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  • Week of 10.3 - 10.7



    Golden Hat Bingo


    World Teachers Day : Teachers have always been great friends so why not dedicate your bingo fun to them with your bingo play to celebrate World Teachers Day. This celebration lights up on the days between 5 th and 8 th October. You can scratch out the fun on the bingo cards fixed in the Deal or No Deal scratch card game. £1 free bingo bonus for every £10 that you wager in the games!!! Lots of wagers, lots of cards to scratch and that makes it lots of wins to pack.


    Daily Guaranteed Linx: Play your favourite bingo game for just £0.50 at special time everyday and give yourself chance of winning minimum £1000 to maximum £4000. So what for your waiting win the guaranteed £8000 whooping prize at special lucky timings?


    Bingo Linx Game Timings


    At 1200hrs you can win Guaranteed £1500

    At 1800hrs you can win Guaranteed £2500

    At 2230hrs you can win guaranteed £4000 for just £0.50.


    Hatty Winners : Winning in the bingo games gives an extreme pleasure and self of achievement. But if you get lucky to collect all the prizes (Hatty) offered in the bingo games then you are in the cloud nine. Golden Hat Bingo with the ‘Hatty Winners’ promotion treats the lucky players with the extra £1 free in the Pressies and Monty’s Mates room in the month of October . That is not all; if you collect 15 Hattie’s in both the rooms in this month then you get a special invitation to join the bingo fun in our VIP room, the Golden Lounge. Now that is called, special treat for special people, right!


    Sorry No US


    Mecca Bingo


    This month supports the Mecca Moments TV campaign with a daily guaranteed £10,000 jackpot!


    It can be won in any 90 ball bingo room until the 12th of October.




    Mystery Bingo


    Starting today, players who spend £40 from Monday to Thursday in October can access a private room for two and a half hours from 8pm on Sundays for a Mystery Bingo session with huge amounts of cash. Although it is a mystery how much exactly will be up for grabs, I can tell there will be plenty of free games, huge Superbooks jackpots, £300 minimum jackpot on offer and the most expensive ticket will be just 10p! So get your players involved in the suspense of Mystery Bingo!


    Sorry No US


    A1 Bingo




    Autumn Pull Tabs Contest


    Try your luck on our spectacular pull tabs & win big prizes in our Awesome Autumn Pull Tabs Contest that will play October 4th through October 13th.


    1st Prize: 75 Playable BBs

    2nd Prize: 50 Playable BBs

    3rd Prize: 25 Playable BBs


    Winners announced & credited October 14th


    Red Card Bingo




    Spend MONDAY NIGHTS with us and you could win BIG!! You will have chances to win a square on our Monday Night Football Board!! Win Bingo and you will receive a Square for our Football Board. Two Squares per player.


    Then Join us during Monday Night Football to see if your Square Won!

    Just look at what you could win!!


    • 1st Quarter Score Numbers exactly $250 BONUS!!

    • 1st Quarter Score Numbers reversed $150 BONUS!!

    • 2nd Quarter Score Numbers exactly $250 BONUS!!

    • 2nd Quarter Score Numbers reversed $150 BONUS!!

    • 3rd Quarter Score Numbers exactly $250 BONUS!!

    • 3rd Quarter Score Numbers reversed $150 BONUS!!

    • Final Score Numbers exactly $500 BONUS!!

    • Final Score Numbers reversed $500 BONUS!!


    ANDDDD...all Players who won a square will be entered in a Prize drawing for FALL PRIZES!! Winner announced during our EOM party!




    Taboo Tuesday!! Yes Taboo is back Mon-Fri 8am -10am. One player will be selected to win the home version of Taboo!! (one per week, one per player)




    Waldo knows it's time to get ready for Back to School - so he wants to help you remember your numbers. Bingo on G-46 and get an extra set of your choice for next session!! (Boobs, Super 7s, Keno)




    Sparkle and Shine with Match My Bingo - Deposit $100 or more and get your winning bingo ball back in BBS!! Bingo an O-72 and get 72 BBS!! **6 card min, must answer for win!!




    The Tin Man wants a Heart! Bingo on a Heart Pattern and you'll automatically get Potluck for the win!! (Get the amount of the pot in bonus!!) 12 card min - current deposit - must answer for win!!







  • Week of 10.11 - 10.15


    A1 Bingo




    Bite The High Rollers JP


    $23,295.96 JP

    Wed,Thur, Fri

    at 10:00pm!


    Rollover Buster Special


    $15 Prize & Prog

    Quarters JP

    Tues 10pm & Wed 7pm


    Speeding Buster Special


    $10 Prize & $500 Jackpot

    8pm - 9pm Tues


    7pm - 8pm Fri


    Big Time Bingo


    Wednesday “Be My Buddy” Chat Special: Bingo solo on any bingo game Wednesday 8pm-midnight EST in the Quarter chat room and win a $20 bonus!


    The buddy above and below the winner will receive a $5 bonus. You must type "Be My Buddy" and the CM must acknowledge your win in order to be valid. This promotion is valid in Quarter Room chat only.


    You must be an active bingo player to receive BBs and actively participating in Quarter Room chat during your win. Only solo bingo wins will be eligible to win bonus.




    You must be in quarter room chat and actively chatting to participate. Deposits must be automatically credited to count. Drawing continues until all prize money is won. Each player may win only ONE prize per drawing! The Chat Master will announce the winners in chat as they win.


    Thursday Special




    Crazy Daze is here! We have crazy bingo patterns with $175 starting jackpots (minimum of $50 guaranteed) Get crazy trying to bingo on the crazy pyramid, crazy t and crazy chevron!


    Daily Special


    The hunt is on! Can you catch the fox, man and dog? If you do, you win a $50 starting jackpot!


    Friday night 10pm-midnight EST - $100 fixed jackpots! Everyone is invited!


    Red Bus Bingo


    Pics for a Penny


    Films & friends go together. Spoil a friend EVERY Wed @ 9:30pm in our £30 for 1p room!


    £200 West End


    Hit our £200 West End Room every other Thursday @ 8:30pm; tickets cost only 50p!


    Big Ben Bonanza


    There’s a million pounds up for grabs every Friday @ 9:30pm in our £1m Big Ben Room! Grab your £1 tickets today.


