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  • Fabulous win mamt35.  Huge congrats.



  • Amazing win mamt35 (particularly from a 50p bet).


    Big congrats!

  • Played Bingo Cabin's LBB exclusive bonus, got 5 bingos in a row, than made a few minutes break and here's another one. After quite a loosing streak I managed to win a bit more than $60 and recover my balance. Just a bit more and Ill meet the wagering requirement :D


  • Good luck with that playthrough and congrats on the win!  Let us know if you manage to do it.



  • Awesome dr! Hope you make the WR and have my fingers, toes and eyes crossed for ya  ;)

  • nice screenshot dr! :)

  • Congrats dr! You are on fire. GL meeting the playthrough.

  • Way to go drtheolen, congratulations and fingers crossed for that playtrough!

  • Nice 1 mate . ;)

  • Thanks guys, I managed to finish the playthrough and ended with $47.37 in winnings.  Not much but I dont win often on bingo so Im pretty happy with the outcome.


    Near the end of my playthrough I started to purchase max number of cards and once I got bingo on two cards which never happened to me before :D Havent had this much fun for a long time.

  • Congrats drtheolen!  <:-P Are you planning to keep playing or to withdraw the money?


  • Yay ya did it! Thanks for the update  :-bd. Let us know how the cashout goes or if you decide to play it back good luck to you!

  • Very nice! Good luck if you play on :)

  • I did not win a jackpot or take a screen shot  but at instant bingo I was able to build my balance up to $5,000. I already withdrew $500 on aug 12, but than I started playing those evil slots and lost all but $600. I felt like crying but what can you do but live and learn.  ( you think I would of learned after the first )  any how I have to wait until after sept 12 so I can withdraw the last $500 because I have not made a deposit since may. I could just play it off but I will feel better if I withdraw the $500 after losing around 4k on slots. I've been depositing on vics site but having no luck  :(. I just wanted to thank LCB for introducing me to instant bingo. I love it there. I can play all day , it is so much fun. can not wait for you guys to have another bingo contest.  thank you thank you.

  • Congrats shirlsplay! I know the temptation is a killer especially when getting paid in installments. Gamblers are funny that way, sure the win is great but a big part of the passion is playing.


    Hang tough and don't give anymore back! It is easier said than done but think how happy and proud you will be for being a smart and sensible player!


    Keep us posted and thank you for the warm compliments and for sharing your winning experience.



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