    From July 27th to the 29th, our High Rollers, Quarters and Dimes bingo rooms will feature 3 hours full of fixed guaranteed pots where the amounts will depend on the room. We will not request any special requirements to participate in this circus other than to just be there and play!




    High Rollers: $10,000

    Quarters: $6,000

    Dimes: $4,000



    High Rollers: Tuesday 27th

    Quarters: Wednesday 28th

    Dimes: Thursday 29th

    All of them will take place from 7 to 10 pm EST.


    Posh Bingo




    If you like the sound of winning up to £500 cash every day, play our Sliding Jackpot game EVERY HOUR ON THE HOUR from 7pm until Midnight in the Jazz Café. Cards are just 10p!




    Posh MPH


    If you’ve got no time to waste and speed bodes well for you, give our Speed Bingo game a go every day btw 7.30–11.30am!


    Sorry NO US














  • Week of 8.2 - 8.6


    Bingo for Money




    Toys for Tuesdays:


    Kick back and be a kid again Tuesdays! Every Tuesday on all Jack-in-the Box, Teetor-Totter and Kite game patterns between 6 p.m. and 2 a.m., we will tip the pots in your favor by adding 50% more to the jackpot.


    We will also play nothing but $100 Jackpot games with the exception of these Specials, regular Coverall's, Regular Progressive Patterns and Tournament Games.




    Which Way Wednesdays:


    Bingo for Money will help you get over the mid week hump with exciting bonuses. Which way will you go between 6 p.m. and 2 a.m.? On all Crazy Arrow, Up Arrow, Up and Down Arrow and Right Arrow game patterns the pots will go higher and lower with each call to help you decide!($75 to $100 guaranteed Jackpot).


    We will also play nothing but $20 Initial Jackpot games with the exception of these Specials, regular Coverall's, Regular Progressive Patterns and Tournament Games.




    Toughing it out Thursdays:


    Every Thursday between 6 p.m. and 2 a.m. Bingo for Money will let you wager who wins this classic race of the tortoise and the hare and see who gets to the finish line first. On all Turtle, Rabbit Ears, Fox and Crazy Outside Line game patterns there will be $25 initial jackpot.




    TGIF Fridays:


    Bingo for Money makes shopping a little more fun. Shop till you drop because once per hour Sunday, between 6 p.m. and 2 a.m. all Shopping cart, Check, Dollar Sign and Cent game patterns will have a guaranteed Jackpot of $100!


    Bingo Mania




    Friday Fair N Square Event


    It's whacky Friday once again and we're bringing back the Fair N' Square bingo event - where we give you an equal chance to yell bingo every game.


    What's Fair N' Square?


    Fair N' Square - where every one will receive the same number of cards per game (each player will receive 12 cards per game for one price), thus giving everyone the same odds at yelling Bingo.



    Time: 8pm to 12am EST

    Room: Fair N' Square Room

    Date: Every Friday



    2 x $500 Guaranteed Games in 75 calls

    Fixed $200 Pots

    $250 High / $150 Low Games

    $150, $200, $250 Bouncing Games


    Vic's Bingo


    Free Token Tickets


    The Dollar Bill games will be played in our Quarters bingo room and all those members who win 1 of them will be able to request an extra 10% bonus on their next deposit on top of our regular promotion!


    Look for them between July 31st and August 5th in our Quarters bingo room.


    The member who wins the most of these, in fact, the 3 members who win the most of these special games will be eligible to get one of the following bonus prizes:


    1st place: $1,000

    2nd place: $700

    3rd place: $400




    Haunted Hours in Nickels


    During this week our Nickels bingo room will feature some special hours, but nobody knows the schedule! What we do know is that some great prizes ranging from $15 to $35 will be included in this room.




    Betting at the Highest Level!


    Better pots will be shared with all of you in our Quarters bingo room!


    Every day, starting on August 3rd and until the 5th, this room will feature two hours a day, between 8 and 10 pm EST games that will include a total of $3,000 in fixed prizes!


    Posh Bingo




    Posh Summer Suitcase


    We’re all going on a summer holiday, no more worries for a week or two…!