    Sorry No US







  • Week of 10.18 - 10.22



    Landmark Bingo





    This Weeks Specials


    Now the winnings will be DOUBLED for the winners, 1st line, 2nd line and of course full house……




    Min dep. 30 same day.

    CH will decide which game will be the GOLDEN GAME

    In 80 and 90 ball room

    In every shift 4-4 Golden games will be played for a total of 24 games.


    Look out for the D-E-V-I-L Pattern to join the fun & win in the 75 room


    Spell DEVIL to win 55 bbs prize!






    17th Oct – 20th Oct. 50% extra bonus with a minimum deposit of 30.


    Sorry No US



    New Billy Bingo


    Receive MORE Billy Points from your deposits Tuesdays and Wednesdays


    • Now ALL the deposits you make from 12:01 am through 10:00 pm ET will earn you DOUBLE Billy Points!

    • From 10:01 pm- 11:59 pm ET you’ll still make TRIPLE Billy Points for every dollar deposited!


    Redeem your Billy Points for $$$$$$$$$$$!!!


    Just make your deposits during the Billy Points Festival and we’ll automatically add the Billy Points after you make your deposits.


    To redeem just open a Help Desk Ticket!





    Play your bonus money in our fun slots machines between 12:01 am on Mondays through 11:59 pm ET on Thursdays!!!


    Don’t miss out on this special offer!


    Spin and Win with our Slots!


    Check out our newest games by logging into your account!


    Playtime Bingo




    Be on the lookout for our Spooky Halloween Collectible Patterns with a $50.00 Prize & $1,500.00 Jackpot. These ghoulish patterns will play October 9th through October 31st. Beware of the Halloween Cat, the Skeleton Face, and the Creepy Spider. Collect all three patterns and send the Game IDs for all three to for verification to win the bbs. There is a 2 times per day limit per player for submitting the collectibles for bbs and remember, each game ID can only be used one time.




    We have raised the prizes on more of your favorite games


    Two Line Express on Monday at 8:00pm will now have a $30.00 Minimum Prize & $500.00 Jackpot.

    Penny Speed Bingo on Tuesday at 10:00pm will have a Minimum $30.00 Prize & $300.00 Jackpot.

    The 3-In-One Special at 6:00pm on Tuesday & Thursday will have a $30.00 Minimum Prize & Progressive Jackpot.

    Our One Line Bingo Special will have a $30.00 Prize & $300.00 Jackpot every Friday at 8:00pm!


    Xoom Bingo





    Fixed pot $50 - $100  8am – 10pm


    $2000 Coveralls 10pm – 1 am


    Fun doesn’t end here…….


    Bingo on PUMPKIN Pattern which will be randomly played and collect DOUBLE WINNINGS





    Lets kick off this HALLOWEEN with a MONSTER TEAM BINGO BASH in the special HALLOWEEN ROOM*.


    Event days: 21st to 23rd October


    Registration” 18th to 20th October


    Top 3 teams will share $1000 cash!!


    1st prize $500

    2nd prize $300

    3rd prize $200


    The event will run from 3pm and 9pm until 1am EST.


    *Also at:


    WTG Bingo


    Taj Bingo


    Good luck,






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  • Week of 10.25 - 10.29






    Diamonds are A Girl's Best Friend Event!


    Hurry you only have til October 31st and you could be a big winner just by winning one of our Special Ring, Rose and/or Diamond patterns playing daily in Maxis House of Bingo (Noon - Midnight)!


    3 Special Patterns will run 2x each day with 500 Prizes To Be Won - worth over $10,000! This includes CASH up to $250, Bonus Bucks up to $100, Free Slots Seats to play in our Daily, Weekly and Monthly Slot Events, where you could win other fantastic prizes.


    Look for these 3 patterns everyday. There's no limit to how much you can win so Go Wild And Win!




    Wacky Wednesday


    Bingo in 52 numbers or less and win $2,500 in Maxi's




    Friday Deposit Special


    Deposit today and and earn an extra load up bonus!


    Cyber Bingo






    As of Tuesday 26th October 2010 is giving you a Halloween Gift. Click on the �Halloween Gift� button in �My account� and scratch your card to reveal your gift. It�s as simple as that.


    You could win anything from $5 to $250.


    Halloween Bingo


    Our Halloween Room will be available from Monday 25th October until Sunday 31st October and will offer Special Halloween Patterns. The Top 5 players to win the most Special Halloween Patterns will receive;


    1st Place - $250 credits

    2nd Place - $150 credits

    3rd Place - $100 credits

    4th Place - $75 credits

    5th Place - $50 credits


    Bingo for Money




    Jump into the Flying Saucer


    The Dimes and Quarters bingo rooms will feature the special Flying Saucer pattern. The player who wins the most of this pattern between Oct 22nd and Oct 27th will win a special alien-trip with $1500!


    Before starting you trip, send your winning game numbers to




    The X-files


    Read all the information that has been hidden for years.


    Play and win as many X pattern games in our High Rollers and Nickels rooms between Oct 22nd and Oct 27th. We will award the 3 players who win the most of this pattern!


    In the Nickels room each member will get a $750 prize in bonus and in the High Rollers room the prize will be raised to $1500 in bonus, for each. Just report your winning game numbers to and we’ll take care of the rest.




    Tour Roswell


    Experience your personal Alien Encounter!



    Between Oct 23rd and Oct 27th, meet the Aliens at Roswell; accumulate as many wins as you can in the Alien Encounter pull-tabs game. The player who wins the most will get a  $1,500 bonus prize. Just play and win! Remember to send your winning game numbers to


    Steamy Bingo




    Tuesdays are here to tempt you with FAIR & SQUARE all day every Tuesday!!


    So come along to be in with a fair chance of winning the Jackpot!!


    We also host a fantastic bingo Tournament Tuesday mornings from 10am, so why not come along and see if you can win some extra bonuses!




    Join us Wednesday's from 6pm to play in our fabulous Steamy Bingo QUIZ for your chance to win cash prizes.


    Don't forget to read the newsletters to be the first to know the topic of the Wednesday quiz!




    Here at Steamy Bingo, Thursdays are BIG MONEY THURSDAYS....


    Big Money Night in Room 1 has some fantastic guaranteed prize pots from 8pm to 11pm ranging from £250 to a superb £500!!!


