It’s Bingo or Me!

Sep 08, 2012
It’s Bingo or Me!
Bingo, just like any other form of gambling, is a preference. Those of us with a passion for the game have tried to spread the joy of bingo to others. We've all come across those skeptics or those that won't touch it with a ten foot pole. What to do? We must resort to tactics, the tactics of a bingo player!

My husband gave me the ultimatum on more than one occasion. It's bingo or me. I had the option to spend an evening filled with Lethal Weapon parts I, II and III or a chance to win some cash playing the game I love. I turned on my heels and headed off to bingo. Why would I miss out on big money bingo and treating myself to a little glass of wine from the bar?

He was one of those people that I really tried to convince to come play bingo with me. I've tricked him into going by telling him we were going to a movie. The cab dropped us off at bingo so he had no choice. I've given him a glass or two of his favorite of beer to try to loosen him up. I've even gone where no bingo player typically goes. I shared my assortment of dabbers with him. After all that, he never really cared for bingo and did all but fall dead asleep in mid game. What more does a girl have to do to bring you over to my side?

It's interesting how the bingo tables have turned. He now hears from me, it's bingo or me and I have never seen a man race for the door so quickly. You can place a big bet on where he's headed.
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