    Everyone knows that the secret to a care free sunshine holiday is strategic packing! We’ve made a weekly list of holiday essentials, hot summer numbers & travel games which no self respecting sun god or godess can live without. Don’t leave home without your Posh Summer Suitcase – it’s packed full or surprizes!



    Week One (29th July - 8th Aug)


    Holiday Essential

    The top 2 bingo-ers on the kite pattern share £60 cash!


    Hot Summer Number

    Bingo the most on the number 2 & win £20 Bingo Funds!


    Travel Game

    Wager the most on Lost Island & win a Make-Up collection from American Top Model judge Victoria Jackson!




    Stop dreaming, start believing


    Are you seeing £££ signs in your sleep? Wakey, wakey there's real dosh to be won here at Posh, hows about a million big ones!


    Who wants to be a millionaire? You could be quids in if you play our Dreams of £1,000,000 game every Friday @ 10pm. There's a possible Million to be won and a minimum Guaranteed £500 Jackpot. It's out of this world!!



    When: Every Friday @ 10pm

    Where: PoshDosh Tab > £1,000,000

    Prize: Possible £1 Million with a Guaranteed minimum of £500


    Sorry No US

  • Week of 8.9 - 8.13


    Vic’s Bingo




    Casino Corner


    Over the past few weeks we've been running contests for all those members who love to play our slots machines, but we've forgotten about video poker fans!!!


    Well, this week we are going to host a contest that will give the 3 members who win the most games in our slots and video poker games combined, the chance to win a nice big pot.


    The members who win the most games in our slots games combined will get:


    • 1st place: $1,000 in bonus

    • 2nd place: $700 in bonus

    • 3rd place: $400 in bonus


    The members who win the most games in our video poker games combined, will be eligible to get one of the prizes above, as well.


    You have from August 7th to 12th to accumulate as many winnings as you can. The final prizes will be credited on August 17th.




    Dancing Reward


    Get your wagers matched in Nickels this week!


    Depending on the day of the week, you will be able to get your bets back in bonus on August 17th.


    Check out our match for each day...


    • August 7th: 50% of your winnings

    • August 8th: 50% of your winnings

    • August 9th: 35% of your winnings

    • August 10th: 50% of your winnings

    • August 11th: 30% of your winnings


    Just note that only the member who wins the most games in our Nickels room (regular or special) will be the one awarded with this match up.




    Fortune 25


    By winning the two special Number 2 and 5 bingo games, you will be eligible to request 25% of the total winnings you got in both games combined.


    All you need to do is play in our Nickels and Penny bingo rooms and try to win these two games. Once you reach this easy goal, please contact any of our Customer Support agents with the game numbers so that they can make the adjustment in your account.


    Note that the two games must have been won on the same day and that you must have made a deposit at least 3 days before making the request.


    *Game numbers cannot be repeated.


    Time Frame: August 7th-12th


    Chit Chat Bingo



    All that glitters is ChitChat gold!


    Every Wednesday at 8pm join us for Gold Rush Hour where you have the golden opportunity of winning some fabulous prizes!


    During Gold Rush Hour, our Full House winners will be getting a little extra surprise! We will be multiplying the Full House winnings by 6. You’ll have 6 times the amount more cash in your stash. Everyone in the game will be playing 6 bingo tickets so you’ll have the same chance of winning.


    As if that wasn’t enough we have also thrown in a Super Gold Rush game within the hour. During this one off game, a 25p ticket could give you the possibility of winning up to £2,000 guaranteed.





    Every Thursday £5,000 Guaranteed


    Thursday nights are big bingo nights in the Bingo Café with over £5,000 Guaranteed to win!

    Play in the Bingo Café between 9pm-10pm. There are 10 x £500 guaranteed games!!

    Start playing this Thursday for HUGE Guaranteed pots!




    Cash Match Every Friday!


    ChitChat Bingo offers ALL of its players fantastic Cash Match bonuses that are worth talking about!


