Bask in Bingo Fest's Black Friday Special

Bask in Bingo Fest's Black Friday Special
Are you guys ready for Black Friday? Ah yes, the one day of the year when prices drop almost as dramatically as people's excitement rises to the level of putting themselves in hazardous situations in stores is nigh! November 23rd is the date and we caution you to keep your cool and stay away from manic shoppers with penchant for violence.

Shopping Day Break:

Perhaps those with anger management issues should just chill out to a nice game of bingo or two, and we know just the spot where they can find it. Over at Bingo Fest, there is the mighty great Black Friday Special promotion that consists of multiple games, all awarding players with cash prizes.

The site guarantees the best bingo fun and entertainment - as ever, of course - and this time it is underlined and significantly enforced with a prize fund of $7,500 to be won!

Black Friday Special games begin from 8 PM EST on November 23rd and are played in the Autumn Bingo room. There will be several games on the repertoire that we will be playing that day.

  • $150 reverse coverall max $500 game

  • $7,500 coverall minimum $75.00 game

  • $50.00 starting game

  • $250 guaranteed game

The games are all played right at the hour, meaning they begin at 8 PM and continue through 9, 10 and 11 PM. The entry card for each game costs only
$0.75. With them comes the Buy 3 Get 2 Free offer.

The Day After the Feast:

All of this comes only one day after Thanksgiving Bingo which is, of course, scheduled for Thursday, November 22nd, Thanksgiving Day. The Turkey Supreme bingo games are taking place on the 22nd and they come with $2,500 in cash prize funds to be won.

The games begin at 6 PM EST and each game comes with a $500 in cash to be had as every game gets played exactly on the hour - 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 PM.

Also, just to keep the ball rolling while the going is good, tune in a day AFTER the Black Friday Special, on Saturday, November 24th, when there is the $13,000 Guaranteed Bingo event, during which a massive cash prize of $10,000 will be paid out to one very luck (and most skilled, obviously) player.

The games begin at 7 PM EST in the Tourney Bingo room with the first of three $1,000 guaranteed cash games. The main $10,000 game begins at 10 PM and the entry card will cost $5.

These are all amazing bingo offers which will make for one incredible three-day run from Thursday November 22nd to Saturday November 24th. Feel free to join these games and read the site's general terms and conditions before you do!
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