How to attract good luck

Gloria Ch Gloria Ch
Feb 23, 2022
How to attract good luck


The notion of ‘luck’ carries a strong meaning and is perceived differently by different people. It is an invisible force of extreme importance and someone’s life and events in it depend on it. For some, luck is something very valuable that you need in order to be successful and happy. It is something that is given to you in a certain amount and that you need to work with. For others, luck is just an abstract concept and doesn’t exist, they believe people make their own luck. No matter which type of person you are, learning about luck and maybe doing some things to attract luck can do no harm!

In games of luck, as the name suggests, luck is a big deal and it plays a major role. If you are not a lucky person, you simply will not be able to win, some say. Others argue that luck is not so significant and that a good strategy and persistence will lead to success. Whichever theory is true, let’s take a look at some ways to increase your luck and make progress in gaming…


It is a discipline that has been used for centuries to discover human faith and use it to your advantage. By analyzing your sign, your personal horoscope, the current position of the stars and taking other relevant steps, people gain insight into what their predispositions are and how to improve their lives. Players can utilize the principles of traditional astrology and Chinese astrology. The Chinese one differs from the traditional one. It also has 12 signs but they are completely different and the signs are assigned by the year you are born. Each zodiac sign has its own qualities and its own lucky/unlucky colors, numbers, flowers…

Why not explore both and see what your chances are?


This discipline claims that numbers in your life are of great importance and that they should be analyzed. By doing this, a person may learn more about his/her life and luck. Numbers, number combinations, letters and symbols are all taken into account in numerology. The most significant number in someone’s life is the ‘life-path’ number, it is the number you get through your birth date and it represents you and who you are. Additionally, there are soul numbers, master numbers, angel numbers; all of which have special meanings.

Perhaps finding out your lucky numbers in numerology will help you in Bingo playing, which is all about numbers… How convenient!

Feng Shui

It is an ancient Chinese practice that claims everything has its own energy and affects our lives in positive and negative ways. Decorating and organizing the space you live in, work and spend time in is directly related to the events in your life. Applying the principles of feng shui could help you have a life you are more content with. One example of feng shui is that clutter and messiness have a negative effect on your energy levels. For instance, there shouldn’t be a mess in your house or apartment, especially around the entrance, it means your life will be messy and unorganized too…

Thinking positively 

In recent years, a lot of attention has been given to the way people think. Numerous books, films, videos and other materials have appeared and they tell us why we should think positively and what it does, how it affects the events in our lives. It is claimed that by being optimistic and sending good vibrations, you may get whatever you want, love, money, success, health… 

There are various techniques that may be used to bring things into your life, vision boards, various lists, mantras etc. Who knows, it might work like a charm for you and clear the path to winning big at Bingo, casino games and the like…

Do good, get good in return

Many people believe in the existence of karma. Karma is an invisible force that gives back people what they deserve and what they gave to others, good or bad. It is thought that if you do good, good comes back to you and that you are rewarded for your previous actions. Numerous ways of doing good exist, giving to charity, helping the ones in need, helping animals, being there for others…

Doing good will make you feel good about yourself, will make you feel positive and optimistic and worthy of good things. That could come in handy when playing your favorite games…

Remove the negativity out of your life

Whether you feel bad about your work, relationships, appearance or something else, take the necessary steps to improve your life by getting rid of the things or people that bring you negative energy. Work on yourself, self-reflect, try to be a better person for yourself and others. It can do wonders for your life in general and for gaming as well. Happier, laid-back people tend to win more than the ones that are constantly worried or in a negative state of mind!

Carry lucky charms and crystals

Items you consider lucky or crystals charged with good energy are something that is cheap and potentially effective. There are plenty of lucky charms to choose from and have with you or keep in your home. Various crystals have been used for a long time to bring good energy. You can learn more about them and choose the one that fits your needs. You can wear it as jewelry or simply have it close to you in some other way.


All the ways to attract good luck that are mentioned don’t take a lot of time, energy or money. Closely read about each of them and you will be able to decide which one or ones are for you. Hopefully, these methods will help you be more successful not only in gaming but also in life in general which again leads to happier gaming, it is all connected. The sooner you apply them, the sooner you will be happier and excited about your life!

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