    We have some fantastic summer Cash Match deals this month. On selected dates we will match your cash in bonus for the first deposit you make on that day. Friday, August 13th - 100% cash match up to £100 (Min. £10 deposit required)


    Sorry No US


    Jackpot City Bingo


    Manic Monday


    Take part in chat games galore every Monday and receive an extra £3 for every correct question!


    Tuesday Tunesday


    It’s karaoke night! Come and join us for a sing along, fill in the missing words of a song and win CD’s of your choice as well as extra pounds!


    Whacky Wednesday


    It’s movie quiz time! Know your movies? Then come and play our movie quiz every Wednesday and win your favourite DVD’s!


    Mystic Thursday


    Cash in on mystery night, fun and games on Thursdays where we mix things up a bit. Join us – who knows what surprises are on the cards!


    Freaky Fridays


    Enjoy the bingo games you’ve grown to love, bingo in 60, 1TG’s, 1 liners and win lots of cash prizes.


    Sorry No US


    Bingo Room


    Double Up "D" Day Monday


    Double your CASH Today! Bingo on a Double Number on any "D" pattern between 6pm-Midnight In Maxis HOB or the Bubba and Spanky Room and you win Double The Pot in CASH!


    First Out Tuesday


    Be on the Lookout today for the "Zero" Pattern Playing between 6pm-Midnight In Maxi's HOB for your chance to hit it Big! The next Game's "B" Ball determines your prize so start screaming for B15 for a Cool $150 Pot!


    $150 in CASH is up for grabs between 8pm-11pm for the winner of our "Wipeout" Game!


    Wacky Wednesday


    Get Wacky tonight and win $2,500!

    $2,500 Coverall Games run in 50-53 calls between 6pm-Midnight! So get your Wackiest Dauber and head to Maxi's HOB to win yourself $2,500! Each game will have a fixed Jackpot of $125!


    Tic-Tac-Toe Thursday


    Here's your chance to stack up on some major CASH not Bonus Bucks! Win any 3 dedicated Tic-Tac-Toe Patterns and you win a CASH Bonus of $75! Each game has a fixed pot of $75!


    Cashmill Bingo




    Catch & win a Progressive Jackpot at Cashmill Bingo!


    The Main Hall Jackpot is over $2,615

    The Ball Hall Jackpot is over $616


    Win a $2,615 jackpot with as few as three 12 cent cards.

    Put your name on a $616 jackpot with little as three 5 cent cards.

    Don't miss out on these Jackpots and pre-book your games.


    Nite Time Nickels Hours


    11pm EST on Thursday and Friday Nites

    Join us for our "Special Nite Time Nickels"

    5 cent cards

    $20 minimum Prize $500 Jackpot

    3 card minimum, 100 card maximum


    Pre-buy those lucky cards now for your Guaranteed Jackpot!


    $300 on Friday 8/06 (9:30pm EST)


    When you buy 10 cards you will get an additional 2 cards FREE!

    In addition, nabors of the Guaranteed JP winners will win 5 bb's!


    Guaranteed means that the balls to Jackpot for this game is 75!

    Someone WILL win these Jackpots, why shouldn't it be YOU?

    Don't forget to pre-book your JP!




  • Week of 8.16 - 8.20


    Red Card Bingo






    Start the week off right with Powerball Mania! Starting at 12:01am, the Powerball will start at $100 and raise $1 per game until it's won. Bingo on B-8 and win the Powerball **6 card min, must answer for win!!




    Taboo Tuesday!! Yes Taboo is back Mon-Fri 8am -10am. One player will be selected to win the home version of Taboo!! (one per week, one per player)




    Waldo knows it's time to get ready for Back to School - so he wants to help you remember your numbers. Bingo on G-46 and get an extra set of your choice for next session!! (Boobs, Super 7s, Keno)




    Sparkle and Shine with Match My Bingo - Deposit $100 or more and get your winning bingo ball back in BBS!! Bingo an O-72 and get 72 BBS!! **6 card min, must answer for win!!




    The Tin Man wants a Heart! Bingo on a Heart Pattern and you'll automatically get Potluck for the win!! (Get the amount of the pot in bonus!!) 12 card min - current deposit - must answer for win!!


