BGO Entertainment – New Name for Mandalay Media

Oct 04, 2012
BGO Entertainment – New Name for Mandalay Media
Another company has joined the rebranding trend - Mandalay Media Group which has become BGO Entertainment.

The decision to rebrand was made by founders Richard Skelhorn and Alexander Holt in order to bring a variety of business interests into one company. They specified that online bingo brands Costa Bingo, Sing Bingo, City Bingo and Fancy Bingo will stay on the firm's recently launched independent Xbingo gaming platform.

Skelhorn and Holt also underlined that their future plans include focusing on the brand's global growth with a new gaming destination, expansion into new markets and multiple new gaming products. Probably with this aim in mind, the company reportedly acquired a number of domain names, including bgo, bgocorporate, bgoworld, bgojobs, bgobingo, bgoslots, bgopoker and bgosports, all with the .com suffix.
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