    Sorry No US













  • Week of 11.1 - 11.5


    Paramount Bingo


    Party 75 Room




    MID DAY MAYHEM | 12noon -1pm EST – 12midnight -1am EST  Daily

    Add a little mayhem to your day! Playing daily from 12noon-1pm EST on nickel cards with $30 pots and a fantastic $1,500 Jackpot.




    HALF PRICE BINGO | 3pm-4pm EST - 10pm-11pm EST  Daily


    Play Bingo at Half Price! Play for the quarters PJP for only 12c! Minimum $20 pots. Progressive Jackpot starts at $2,500.


    Party 90 Room




    £5 FREE GAME | Playing randomly – Daily


    LIMITED TIME ONLY - £5 Free Game playing randomly throughout the day with a Jackpot on offer of £100. And remember this is real cash.

    In order to withdraw players must have made at least one deposit first for account verification.


    Bingo Hall


    Happy Mondays


    INCREDIBLE 250% BONUS! All you have to do is make your deposit and your account will be granted with the complete 250% special bonus!

    If you had a processed payout within the past week you will receive a 200% BONUS.


    Bingo Hall




    Bugs & Hisses


    Bugs and snakes will be lucky for you this week!


    The Snake pattern and Bugs pattern will be featured in 4 different rooms this week: High Rollers, Quarters, Taco and Nickels. Between Oct 29th and Nov 3rd win as many of these patterns as you can to win one of these:


    The winner of the most special games in High Rollers gets $1,500 in cash

    The winner of the most special games in Taco gets $1,000 in bonus

    The winner of the most special games in Quarters gets $800 in bonus

    The winner of the most special games in Nickels gets $300 in bonus

    If the same member wins the most games in at least two of these rooms, we will add a $300 extra bonus prize to the combination of the two or three prizes of the rooms!




    Free broom with flying lessons


    Learn how to fly your broom with us!


    From Oct 29th to Nov 3rd win as many slots games as you can. The 4 players who win the most slots games, all combined, will be credited with a $400 bonus prize each.




    Time for a coffin break


    Everyone needs to rest from time to time, even in a coffin!


    Between October 29th and November 3rd the members who win the most 3-of-a-kind combinations while playing in our Deuces and Jokers video poker machine will get one of these special prizes:


    1st place: $1,000

    2nd place: $700

    3rd place: $500


    Bingo Hall Halloween Contest


    The Bingo Hall Halloween Photo Contest (Official Rules)

    The BHL Halloween Photo Contest starts from October 25, 2010 and ends at 11:59 PM on Nov 15, 2010


    Hit us with your best shot! Your fun, scary or cute Halloween photo could win up to 100 BBS. Summit photos to for a chance to win.




    This contest is open for BHL members only.




    During the Contest Period, produce a photo that depicts Halloween spirit in one of the following categories:

    Household decorations


    Kids costumes

    Adult costumes

    Pet costumes


    To enter the Contest, visit the Halloween gallery and follow the directions provided to complete the entry form; then, upload your photo, and submit. Photo must be submitted in JPG or GIF format and cannot exceed 20MB in size.


    All Entries must be received by 11:59 PM ET on the last day of the applicable Entry Period to be considered for that Entry Period.






    Find Joy and win cash!


    The Queen's given me £1,000 to share out in our emails. Subscribe now to get in on the action...


    Emails and SMS

    1st - 7th November




    Escape to the sun!


    The Queen requests that a bingo lover wins a luxurious winter sun holiday every week!


    Bingo games 3rd November




    10% back on Mini Games


    Maximise your fun with 10% cashback on our complete range of Mini Games!


    Bingo Mini Games 4th November

    Sorry No US





  • Week of 11.8 - 11.12


    Bingo Hall


    NuTs TiMe with DeE!!!


    Hello Roomies! Join me every Monday in Taco Room from 4:00pm to 6:00 pm; we will have big surprises and lots of fun. The only requirement is to be nuts and be ready to have a bunch of fun! Remember the most important rule when you play with me: Have fun and relax! So get ready and I hope to see you all every Monday in there!




    The Underworld - Chat Game


    Join CM Coco in Nickels and have fun playing  “The Underworld”


    The ancient Egyptians believed that before a person could get to the afterlife; they need to pass through the underworld. The underworld was a place that was full of terrifying monsters and dangerous animals.


    The terrifying monsters are going to be our four bingo flashboard corners. You may need magic to successfully overcome these threats. Be within the first four roomies to call “Magic” when all the four corners are conquered. If we have a short bingo game, I will use spells to help you on your journey. Roomies will be awarded with 10 BBS.




    Nefertiti's Gift


    Nefertiti has a special gift for you during our Happy Hour.


    On Wednesday Nov 10th from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm EST, get a 250% bonus by making a deposit of $100!


    And on Nov 6th, make 3 deposits of $50 and you can claim a 230% bonus on all 3 deposits after completing your 3rd deposit.


    She is such a nice queen :)


    Bingo All The Way




    Green Room Special


    Nov 8th - Nov 14th


    Full Plate Coveralls for $500!


    New Bingo Billy




    CLAIM A 250% BONUS




    HOT! All–You–Can–Win Bingo!!!



    • Schedule: - Deposit on Tuesday to buy a 5–day entry (Wednesday to Sunday)!

                    - Deposit on Wednesday to buy a 4–day entry (Thursday to Sunday)!


    • Cards cost: From 25c to $1 but you can find even FREE games.


    • Restrictions: Open to members that make a deposit on Tuesday or/and Wednesday only!


    This room will open through Sunday, November 14th!


    • Chat Games: No.


    VIPs ONLY ROOM: For Depositing Members Only!


    • Schedule: Open ONE HOUR from 7pm–8pm ET!

    • Cards cost: 100% FREE Room.

    • Restrictions: Room opens to depositing members only.

    • Chat Games: No.

    • Comments: Please remember this is a courtesy room and the site is NOT obligated to offer this or any other free special for which your support and understanding about any changes made will be appreciated!


    Prizes and schedule are subject to change without prior notice so we advise you to check this page in a weekly basis!


    Time Tuesday, November 9th 7pm–8pm ET APPRECIATION HOUR!




    Get 10 cards on the house!


    All Fixed games of $5.00





  • Week of 11.15 - 11.19


    Online Bingo


    $250 Guaranteed Wednesday Deposit Special


    Join us Wednesday nights 8pm - 10pm EST in the Quarter Room for your chance to win big during our Wednesday Deposit Special!