    South Beach Bingo




    Guaranteed Evenings


    Two afternoons will make your life way more pleasing this week, as you will be able to win up to $500 on one single game!


    On Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th, from 8 to 10 pm EST, our High Rollers bingo room will feature 2 complete hours, with fixed $500 cash prizes totaling $10,000.


    This week we are raising our rewards in Quarters and High Rollers, for our Happy Hours!


    Morning Rally - Quarter Room 8 am - 10 am


    Happy Hour - High Roller & Quarter Rooms 4 pm - 5 pm -


    High Roller - Get $50 bbs on your first win, $100 bbs on the second one and $150 bbs on your third hit!!


    Quarters - Get $25 bbs on your first win, $50 bbs on the second and $75 bbs on the third win!


    Weekly Specials:


    Thursday Night Rally - Quarter Room 6 pm - 10 pm

    Friday Battleship - Dime Room 4 pm - 8 pm

    Saturday Night Clue - Quarter Room 6 pm - Midnight


    Play Time Bingo




    Now you can play our exciting Dynamic G Ball Special with a Minimum $30.00 Prize every Wednesday at 7:00pm - 8:00pm in the month of August! This great special also plays every Thursday at 7:00pm - 8:00pm and every Saturday at 6:00pm.


    The first ball called in the G Row will determine the balls to jackpot for this exciting game, and you will sit on pins and needles anticipating just what that first G number will be! Card price will be 25 cents with a 3 card minimum & 100 card maximum.




    This is one special you will not want to miss. Every night of the week you have three opportunities to play for a Colossal $10,000 Coverall Jackpot! Beat the balls to jackpot and you will win an awesome prize. The prize amount will decrease with each additional ball called until the prize is won. This special has a Minimum $40.00 Prize amount and you can purchase Pre-Buy Discount Packages.


    Please note that the Pre-Buy option is different than Prebook.


    When you use the Pre-Buy option you will be paying in advance. Once purchased, the Pre-Buy cannot be cancelled and the money will be deducted from your account immediately at the time you purchase the package. One package per special can be purchased. During the game you can buy more cards if you like but the additional cards will be at the normal price, not the discounted package price.


    For Example: You purchased a Package with 10 cards and set your auto to play 5 cards, you would be playing 15 cards. If you are offline during the game you will get a note showing each game played and all records can be checked in your game history as well.


    Pre-Buy Discount Packages will include:


    20 cards - $4.75

    50 cards - $11.25

    100 cards - $20.00




    Our Slammin EZ Jackpot Special is a big hit and you can play this exciting special every Monday, Thursday at 9:00pm - 10:00pm & Fridays at 8:00pm - 9:00pm.


    This special will have many assorted patterns with a $30.00 Prize and a $100.00, $150.00, $200.00, or $250.00 Jackpot depending on the pattern playing. When you play this delightful new special your odds of winning a jackpot will be EZ-er than ever before!   


    Bingo Fun






    On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday...we have made some changes to the Wild Ball Coveralls........they are now all nickel games. You heard it right..Wild Ball Coveralls are no longer quarter games, they are nickels. You can play from 3-250 cards at just five cents per card!!! I think the heat is getting to our brains?




    On Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday your Odd/Even Coveralls will be nickels and not quarters. We want to make the most Fun for you. So sit back and set your auto and play Odd/Even Coveralls for just a nickel per card!! When we say we have 'Unbelievable' specials....they are just that 'Unbelievable'.






  • 8.23 - 8.27



    Big Time Bingo




    Daily Special


    Wednesday is Bulleye Day! The mini plus, mini t, bulleye and small x pattern will each have a fixed jackpot of $75




    Thursday Crazy Daze is here! With crazy bingo patterns with $175 starting jackpots (minimum of $50 guaranteed). Get crazy trying to bingo on the crazy pyramid, crazy t and crazy chevron!




    The hunt is on! Can you catch the fox, man and dog! If you do, you win $50 starting jackpot! Friday night 10pm – midnite EST - $100 fixed jackpots!


