$100K Mid-Year Bingo Camp on Amigo Bingo

$100K Mid-Year Bingo Camp on Amigo Bingo
We are halfway through 2018. Who would have thought that the time would keep on flying, but there it is - it's July and if either you're facing some summertime blues or hype, getting some extra bingo action is recommended in either case. Seems like this summer won't be all about beach balls and getting tan; it will also be about camping… a special kind.

All eyes are on Amigo Bingo as the good folks there announce the beginning of their $100,000 Guaranteed Mid-Year Bingo Camp! Sounds comprehensive enough, and you know - it is! This massive promotion will last for some time (until July 28th) and is comprised of several different ways and opportunities for you to win big this summer.

All the action is taking place in the site's Main Room and besides the main prize fund of over $100,000, there will also be $3,000 in extra prizes and a Vegas Trip Main Contest! The entry cards prices for this range from 20 cents to $1, but when you consider you get to participate in games with guaranteed jackpots with up to $1,000 cash, it's a bargain! Oh, and for most games, there is a valid offer of 'Buy 15 tickets, Get 5 Free,' which is beyond awesome.

Each week comes with a different contest and at the end of the week, four participants will be randomly selected for the $500 weekly extra prize! On August 2nd, the promotion ends with a great raffle with $1,000 in extra prizes among all bingo players. The first prize is $500 BBs + 250% Extra Bonus, the second prize is $250 BBs + 150% Extra Bonus. Third place gets $150 BBs + team bingo entry and the fourth and fifth both get $100 BBs + team bingo entry.

Also, take note that all players earn points that will make them eligible for the Trip to Vegas giveaway, with flight, a 3-night stay in the MGM Grand Hotel and $500 of spending money all covered.

The first week of the Mid-Year Bingo Camp is the Archery Competition and it runs until July 7th. You need to collect as many contest patterns as you can - bullseye, arrows and target which are all worth up to $150+ cash. Top five players get extra bingo buck prizes...

The second week's contest is called Stargazing Weekend and it runs from July 8th - 14th. Take a Hike is the name of the third week's contest, which lasts from July 15th - 21st, and Bingo S'mores is the final event taking place from July 22nd - 28th.

Such a fun way to spend your July and, before you know it - it will be August. Make sure you've read all the little legal terms on site's promotion page before you opt in...
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