Last Call For BingoFest's Super Hero Bingo Tourney!

Last Call For BingoFest's Super Hero Bingo Tourney!
Hey LBB'ers! Here is a last minute call for anyone itching for some bingo tourney action – just in time before this awesome promotion ends on June 1st.

The place: Bingo Fest

The event: Super Hero Bingo Tourney that takes place until June 1st at 5:59 AM CEST.

Play against the evil Bertha and win a cash prize up to €600 in cold, hard cash! How do you do it? By looking for bingo patterns of certain superheroes' symbols. See if you can find the specific Captain America, Superman, Wonder Woman, Hulk, Spiderman and Batman patterns (head out to the site's designated promotion page to see what they look like).

Those who make it to the top 20 players will share a joint prize of a guaranteed €1,800! The superhero pattern games are played every hour with entry cards costing a mere €0.30. Winning a game also gets you one point on the leaderboard. The more points you win, the bigger the prize will be.

A player that ends up ranked as 1st will win €600 in cash. Second place gets €300 in the form of a free play bonus, third wins €210 in a free play bonus. 4th and 5th places win €150 and €90 in free play bonuses respectively. Free play bonus prizes are awarded to all the players ranked from 2nd to 20th.The player who wins the cash prize will have their account credited automatically on June 1st. General websites rule apply for this tournament, but make sure you've read through promo's T&C's before you start playing the Super Hero Bingo Tourney.
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