    Bingo Beez




    [b[DAILY DELIGHTS | 6pm - 7pm EST – Daily[/b]


    Get ready for our Daily Delights! Featuring $30 pots and a $1,500 Jackpot playing on nickel cards. Play 3-300 cards at Party Hall.




    DYNAMITE DIMES | 8pm-9pm EST – Daily


    Join us daily for an hour of explosive fun. Dime games featuring $50 pots and a $3,000 Jackpot at Party Hall.


    1 cent cards

    12midnight-1am EST

    11am - 12noon EST

    6pm - 7pm EST

    In Blowout Hall


    Bingo Flash


    Team Power


    Find a roomie to pair up with before the start of the session. Each pair to bingo shares 4 BBs! And the first 3 pairs of the session will win another helping... of 12, 8 and 4 BBs respectively!

    When Where Time

    Weekdays, Mondays to Thursdays USA Mixed Room 8 PM to 10 PM


    Run like Crazy!


    Brace up for a crazy race Around the Corner! To pocket up to 30 BBs twice a day!


    The Crazy Around the Corner pattern will play for $30 guaranteed jackpots over 2 sessions. The first session will play 4 times randomly from 9 AM to 11 AM, and the second session will play another 6 times between 7 PM and 9 PM, everyday!


    The first 3 to run the fastest round the corner, that is, bingo the fastest on the pattern in each session, win 5, 4 and 3 BBs respectively!



    Every day USA Mixed Room $30 Guaranteed Jackpots 9 AM to 11 AM

    7 PM to 9 PM 50c








  • Week of 8.30 -  9.3


    Bingo Sky





    On Tuesday, August 31st, from 2pm-8pm ET in our Summer Room, the top three players winning the most BBs in our chat games combined will win extra BBs.

    • First Place wins 50 BBs

    • Second Place wins 25 BBs

    • Third Place wins 10 BBs

    The following games will be included in this special:

    • Letter Buddies 2pm-4pm ET

    • Running B's 4pm-6pm ET

    • Bingo Bingo 6pm-8pm ET

    Please note the amounts shown in chat game recaps by the host may not match the final outcome as winners will be later verified that minimum card purchase and funding requirements have been met. Only available BBs count for this special. Pending BBs for that day will forfeit your win, and the next highest BB winner will be chosen.


    In the case of a tie, the prize is split between the winners. Winners will be emailed and credited on Wednesday, September 1st.




    Film a 15-30 second video of yourself talking about your experience playing at Bingo Sky and post it on YouTube. Then send the link or embedded codes to  If your video is chosen you well be rewarded $50 bonus.




    Receive up to 150%  Funding Bonus on every single deposit


    No special dates or times, just a simple and extremely generous funding bonus program that rewards you each time you place a deposit.


    Play Time Bingo




    It's back to school time at Playtime Bingo. Be watching for our Back To School Collectible Patterns to begin playing August 27th through September 17th. The School Bus, Lunch Box, and Desk & Chair Pattern will each have a $40.00 Prize & $1,500.00 Jackpot.


    Collect all three patterns and send the Game IDs for all three to for verification to win the bbs. There is a 2 times per day limit per player for submitting the collectibles for bbs and remember, each game ID can only be used one time.




    Do a happy dance all the way to the bank when you win our big $2,228.00 Main Hall Jackpot at Playtime Bingo. It only takes 1 lucky card to get this fabulous jackpot and it could be you!


    Also, every night of the week you have three opportunities to play for a Colossal $10,000 Coverall Jackpot! Just beat the balls to jackpot and you will win an awesome prize. The prize amount will decrease with each additional ball called until the prize is won.


    This special has a Minimum $40.00 Prize and you can Pre-Book or purchase Pre-Buy Discount Packages for these games.




    We are raising our prizes on some of our most popular games at Playtime Bingo!


    All regular Nickel Speed Bingo games will have a new $20.00 Minimum Prize & Progressive Jackpot.


    The 3 Spot Bingo Special will have a $15.00 Minimum Prize & $100 Jackpot.


    Our One Line Bingo Special will have a $30.00 Prize & $300.00 Jackpot every Friday at 8:00pm!