    Make a minimum $50 deposit on Wednesday (12:00am to 7pm EST) to qualify. Each player will be assigned a number for each $50 deposit they make based on what time they deposited (example: the first $50 deposit will be assigned #1, the second $50 deposit #2 and so on.) If the number of deposits goes over 75, then number 76 will correspond to #1, number 77 will correspond to #2, etc.


    At 8pm EST, the first 4 bingo calls out on the coverall game (first game of the 8pm EST hour) will determine the Wednesday Deposit Special Winners. If B4 is called, the player who has been assigned #4 (or #79) will win a bonus! If a bingo call contains a number that has not been assigned to player, the prize will move to the next bingo call.


    If your number is called, you must type "DEPOSIT SPECIAL WINNER!" in order to win your bonus. You must be present in chat to win a bonus. If a number is called and the player assigned to that number is not in chat, the bonus will move to the next number out.


    1st Place $100

    2nd Place $75

    3rd Place $50

    4th Place $25


    $2,5k Guaranteed Deposit Tournament


    All those who make a deposit for the $250 Guaranteed Wednesday Deposit Special will automatically qualify to participate in the fabulous Deposit Tournament! The $2,500 Guaranteed Deposit Tournament will begin with the 4 pack pattern at 10pm EST on the last Thursday of the month, or the Thursday after the last Wednesday of the month.


    The Qualified Player List will be updated every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday by 9:30pm EST.


    Tuesday Teams B I N G O!


    Come and join CM Shirley on Tuesday evenings 7pm to 9pm EST in the Quarter Room! As you enter the chat room, you will be assigned a team:

    - B team

    - I team

    - N team

    - G team

    - O team

    Each letter team mate will get 5BBs* every time somebody in the quarter chat wins a bingo from the quarter room on that letter! Only using patterns with all letters.

    * If the pot is under $25 you get only 3 BBs!


    Thursday Night Rally & Trivia Too!


    Join us every Thursday, 6pm to 10pm EST for an exciting night of great bonuses! The rules are simple; all you have to do is get a bingo while in chat to enter the Rally.


    The top three players who get the most bingos from 6pm to 10pm will win a bonus prize - 1st place $100, 2nd place $25 and 3rd place $15! BUT WAIT don’t forget we'll play Trivia as well!


    In the event of a tie, bonuses will be split. Chat host keeps track and the winner must acknowledge the chat host after each win.


    Red Card Bingo


    Slingooooooooo in the Middo!!!


    Don't go high, don't go low, just aim for the the MIDDO! Spin those slots and dab them cards. The middle 10 out of the top 20 will win a really nice prize.


    These weekly tourneys will begin on Tuesday at 1:00 am est and run through Monday at 9:59 pm est each and every week! Lots of prizes and giveaways for this Great Holiday Season!


    Bag a Bird


    Bag yourself a bird and you will entered in the Friday night drawing where you could win a $100 deposit! Bingo on the $200 Chicken Pattern to receive the entry for the drawing.


    South Beach Bingo




    Kick back and be a kid again Tuesdays!


    Every Tuesday on all Jack-in-the Box, Teetor-Totter and Kite game patterns between 6 p.m. and 2 a.m., we will tip the pots in your favor by adding 50% more to the jackpot. We will also play nothing but $100 Jackpot games with the exception of these Specials, regular Coverall's, Regular Progressive Patterns and Tournament Games.




    South Beach Bingo will help you get over the mid week hump with exciting bonuses.


    Which way will you go between 6 p.m. and 2 a.m.? On all Crazy Arrow, Up Arrow, Up and Down Arrow and Right Arrow game patterns the pots will go higher and lower with each call to help you decide!($75 to $100 guaranteed Jackpot). We will also play nothing but $20 Initial Jackpot games with the exception of these Specials, regular Coverall's, Regular Progressive Patterns and Tournament Games.




    Every Thursday


    Between 6 p.m. and 2 a.m. South Beach Bingo will let you wager who wins this classic race of the tortoise and the hare and see who gets to the finish line first. On all Turtle, Rabbit Ears, Fox and Crazy Outside Line game patterns there will be $25 initial jackpot.




    Get crazy Fridays on all Funny Farm


    Crazy missing-1, and X missing-1 patterns. From 6p.m. to 2 a.m. these patterns are over the top with jackpots topped-up by 50%!


    Wink Bingo


    Doesn't time fly when you're having fun?! We're already well into November and Christmas is only a few weeks away (yikes), but don't panic - Wink has saved the day! In our latest Come Spin with Me tournament we're giving you the chance to win some fabulous limited edition prizes for you or your family, or, if none of the prizes take your fancy, we'll let you have the CASH equivalent!





    All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning these fantastic prizes is play bingo or wager on ANY of our instant games. As you play you'll accumulate tournament points - it really couldn't be easier!

    You'll be able to keep track of your progress on our leader board... so good luck and start spinning! You're just a few spins away from one of our special prizes!




    Risk Free Frisky Friday


    Everyone's a winner with our Risk Free Frisky Friday £500 Guaranteed Jackpot game! There's no risky business involved with this game, as even if you don't scoop the jackpot, we'll give you your money back on a Monday*!


    Plays every Fri @ 9:45pm, chat opens @ 9:15pm and you can pre-buy your 10p cards


    Sorry No US







  • Week of 11.22 - 11.25


    A1 Bingo






    Black Outs


    Minus 2 & Minus 5

    Tuesdays at 9:00pm., EST

    Prizes $20 - JP's $250

    75 Ball Hall


    Whip out your Dauber and join in the Blackout minus games!

    These games have minus 2 and minus 5 squares!

    Games will be faster than normal but slower than speed to add to the excitement!

    Prizes are $20 and Jackpots $250!


    Dizzy Crazy Coveralls


    Prize $15 - JP $250

    Every Thursday at 9:00pm., EST

    75 Ball Hall


    Get ready for some dizzy, crazy coverall fun at A1 Bingo

    every Thursday at 9:00pm., EST!


    The numbers that are called will be marked and if there is a reverse of that number it will be twirled around and that number will be called backwards as well.  For example; if G56 is called, it will be marked on all cards and O65 will be marked too, as it is the reverse number.


    Numbers that have no reverse such as 11,22,33 etc will be marked alone.

    Cards will be 25 cents, Prizes $15 and Jackpots $250!.

    Minimum 3 cards & maximum 100 cards.


