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  • tweeksta, glad you like 123 bingo.. i love it to.. win win win some bingos..


    have fun with that 1000% WOW!!!


    i do hope you get your cards all straight, let us know how you are doing..




    i have claimed codes: lbj65





    all without making 1 single deposit.  :D ;D


    i have deposited @ sis site bingo knights abt 3x b4 wen their mastercard deposit was not powered by moneybookers who suck!!  >:( >:(


    opened acc jus 2 deposit but i cant verify my credit card becoz they took a few bucks outta my acc & they wan me 2 tell them hw much usd it was but my acc showd it in aud.


    otha option was 2 send them copy of bank statement showing my name, last 4 digits of my cc as well as the transaction made. ??? only problem is my bank statement does not show cc number. >:( it shows my account no. so im stuffed. :'(


    final option was for them 2 send code 2 my add & i verify it which i did but all dat did was verify my address. >:( >:(


    Finally had enough & jus pplied 4 a visa card instead. . . .. . . JUST 2 PLAY @ 123bingoonline coz i luv  :-*da gaming software & they got best bingo games & bonuses outta the sis sites  & also coz they r offering da biggest  :o welcome bonus i have eva seen so far!!!   :o A MASSIVE 1000% deposit bonus which u claim @ live support  :o



    Good thing i jus got my new visa card in the mail yday.....too bad it was wen banks had closed so cant depo till mon.


    OooHH!!! Best thing abt winning bingo there is wen i get 2 press bingo & it flashes green ;D hehe! :P :-*


    How did u get the bonus? I try 2 times and had 2 different support person and both told me i can not get the bonus cuz i already got one which was the sign up bonus.

  • i claimed all of them between da hrs of around 11pm - 3am west australian time.


    if i dun succeed 1st time i wait a few days then try again with anotha person.


    i got them from viky & jon so if u get them ur very likely 2 get it...


    i got it no hassles at all.


    if u see doreen close da screen QUICK!! hehe! very hard 2 get off her.


    good luck!!



  • Tweeksta i like your style thats what i always say keep trying..


    You will find some in livechat will be more generous, some give no problems just toss it to you, others can be less and give you a hard time


    Thank you for that information i know to avoid doreen lol

  • im probably blacklisted there now hehe!!





  • Has any1 else ever had this happen......


    I won 5 free cards to play in the highroller room when I used my free scratch off card & it said that I had to contact support to redeem it so I did. Well, after waiting what seemed like 4ever, Doreen credited my account with $10. I hope i'm not supposed 2 only spend it in a particular room because I 4got 2 ask & there's no way i'm waiting on live chat to respond again.


    If any1 else has ever gotten the same result on their scratch card please let me know what u got.

  • If you have not visited 123BingoOnline this month, just login and GET $5 on your first visit this month.


    Contact Live Help with the code VISIT to get your $5.

  • just got $50 cash from doreen.


    THANK U doreen!! i take it back wot i said abt u  :-*


    got email for offer of $50 free. us call their toll free no. and ask for it or contact live.


    i contacted live and got it no probs


  • Yes- I got this email too (below).


    Does this apply to non depositors or new signups only to 123Bingo?  It's not very clear.




    "Be the next one on our Wall of Fame!

    Never miss an opportunity again!

    Call our Toll Free number

    (1800-234-9283) now

    to get your free $50 to try our site.


    In case you find our number busy, please contact Live Help for your FREE $50!


    Note: First 10 depositors of this week will get an assured gift."

  • I'm a depositor and I got it and it's $50 CASH!


    itsallgood2010: Hi John I received an email about $50 to play and it said to call 800 number but if busy call live chat..how do I claim it?


    John: Would request you to please hold for a moment while I pull up your account details


    itsallgood2010: "Be the next one on our Wall of Fame! Never miss an opportunity again! Call our Toll Free number (1800-234-9283) now to get your free $50 to try our site. In case you find our number busy, please contact Live Help for your FREE $50! Note: First 10 depositors of this week will get an assured gift."


    itsallgood2010: sure..and that is the email message


    John: All done


    John: Thank you for contacting us, if you need any help or updates on special promotions please feel free to contact us any time on Live Help or our toll free number 1877-234-9283 (US only)/ 0808-238-0023 (UK Only). Please press the "close" button on top-right corner of the chat window to give feedback and help us serve you better.


    itsallgood2010: ok i dont see it in there..do I close and reopen the page?


    John: Thank you for waiting. I'll be with you in just a moment.


    itsallgood2010: ok


    itsallgood2010: got it thanks John!


  • hi blueday

    i havnt deposited there b4 and i still got it


    good luck!

  • That's great.  Thank you both for the info.


    So depositor or not, you get $50 free.  That's fantastic.



  • Thank you Blue i got it.. easy like sunday morning!

  • If I can't remember my ASQ how can I answer it?


    Is there any way to find out what my Account Security Question is?



  • Go to Live chat and explain.. in my experience with ASQ, theres been no way to get the answer, some of the sites give you a hint, ask chat what you can do maybe they can suggest something being as they probably have dealt with it before, sending an email from the account also could help...

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