    Our exciting Wild Animal Safari Hunt will now sport a $35.00 Minimum Prize & $300.00 Jackpot!


    The randomly played Penny Game will have a $20.00 Prize & $300.00 Jackpot.


    Be sure to check the schedule page for the days & times you can prebook these great specials!


    Vic's Bingo




    Bust It Out!


    A real $1,000 jackpot cash prize will be hidden in our Quarters bingo room this week!


    We don't really know the hour or day when it will be hidden yet, but we can guarantee that it will play between August 28th and September 2nd.




    Nickels Slam


    If our Quarters bingo room can surprise you, why would Nickels be the exception?


    We want to honor the 5 members who win the most regular games in our Nickels bingo room this week, from August 28th to September 2nd;


    That’s why those 5 lucky members will be credited with one of these prizes on September 7th:


    1st place: $500

    2nd place: $400

    3rd place: $300

    4th place: $200

    5th place: $100



  • Week of 9.7 - 9.10


    Paramount Bingo




    TAKE 5 | 6pm-7pm EST and 9pm-10pm Daily in Classic Hall


    Pay for 1 game and get 5 chances at bingo! 5 Prizes and 5 Jackpots! Cards cost only 1c!!!




    PENNY BLOWOUT | 12midnight -1am -11am -12 noon and 6pm-7pm EST Daily


    Play our Penny Blowout Games with a minimum prize of $10 and a $250 Jackpot!


    WTG Bingo




    Green Room Top of the Hour


    $50-$100 Fixed Pots 8am - 10pm




    Green Room Top of the Hour


    $2000 Coveralls - 11pm - 1am


    Black Bingo


    We want to Treat You Like a King and Queen


    Following prizes awarded daily!


    1st Prize $75


    2nd Prize $25


    3rd Prize 25 bbs


    You just need to play your favorite game and win as much as possible to get into the top daily 3.


    At the end of the month all the daily winners will be in a draw for a amazing relaxing massage kit!


    We Pay Your Fees


    Depending on your deposit method, they will pay your annoying fees!


    Cash Return


    First day of each month players will get credited 10% of the total deposits made on the previous month!




    Easy Money Free Rolls have arrived and it's time for you to Get in on the Action - 3 Times a Week!


    Every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday we will host a 4-hour Bingo Event with 3-hours of MUST-GO Jackpot Games followed by 1-hour of Easy Money Games. All players receive the same number of cards for each game and its only $125 to enter using your cash and bonus balances!


    The Prize Structure gets Bigger and Better as more players enter so tell your friends for the next event.



    # of Players-Hour 1 -Hour 2 -Hour 3 -Easy Money Hour


    30-39                 $500        $750       $1,000 $500 + $20 per player


    40-49          $750       $750       $1,000 $500 + $25 per player


    50-59         $750       $1,000      $1,250 $500 + $30 per player


    Win 2 unique games in the Easy Money hour and you get to choose from a list of prizes (worth $500)!


    All winners in the Easy Money hour will share equally in the prize pool, which will be different every night based on the number of entrants.


    The House will seed the pot with $500 and add $25 for every entrant so if 50 players are in an event the prize pool would be $500 Seed plus (50 x $25) = $1,750!


    Prize Choices Available


    Wal-Mart Gift Card worth $500

    Home Depot Gift Card worth $500

    32 inch LCD High Definition TV

    Leather Recliner

    Micro-fibre Comfy Recliner

    Fantastic Cookware Set

    Brand New Dishwasher

    5 Piece Dining Table & Chair set

    Choice of a Ladies or Men's Gold/Silver Tone Dress Watch

    Diamond and Gold Pendant







  • 9.13 - 9.17


    123 Bingo


    Keno Bingo!


    Now play Keno in a very bingo way and win to get rewarded and that too in a very bingo way!


    That's right! Pick up 10 Keno numbers from 1 to 75 and give it to the chat host before a Keno Bingo game begins. And when the game begins, carefully watch the first 10 balls that are called out.


    If you manage to match at least 3 of your numbers among those 10 balls, you earn smart BBs!.