    Watch for them to play at 9:00pm to 10:00pm., EST, on Tuesday nights!


    RollOver Buster


    10:00pm EST - Tuesday Nights

    7:00pm., EST. -  Wednesday Nights


    Grab your dauber and join us for this Exciting, Unique New game created Exclusively for A1 Bingo!


    If the first pattern is not won in the designated number of balls, the pattern changes to another pattern that is simlar to the first pattern and the game continues on the same cards.  You might have bingo on the second pattern when the first pattern ends so watch carefully!


    Buy in is available at any time. If the game is won on the first pattern, a new game will begin.The game only rolls over to a second pattern if the first pattern is not won.

    $15 Prizes - Progressive Quarters JP


    Cards 25 cents each Minimum cards will be 3 and maximum cards 50.


    Zoom Bingo




    Top 5 players that contribute and participate will win their share of 200bbs.


    Sorry No US


    Posh Bingo




    Posh Swag


    If you enjoy the thrill of shopping for a bargain, then make a window every other Thursday @ 8pm for our Posh Swag game! Yes, you can win Posh prizes galore and cards are only 50p!




    Free Bingo


    Everyone loves a freebie so we're giving you not one but a stack of FREE Bingo games every day! Play Daily Dosh & snap up £50 REAL CASH for free TWICE a day, EVERY day @ 8:30am & 8:30pm!


    Want more? Win BINGO FUNDS in our Freebies room. FREE Play between 10am & midnight, 7 days a week!


    Sorry No US


    New Billy Bingo




    Cheap-ish Bingo!




    Play the best bingo games for mere cents!


    Buy up to 48 cards!


    All games TWO PART style a variety of just pennies, nickels and dimes!


    Patterns with starting pots of 50c, $1.00 and $1.50!

    Don't miss out on this FUNtasitic action for EVERYBODY!


    Random Coverall Games playing throughout the day


    10c per card - $15 guaranteed!




    Billy Points Festival!


    Receive MORE Billy Points from your deposits Tuesdays and Wednesdays

    Now ALL the deposits you make from 12:01 am through 10:00 pm ET will earn you DOUBLE Billy Points!

    From 10:01 pm- 11:59 pm ET you’ll still make TRIPLE Billy Points for every dollar deposited!

    Redeem your Billy Points for $$$$$$$$$$$!!!




    Guaranteed Sessions & Fair Play


    Sometimes it just seems our name is not one of the lucky ones!


    Since we care about every member and our community goal is to have a bunch of happy faces in chat we have added our 100% Guaranteed Session and our Fair Play session, playing every day in the Billywood’s Room from 6:00 am to 8:00 am ET.


    In case you have felt that’s not enough we have added the FAIR PLAY SESSIONS which will add a percentage of what you have spent in Bingo between 2:00 pm and 8:00 pm ET back to your account.


    Fun Time Bingo




    Huge $25000 coverall playing randomly everyday with your chance to hit it big, minimum JP of $200.


    $10000 dollars could be yours today minimum JP of $150. Playing every other hour everyday.


    Exciting new Multi Player Keno, as easy as selecting 2 to 10 of your favorite numbers, place your bet from 5 cents to $5, win up to $50000.00 and now you can play with other players in some thrilling tournaments.



    Just make your deposits during the Billy Points Festival and we’ll automatically add the Billy Points after you make your deposits.


    To redeem just open a Help Desk Ticket!








  • Week of 11.29 - 12.2


    Big Time Bingo




    Daily Special Monday


    Monday's are all about the Money! $50 starting jackpots run 5pm-midnight! Grab the crazy small eight, crazy just takes two, crazy barbell, and crazy missing one patterns to win!


    Tuesday Special


    $10,000 Nightly Coverall


    Every night at 10pm EST in the 25¢ room, we have a $10,000 Coverall!




    Wednesday Special


    Wednesday is Bullseye Day! The mini plus, mini t, bullseye and small x pattern will each have a fixed jackpot of $75!




    Thursday Special


    Crazy Daze is here! We have crazy bingo patterns with $175 starting jackpots (minimum of $50 guaranteed) Get crazy trying to bingo on the crazy pyramid, crazy t and crazy chevron!


    Bingo Fun






    Starts Wednesday, December 1st and will run through Christmas day. The Advent Pattern will play from 6PM-Midnight daily as we countdown the days till Christmas.The first week: the Prize and Jackpot are $30/$1300...


    The second week: the Prize and Jackpot are $40/$1400....the third week: the Prize and Jackpot are $50/$1500...the fourth and final week of Christmas the Prize and Jackpot are $60/$2000. Don't miss our Famous Advent Pattern. It will be dime cards with a minimum of ten cards.




    At 6PM every Monday and Wednesday in December, we will have a $71 Prize game. Watch for the Lucky 7 Pattern to play at 6PM with a Huge $71 Prize.


    Cards will be quarters (.25c) with a minimum of 3 cards.Make sure you prebuy these specials so you do not miss out!! Every Monday and Wednesday at 6PM it's Big 12th Month BAM!!!


    Bingo Palace




    Must Win Monday 


    Two hours of Must Win! If you don't win, we'll give you your money back! Money Tree Room.




    Bingo Perfecta  Tuesday


    Win any two parts in a single game to claim a £10 bonus! Hit all 3 for £100 bonus!




    Wednesday £100 Grand Games


    Three-part £100 games. Lucky Streak Room.




    Thursday Money in Your Pocket


    Play £10 worth of bingo and receive £1 bonus free!


    Sorry No US


    Party Bingo




    Look out for a new Hot Number each week


    If you win a game on our Hot Number, not only do you scoop the jackpot prizes for that game, but you also win an extra 50 bingo cards. This is for Full House wins on 75 and 90 ball bingo. Ask your Chat Host or check your weekly newsletter for the latest hot number.




    When it's Wednesday that means its Wins-day!


    So join us in the Bingo Royale room where all the games start with a base prize of £40 - 1 line: £5, 2 lines: £10, Full House: £25.




    Join us on Thursday evenings in the Disco Divas room where we drop the card price in ALL games to just 5 pence! And what's more, we give you 6 FREE cards, with every 6 you buy!


    Plus when you bingo in 43 calls or less we give you an extra £666 jackpot!

    Plus, bingo in 48 calls or less and scoop an extra £100 cash prize!


