Scratch Card Pays Big for a New York Woman

Scratch Card Pays Big for a New York Woman
An 85 year old woman finally hit the jackpot with a massive $1 million win on a Cash Bingo scratch card lottery game.

Doris Hoag has been buying NY lottery scratch tickets every day. She has her breakfast in the morning and makes her daily stop to pick up the scratch cards but this July 17th morning she didn't know what was in store for her.

Hoag bought three scratch cards and scratched off a dud at first. It was the second ticket that gave her the prize she had been hoping for all this time. She was instantly become $1M richer and gave the last card to her sister. Hoag said, “I didn't need it anymore."

Hoag was immediately on her way to claim her big win at the local Lottery's Customer Service Center.

This was the largest win available on the Cash Bingo scratch-off they will give out in a lump sum. Once the appropriate tax deductions were made, Hoag will receive a $661,800 check.

Hoag says she can "finally be even." Her lottery days are over but then again once a scratch card player always a scratch card player.
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