    Get rewarded based on the numbers you hit as mentioned in the following reward list:



    3 of 10 2 BBs

    4 of 10 4 BBs

    5 of 10 6 BBs

    6 of 10 8 BBs

    7 of 10 10 BBs

    8 of 10 12 BBs

    9 of 10 15 BBs

    10 of 10 20 BBs


    So go, pick and HIT your keno numbers to win the most sought-after rewards!


    Monday and Thursday Green (Quarters) Room 9 PM to 11 PM 25¢


    NFS (Speed Bingo) Get Set Go on 123!!!!...


    Slow and steady wins the race? Nopes… not any longer!


    Speed racers, latch on your seat belts for a fast-paced bingo ride on the Speed Bingo in the Red Room!


    Red (Nickels) Room 3 pm – 4 pm


    Top 3 Players to garner most wins during the session get:


    1st 50 BBs

    2nd 30 BBs

    3rd 20 BBs


    Go racer go! Get set Vrooooooooommmmm...


    MEGA Bingo Bash!

    Make way for the MEGA Bingo Game every night!


    Every night at 10 keep yourself free for a date with us in the Highroller Room for a session of Blackout Bingo.



    Cover All


    Bingo within the first 35 calls and win MEGA $2,000 CASH!


    If no bingo is called within 35 calls, the first player to have the coverall will take home GUARANTEED $500 CASH prize.


    Amigo Bingo




    New Daily WTA


    1st prize $75

    2nd prize $25

    3rd prize  25bb


    Tuesday T Day


    Everytime you win on the T pattern they will match your win twice! The chat host will enter your bonus manually. In the event a chat host is not present, fill out a support ticket.


    Bingo Megas




    3 IN 1 SPEED | 1pm - 2pm EST - Daily Party Hall


    An amazing THREE JACKPOTS in each game! With the last JP in the game being a Progressive JP starting at $500. Each game has a $30 minimum prize.




    MIDNIGHT MAYHEM | 12midnight -1am EST - Daily Party Hall


    Add a little mayhem to your evening! Playing daily from 12midnight-1am EST on nickel cards with $30 pots and a fantastic $1,500 Jackpot.



    90 Ball Hall open 24/7


    5 pence cards

    4am - 7pm EST

    Minimum £1 pots

    Progressive Jackpot starts at £500 GBP


    1 pence cards

    12midnight - 4am EST

    7pm - 12midnight EST


    Cyber Bingo






    On Wednesday, September 15th, from 4pm-8pm ET, we will be offering a chance to win some extra BBs. This special game will take place in our Classic Room ONLY while a Host is present.


    Once a player (who is in chat), wins a bingo game, they pick a player (who also is in chat) and gives to the Host. The Host will have a number board with amounts hidden from 2-20 BBs. The amount hidden under the number they won on, both the game winner and their chosen player will receive.


    Example: The bingo winner won on B15, hidden under that number were 20 BBs, both winner and their chosen player receives 20 BBs each.


    Once a number is chosen, it can not be used again. To qualify for BBs the winner of the bingo game MUST have been in chat at the beginning of game they won.




    CyberBingo brings you a Huge FREE Bingo event, the biggest Free Bingo event you have ever played. In September, the "$50K Bingo Free Roll" room will award $50,000 in free bingo games for all the new and loyal players to enjoy.


    Join us in the $50K Bingo Free Roll Room daily, between 6pm-9pm ET and again from 12am - 3am ET.


    The fun doesn't stop there; a value game of $10,000 with a minimum prize of $100 will play twice every hour. Also, don't miss out the $1,000 FREE Bingo games in the Tourney Room. Good luck!!!







  • Week of 9.20 - 9.24


    Landmark Bingo




    Every hour the CH will play the Silver, Golden and Diamond Games


    Love You Even


    Bingo on an even number and double your full house. In each shift you will play 4 Love You Even and winnings will be doubled for the full house winners.


    Bonus Buck Bounty


    Every hour 1 game will be of Bonus Buck Bounty where full house winner will be awarded with 10BBs. If more than one winner, the BBS are split between the winners.