    Sorry No US













  • Week of 12.6 - 12.9


    Bingo Playground




    Mad Monday Tournament



    Player picks a number with a “2” in it. When your number comes out type “2 little ducks”. The players with the most points at the end of the tourney wins:


    Mad Monday Bingo Draw:

    1st prize = £10.00

    2nd prize = £7.50

    3rd prize = £5 bbs

    4th prize = £3 bbs

    5th prize = £2 bbs


    Date of Tournament: Monday 6th December 2010

    Time: Just after 10pm

    Room: Bob’s 90 ball funded room


    Tuesday -  LUCKY KENO Bob’s 90 ball room 8pm-10pm

    Hundred's of £££££'s up for grabs!


    Send in 8 numbers to:


    Watch the first 10 numbers called during the start of every game. Wait for the 3-2-1 countdown and if any of those numbers match type 'Keno & Numbers' and you will win the stated prize.


    Lucky Keno Winners Grid


    |1 number - 0.00|2 numbers. - £2.00BB|3 numbers. - £4.00BB|4 numbers - £10.00BB| 5 numbers - £15.00BB|6 numbers - £20.00BB|7 numbers - £40.00BB|8 numbers - £100.00BB|.


    Wednesday Who Done It? Bob’s 90 ball room 10pm


    The first 5 correct answers win a £10.00 bonus


    Send all your guesses to


    Winners will be revealed at Time: 10:00pm



    Wednesday WACKY RACES Bob’s 90 ball room 7pm – 9pm


    Crazy horses wow! Ha! ha! Get your horses to the ready! You could win big! The CM will ask you to pick a number between ( 1-18) (This will be your Horse). Get all 5 numbers going across the board and shout "HORSE AND YOUR NUMBER"


    The first correct claim wins 1 horsey point. The 3 players with most horsey points at the end of the tourney wins. 1st £30.00BBS - 2nd £20.00BBS - 3rd £10.00BBS



    Thursday Bash The CM Tournament Bob’s 90 ball room 8pm -10pm


    The CM will ask you to pick a number between 1-90.

    The CM's number is (45). If your number is out before the CM's number, be the first correct claim to type "I BEAT THE CM" and win 1 punch bag. If the cm's number comes out first you win nothing (Ha! Ha!)


    The 5 players with the most punch bags at the end of the game win:


    1st - £30.00BBS - 2nd - £20.00BBS - 3rd £15.00BBS - 4th £10.00BBS 5th - £5.00BBS

    Will you stand the pace? Or will you back out the race? (Ha Ha)

    Terms: Must have deposited within 10 days to participate in the game and have a minimum of 2 cards in play every game.



    Bingo Fun




    At 6PM every Monday and Wednesday in December, we will have a $71 Prize game. Watch for the Lucky 7 Pattern to play at 6PM with a Huge $71 Prize. Cards will be quarters (.25c) with a minimum of 3 cards.Make sure you prebuy these specials so you do not miss out!! Every Monday and Wednesday at 6PM it's Big 12th Month BAM!!!



    Mr. Big Chocolate Lover


    Tuesday 3pm - 5pm I love Chocolate!


    Each player will pick a number from the B row. Once you see the B-I-G called under the B row you chose, yell "I LOVE CHOCOLATE" in chat. The first 3 to yell will win 3 BBs each.  NO ABBREVIATIONS- TYPE OUT "I LOVE CHOCOLATE".




    Santa's Good Time Points


    Mon. 6pm - 8pm Wed. 7pm- 8pm 


    Every time you bingo you win 200 Goodtime Points and your buddies will win 400 Goodtime Points. Woohoo! You can rack up some Goodtime Points and trade them for Bonus Bucks too!! That is a Goodtime!!!




    Bonus Buck Bounty!


    Every Tuesday and Thursday from 6PM-7PM, for one full hour, each time you bingo you will be awarded 10 BBs. If more than one winner the BBs are split between the winners.


    Bingo Charm






    Wild Holiday Bingo Day!! Bingo During The Regularly Scheduled Holiday Bingo Games And Pick Which Pattern You Need!!




    It's The Neighborly Thing To Be ... Neighbors Get What You Get During Our $500 Holiday Bingo Game * Crazy Neighbors, Must Be In Game And Respond Before Start Of Next Game.




    Waldo Is On A Mission To Make Sure You Have Extra Bbs In Your Stocking!! Deposit $100 Or More Anytime On Wednesday And Get Match My Bingo Until 11:59 Pm Est. * 6 Card Min And Must Answer For Win. (Mmb Example, Bingo On B13, Win 13 Bbs!!)




    Is It Better To Give, Or Receive? Bingo In A Number Ending In 0, And You Can Keep 25 Bbs For Yourself, Or Give Them To Your Crazy Neighbors (Neighbors Must Be In Game, And Respond Before Start Of Next Game)


    Wink Bingo




    Santa's Stack of Cash


    Santa’s not just for the kids! This year, Wink will grant your Christmas wish and give you the chance to win a share of £500 cash over the festive season!


    All you need to do to be in with a chance of getting your hands on one of our four cash prizes from Santa´s Sack is play bingo or wager on ANY of our instant games as usual between the 3rd and 12th of December! As you play you´ll accumulate tournament points - it really couldn´t be easier!


    You´ll be able to keep track of your progress on our leader board... so good luck and start spinning! You´re just a few spins away from one of our special prizes!


    Sorry No US


    Foxy Bingo




    Coffee Mornings


    Get your caffeine fix by bingoing on the Coffee Mug pattern every MONDAY and WEDNESDAY between 10am-11am in our 75 ball rooms to scoop 5,000 extra BPs!




    Early Birds Special


    If you're up at the crack of dawn on a TUESDAY and THURSDAY then join in the fun to win 5,000 BPs, between 6am-8am by simply bingoing on the Bacon, Fried Egg or Sausage patterns in our 75 ball rooms.




    Happy Hours


    We've bumped up the number of Happy Hours to run every MONDAY, TUESDAY, THURSDAY and SUNDAY.


    During the hours of 3pm-4pm and 10pm-11pm you can enjoy an hour of 100% Free and Penny Games in Gimme 5 and Ten Penny Falls.


    Sorry No US







  • Week of 12.13 - 12.16


    Bingo Mania




    Monday, December 13th


    Spread the Holiday Cheer

    Room: Holiday Room

    Time: 10am to 12pm EST & 10pm to 12am EST


    On Monday, December 13th, each time you Bingo in the Holiday Room, you can spread the Holiday cheer by selecting a roomie to receive a bonus gift in Chat.


