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  • Great bingo win sanchya! Well done!

  • Lovely win.  Congratulations Sanchya.



  • I won £10,482.87 on 'we want bingo' site, fluffy favourites mega jackpot. I dont know how to do screenshots, but took a photo, but cant find how to attach it to a post on here.

  • OMG that is so awesome!  Congratulations!


    To post your photo, start a new reply and then click on the PREVIEW button.


    Click on Attachments and other options.


    Find the Attach: area and click on Choose File.  Then find your file on your computer and click the OPEN button.  Your file should attach itself.


    Alternately, if you have a site online for your photos, like photobucket, get the URL for your photo, Click on the second icon above (under the change color drop down box on the left up there) and insert your URL between the bracketed IMG codes.  Click on Preview and you should see your photo.  You won't see it on preview if you attach it, but it will show up in your post.

  • Thanks, il try and attach it. The photo isnt great, was too excited lol :)


  • I'd have been shaking too much to hold a camera! 


    I see an interview in your future!

  • Its been a week now, and they havent asked for any statement etc. I verified my id and had first £3000 refunded today, got to wait until march for the next £3000 and then April lol, withdrawal limits, but at least its nice and spread out :)

  • that's an amazing win. Congrates!

  • it is amazing :) Me and my partner have been playing bingo sites for years, and actually my partner won over 4k just the week before on robin hood bingo..but no evidence to show of that, as no photo taken, was another mega jackpot on fluffys (thiers only goes up to 5k max) It has just been a totally awesome start to the year. Would really like to start depositing and playing on casinos. but im so wary, so many reports of voided winnings etc. Ive never had probs with bingo, so good with their payouts, at the moment I have loads of accounts where ive tried free money, but not ventured to deposit :/

  • Wow mamt35 huge win congrats !! !!

  • That's awesome! Congratulations of your win! Wow I'm so excited for you  :D

  • Superb win mamt35, congratulations and enjoy spending that cash!

  • Thanks everyone, I wish all LCB members good luck, like I have had so far this year  :)  Fluffys is my favourite slot,...Its a good slot, I do well on it alot. Im not sure what casinos have it?

  • Congratulations mamt35 on the win, and have fun spending the money.


    Can i ask what stake you was doing on that slot, i used to play that slot a long time ago, and i never had much luck on it myself :P


    But well done again



  • I was playing a 50p stake :) It came round on only the 2nd spin. And ive found before (and when my partner won the week before) that jackpots tend to come quite early on. I tend to reload in the machines fairly often unless I have a particular machine playing well and paying out :)

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