Connecticut Police Break Lottery Scam Ring

Connecticut Police Break Lottery Scam Ring
This week, the police forces in Stamford, Fairfield County, Connecticut arrested seven locals connected to a lottery scam whose victims were mainly elderly Americans.

The arrested persons apparently had accomplices in Costa Rica, to whom they were sending their scam gains. It was specified by the investigators involved in the case that they have so far established more than $165,000 in losses, acquired from thirty-one victims from across the U.S., most of them older than 80.

The way this scam ring worked was already known to the police – they contacted their victims by telephone or a letter, with a notice that they had won a prize and that in order to collect their 'winnings,' they need to send in money for taxes or fees.

So far, the leader of the whole operation is at large, says the police, adding that the person may be in Costa Rica.
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