    Here's How To Play


    The bingo winner must be in chat, when they win and win they choose a buddy (note: to be fair to all, a buddy can only be chosen twice throughout the 4hrs of this special (thats am and pm combined) and must be present in game)

    Once the buddy is chosen they will then select a number from 1-75 to win their prize money

    Once a number is chosen it cannot be chosen again. The GM will advise you whether your number is available.


    Prizes range from $1 to $25 with some prizes have a bonus attached, meaning the winner of the bingo game alos receives the hidden BBs awarded.

    Some of the numbers will have a hidden surprise, where both the game winner and selected roomie will win the hidden amount.



    Tuesday, December 14th


    Skippy will be stuffing your stockings with a little surprise. Be sure to visit on Tuesday, to enjoy your surprise gift from Skippy. If you forget to login on Tuesday, Scrooge might take it away : )


    Special Bonus offer: 110% to 200% free bonus on all your deposits. Deposit more, get more bonus.


    Wednesday, December 15th


    When you deposit $100 or more between Monday, December 13th & Tuesday, Wednesday December 14th, then on Wednesday, December 15th, you'll unlock access to a Special Free Roll Room for 2hrs of Free Bingo Games from 6pm to 8pm EST.


    Special Bonus offer: 150% bonus on all deposits $20 and above.


    Thursday, December 16th


    Digging for Santa's Cash Stack - Oh my, Santa lost his money bag filled with tons of cash prizes. In the spirit of the Holidays and good deed, Santa will reward any lucky Bingo Maniac who finds the missing bag before Scrooge gets a hold of it.


    Here's How to Play:

    Room: Loony Bin (Holiday Room)

    Time: 6pm to 12am EST


    Each time you Bingo on the special Xmas pattern inside the Loony Bin (Holiday room), you get to pick a number between 1 to 75 - hidden behind each number is a surprise money bag filled between $5 to $250 cash prize.


    Some of the bags include special instruction from Santa - where he kindly asks you to spread some of the Holiday cheer by giving away half of the prize to a fellow roomie : )


    Big Time Bingo




    Remote Control Airplane - December 13th


    Our Quarter's bingo room will feature the special Airplane bingo games on this day and all those members who win these games will be eligible to request a 50% bonus match up of the game's prize!


    Just contact any of our customer support agents with the winning game number and get this perk!


    *Game numbers can not be used twice and bonus must be requested on the same day.


    12 Days Rally - December 14th


    We will start on this day a rally that could easily lead you to a $300 bonus prize!


    The 3 members who win the most special "Number 12" pattern games in High Rollers bingo room on specified days of the rally, will win one of the $100 bonus prizes that we hold until the end of the competition...Today is the 1st day, 5 more to go! Read on, only scheduled dates will count.


    Sailing at the pond - December 15th


    The member who wins the most special Sailboat games in Quarter's bingo room will win a $75 unique bonus prize!


    12 Days Rally 2nd Day - December 16th


    This is the second day on this rally.


    Remember that all you need to do is win as many special 12 Days games in High Rollers on the days indicated on this calendar!


    Vic's Bingo




    Da Poinsettia Bunch


    Embrace the magic of the holiday season by offering a very special gift to a very special someone this year!  Thru Dec 15th, look for the Flower pattern in our Penny bingo room.


    The player who wins this pattern 4 times will receive a truly special gift, $75 bonus. If the last game you win will have the letter B in the winning call, you’ll be credited with an extra $25 on top of the $75. Good luck!




    Christmas Tree Decoration


    It’s time to decorate our Christmas tree! Let’s dance while we decorate it.

    Get ready for some Dancing Games in our Quarters bingo room thru Dec 15th from 6:00pm to 10:00pm EST. We will be featuring prizes ranging from $50 to $200.




    Game Village






    Every top of the day game in December will be guaranteed to be worth at least £750.







    The Village Idiot loves to send gifts. Check your emails regularly as he may have sent you a special cash gift. 5 players each day will win a cash gift.






    All players who send a gift of free cards will go into a daily draw where one player each day will win £25.


    Sorry No U


    Virgin Bingo




    12 Days of Christmas


    Dec 13th 9x 5,000 V Points


    Dec14th 9x Nintendo Wii


    Dec 15th 10x $100 cash prizes


    Dec 16th 3x Amazon Kindle


    Sorry No US

















  • Week of 12.20 - 12.24


    Golden Hat Bingo




    Christmas Truffles:


    Get hold of the extraordinary champagne and delightful truffles this Christmas. You just have to make a minimum deposit of £20 in the days between 21 st and 25 th December and we will help you win your chance to grab this delicious gifts worth of £45. Ten lucky players can enjoy this unique and tempting gift for merry making.


    Christmas Eve: Sleigh Ride- On this special day, CM of every shift will run this special CG by selecting one bingo row from which the players have to pick three numbers. Once all the numbers are out, first to type Sleigh Ride and numbers wins the special cg win of 75p. This game will be conducted during two hours maximum 5 times.


    Sorry No US


    Vic's Bingo




    Snowman’s Hat


    Help our beloved snowman find his hat by finding some hidden games!


    On Dec 20th there will be 3 hidden games, of $400 cash each, making a total of $1,200 waiting for you in our Quarters bingo room, between 4:00pm and 8:00pm EST.


    Make sure you play; they could all be yours!




    Penguin Pool Party - Chat Game


    The penguins are hosting a pool party in the North Pole and everyone's invited! This Thursday, Dec 23rd from 10:00am to 11:00am EST in the Quarters room. Now some little penguins are afraid to jump in the water.


    Don’t let too many penguins get out of the pool, push them back so they learn how to swim. Pick a penguin number between 1 and 75 and when the number is out, let CM Coco know by saying “penguin+ number”.


    Let’s all push as many penguins as possible back into the pool! Those penguins love to fly.


    Steamy Bingo




    Christmas in Bingo Studio Live


    Come along and play in Bingo Studio Live this December and you will be in for a festive treat. The Presenters will be celebrating the festive period in a true BSL style, bringing you a Bingo room packed full of Christmas games and fun!


    Santa's Sack

    Santa will be delivering presents to Bingo Studio Live players til the 24th Dec, so make sure you come along to see if you are one of the lucky Roomies to receive a present!


