Cursed Bingo Numbers

Feb 21, 2013
Cursed Bingo Numbers
At one time or another we've all had a bad relationship with a specific number. The thorn in my side is number 65. What makes this worse is that I can't even escape it by playing 75-ball versus 90-ball bingo games. The number rears its ugly head everywhere I go. This has been a thorn in my side for six months or so. I can recall when it all started…

I was playing bingo online and I was waiting on 1tg. The cursed bingo number was 65 and it was never called. It was a 90-ball game and I've been one number from a bingo hundreds of times. Thinking nothing of it, I moved on to a 75-ball bingo game. You may not believe it, but once again I was down to 1tg. When someone beat me to that bingo prize I realized that I needed jut #65. Was I marked at this bingo site?

Certain numbers can seem to become a curse especially when we're playing a game based on numbers. It's been a long six months and whenever I see that 65 on a good card I know I won't win.

There was a big jackpot game one weekend and I pre-bought my tickets well in advance. I was really hoping to get a piece of the £5,000 bingo jackpot. I had played in several games throughout the evening and lost every single one of them. That was fine because the big game was all that mattered to me. I was very close to winning the line but that went too fast. Someone called for the line in just 10 calls and two lines went on for a while. I was nowhere near a winner there either but I managed to get down to 2tg for the house. The two numbers I needed were 27 and 65. Number 27 was called and I was left with my nemesis. You can just imagine what happened.

How can you break the cure of a bingo number once it has latched on? Somehow, someway I'm going to have to bingo on #65 in order break free of these bad vibes.
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