Gala Bingo Selects Agency to Work on New Campaigns

Gala Bingo Selects Agency to Work on New Campaigns
Michon has been selected to work with Gala Bingo on two new campaigns after the launch of a national pitch.

The agency, based in Nottingham, was taken on by Gala when they pitched a completely new concept for a campaign for the Christmas season.

Michon is also involved in working toward a new launch of Gala's bingo clubs. It will be designed to draw in new players around the UK by featuring “lively lounges” offering food, drinks and casino and bingo action as well as the traditional bingo hall.

Su Brookes, account marketing director at Michon, said, "We're delighted to be working with the team at Gala, who are also based in Nottingham. They wanted to work with a local agency but weren't sure they could find the calibre they were looking for in the area.

"We were pleased to discover that Gala didn't just like one of the pitched concepts we put forward, but have actually chosen to develop two of our original ideas.”

The fun and fresh concept for the adverts will include bingo playing celebrity lookalikes such as Posh and Becks, Simon Cowell and Joan Collins.

Rob Johnson, head of marketing at Gala, said, "The creative works for our core marketing, not just for seasonal activity, and is cost effective, scalable and campaignable.

"We really felt that the team at Michon understands our brand and what we're trying to achieve, so we're sure this will be the start of a great relationship."
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