    Sorry No US


    Cashmill Bingo




    Light Up Your Christmas Tree with a Progressive Jackpot!


    The Main Hall Jackpot is over $1,837

    The Ball Hall Jackpot is over $847


    Win a $1,837 jackpot with as few as three 12 cent cards.


    Put your name on a $847 jackpot with little as three 5 cent cards.

    Be the winner of a $5,000 Jackpot played at 7:30pm EST & 9:30pm EST


    50 cent cards 3 card minimum 120 card maximum $75 prize

    Don't miss out on these Jackpots and pre-book your games.


    Santa's Keno Contest


    Through Tuesday, 12/28

    Get your Lucky Keno numbers out and dust them off

    Because it's time for a Santa's Keno Contest at Cashmill Bingo!

    If you play 4 numbers for ONE Quarter you could win $25

    And show up in the Winners Tab!  What are you waiting for?

    Play Keno Today and WIN!


    The players whose names show up the most in the Winners Tab will win:


    1st Place - 100 Bonus Bucks

    2nd Place - 75 Bonus Bucks

    3rd Place - 50 Bonus Bucks


    Winners will be announced on Wednesday, 12/29!


    Cashmill Bingo's New Year's Holiday Lottery


    The contest runs til December 31st

    Players with the most games won in Main Hall will be entered into the Cashmill Bingo's New Year's Holiday Lottery!


    A Holiday Lottery list of the winners will be posted on our home page and will be updated daily during this contest.The final list of 75 players will be posted on our home page on December 31st at the end of the lottery.


    Each player on this list will be eligible to win!


    Prizes are:


    1st Place Prize - 150 Bonus Bucks

    2nd Place Prize 100 Bonus Bucks

    3rd Place Prize - 50 Bonus Bucks

    4th - 10th Place Prize - 10 Bonus Bucks each


















  • Week of 12.27 - 12.30


    Play Time Bingo






    This is one special you will not want to miss. Every night of the week you have three opportunities to play for a Colossal $10,000 Coverall Jackpot! Beat the balls to jackpot and you will win an awesome prize. The prize amount will decrease with each additional ball called until the prize is won. This special has a Minimum $40.00 Prize amount and you can purchase Pre-Buy Discount Packages.


    Please note that the Pre-Buy option is different than Prebook. When you use the Pre-Buy option you will be paying in advance. Once purchased, the Pre-Buy cannot be cancelled and the money will be deducted from your account immediately at the time you purchase the package. One package per special can be purchased. During the game you can buy more cards if you like but the additional cards will be at the normal price, not the discounted package price.


    For Example: You purchased a Package with 10 cards and set your auto to play 5 cards, you would be playing 15 cards. If you are offline during the game you will get a note showing each game played and all records can be checked in your game history as well.

    Pre-Buy Discount Packages will include:


    20 cards - $4.75

    50 cards - $11.25

    100 cards - $20.00




    Watch out Playtime Bingo players!! We are being invaded by the Inverts and you are in for a big surprise with this bingo special that has never been seen before!!  This exciting new special has Inverted Patterns that will play in 2 stages. Join your fellow bingo players every Tuesday & Thursday night at 8pm - 9pm for some crazy far out fun!!




    Join us every Monday at 6:00pm - 7:00pm and every Thursday at 5:00pm - 6:00pm for our Oddball ~ Evenball Coverall Special. This great special will have a Minimum $30.00 Prize & $500.00 Jackpot. The first number called each game will determine if it will be odd or even. Once this is determined, everything ending in an odd or even number will automatically mark on your cards. Card price is 25 cents.




    Play our Exciting Dynamic G Ball Special with a Minimum $30.00 Prize every Thursday at 7:00pm - 8:00pm. The first ball called in the G Row will determine the balls to jackpot for this exciting game, and you will sit on pins and needles anticipating just what that first G number will be! Card price will be 25 cents with a 3 card minimum & 100 card maximum.


    Melina Bingo


    Poker Play Off


    Play Table or Video Poker to win up to $100 in cash and 100 in BBs every week:

    Prizes for two highest wagering players (Total wagers): December 27 to December 30.


    1st Prize: $100 Cash + 100 BBs

    2nd Prize: $50 Cash + 50 BBs


    One Cent Bingo!


    On the grand occasion of Christmas, our offers go grand too with our One Cent Bingo game! So, play one cent bingo games every hour and every day to win lavish treats!

    Bingo on the Cent pattern and win guaranteed jackpots worth $25 every hour!

    The Cent pattern will play once every hour, everyday this month in the Green (Quarters) Room.


    Everyday Green (Quarters) Room Once Every Hour 1 cent


    A Ditto Deal!


    How about a Ditto Deal? A deal where all the rewards have been leveled to get you consistent wins, no matter what pattern you bingo on!



    Then get face to face with the 90-ball bingo at it's best in the Ruby (90-ball) Bingo Room everyday from 7 pm to 9 pm and earn extensive prizes!

    Play single line, double line and full house games to draw equal rewards.

    So, this month, it doesn't matter which line you bingo on, you'll win guaranteed $30 anyways!

    Now that's what you call... unusual but out of this world offer!! So rush and make the most of it!


    Everyday Ruby (90 Ball) Room 9 AM to 11 AM .25 cards.


    Paramount Bingo




    Play our fantastic Rollover Bingo Games


    Bingo 80 Room


    If a bingo is not called in 10 numbers, the prize rolls over to the next game!

    Plays on the Anyline/4 Corner patterns and Cards Cost only 7cents!




    Play our classic 1p games with a £250 Jackpot up for grabs.


    Blowout 90 Room


    1 pence cards 12midnight - 5pm EST 7pm - 12midnight EST 10 - 100 cards.


    Virgin Bingo




    Come along and play in our Marrakesh room on a Monday night for a whole heap of Penny Bingo games. Where else can you get a whole night's worth of entertainment for just 25p? With each game just costing 1p , there has never been a better time to bag a bargain!





    We're feeling rather generous and are giving you 20% back on all your Bingo losses on Tuesday.




    Every Wednesday night at 9pm, we've got a fantastic star prize to give away. Either join us in Marrakesh, or buy your tickets in advance now!




    We’re awarding a £100 grand prize for Virgin Bingo’s biggest player based on Thursdays play. Go on, fight it out!


    Sorry No US




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