UK Bingo Halls vs. US Bingo Halls

UK Bingo Halls vs. US Bingo Halls
Having swam on both sides of the pond and playing bingo throughout the US and UK there is vast difference between the two regions. For starters there are two different variants of the game played with the UK's 90 ball and the US 75 ball bingo.

Deciding which variation is better is a difficult feat because they both have their perks. 90 ball Bingo has three ways to win in a single game including a pay-out for 1 line, two lines and the Full House with 90 numbered balls in play.

75 ball Bingo has only one way to win and each card offers a Free space in the center of the card. Winning combinations vary with the basic diagonal, horizontal, Coveralls and pattern games. There are literally 100's of crazy, creative patterns to bingo adding an interesting element of entertainment to each game.

In the UK Link Games are where big cash prizes are up for grabs connecting to other bingo halls throughout the region. Claiming a Bingo in the allotted numbers called can fill your pocketbook with a £20,000 win.

Coverall games in the US offer big cash prizes and are generally played right before break and the last game of the night with a chance to win $1,000 or more including Progressive Jackpots that reach big prize pools.

Like online Bingo sites appearance means everything! The UK wins hands down in for nicely decorated halls that are welcoming and comfortable. Carpeting, cushioned chairs, stocked bar and lots of good eats. Halls in the US lack the appeal and cozy atmosphere opting for metal folding chairs, folding tables and snacks that consist of a hotdog, donut or bag of chips.

Las Vegas and Casinos throughout the states that offer a Bingo Parlors blow everyone out of the water with luxury and prizes that are in the thousands.

The lingo is also different. A Full House in the UK is a Coverall in the US. When a player declares a win they shout B-I-N-G-O! In the UK you'll hear everything from “here, eh, me, um, thank-you” and everything in between.

One thing that both worlds share is a good time, a social gathering and potential to win lots of cash. Where is the best place to play? It is split right down the middle and giving up one for the other simply wouldn't be an option. Variety is the spice of life and UK and US are winners in the art of Bingo playing!
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