    Golden Games


    Make your own wins golden again with Golden Games in the 80 and 90 ball Bingo. In each shift you will play 4 Golden Games and winnings will be doubled for full house winners.


    Promo is applicable for both 80 & 90 ball room.


    Sorry No US



    1776 Bingo


    Here's a sneak peek at just a few of the new games you will find in the LINE UP all month LONG!!!!


    Monday- Play Hooky with James!!! Get On The Bus For Massages, Foot Rubs And Pampering That No One Else But James Can Do!


    Tuesday- All Work and No Play Not At (Site Name), Its Monster Truck Rally!!! Off-road Your Roomies! Smash, Crash And Thrash Them!!


    Wednesday- Its P.E. Night! Don't Want You All Flabby Now. Get Your Gym Shorts On For Some Great Team Games!


    Thursday- Time to Study! Crack Open Your Books And Get Ready For Your Test On Friday!


    Friday - Test Your Knowledge Against Our Chat Hosts With "Are You Smarter Than A Chat Host"


    Bingo Charm


    Play For The Big One Every Day.


    Here Is How It Works...


    Every day between 2pm EST and 12PM EST the $10,000.00  bingo game is played at least one time an hour!


    We will randomly increase the numbers on the coverall! You never know when its going to go up so be sure to keep an eye out for the numbers to increase!





    Waldo knows it's time to get ready for Back to School - so he wants to help you remember your numbers. Bingo on G-46 and get an extra set of your choice for next session!! (Boobs, Super 7s, Keno)




    Sparkle and Shine with Match My Bingo - Deposit $100 or more and get your winning bingo ball back in BBS!! Bingo an O-72 and get 72 BBS!! **6 card min, must answer for win!!




    The Tin Man wants a Heart! Bingo on a Heart Pattern and you'll automatically get Potluck for the win!! (Get the amount of the pot in bonus!!) 12 card min - current deposit - must answer for win!!


    New Billy Bingo


    When is the Next Full Moon? Find out Here!


    Next Full Moon is on: Thursday, September 23rd, 2010.


    Let the full moon’s special energy flow! This is the perfect time to play Bingo and win, but don’t forget to claim your Full Moon Lifetime Deposit Bonus and improve your chances of winning big time!


    Take ‘Full’ advantage of this cosmic energy which comes only ONCE a month!


    Billy Points Festival!


    Receive MORE Billy Points from your deposits Tuesdays and Wednesdays

    Now ALL the deposits you make from 12:01 am through 10:00 pm ET will earn you DOUBLE Billy Points!


    From 10:01 pm- 11:59 pm ET you’ll still make TRIPLE Billy Points for every dollar deposited!


    Redeem your Billy Points for $$$$$$$$$$$!!!


    Just make your deposits during the Billy Points Festival and we’ll automatically add the Billy Points after you make your deposits.


    To redeem just open a Help Desk Ticket!



  • Week of 9.27 - 10.1


    Landmark Bingo


    Spell Lodestar in the 75 Ball Room


    Look for the L-O-D-E-S-T-A-R pattern and win 50BBs!


    Promo good thru September 30th.




    Play Money Back Bingo


    Play one line, two line, three line and Full House and if you fail to win you get your Money Back!!


    Sorry No US


    Bingo Flash


    BINGO BABBLE - Jacks or Better


    Win 3 BBs every time you bingo on the number 10 or more!


    Weekdays, Mondays to Thursdays USA Mixed Room 8 PM to 10 PM


    Wager cents to win dollars!


    Play all the Cent patterns games, each with guaranteed $25 pots, every half hour (with the help of pre-buys,!) to win a 10 BBs at the end of the day!


    Every day USA Mixed Room $25 Guaranteed Jackpot 10 BBs every day Every 30 minutes!!


    WTG Bingo




    Star Power


    Bingo on the Star pattern in the Green Room, played every hour and win $5 cash. At the end of the day there will be a drawing for all Star winners and 3 players will receive $25 cash!!




    Top of the Hour Parties in the Green Room


    $50-$100 Fixed pots from 8am - 10pm


    $2,000 Coverall 11pm - 2am








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