Bingo Billy Hosts $5K Spring Garden Party

Bingo Billy Hosts $5K Spring Garden Party
Flowers aren’t the only thing blooming this spring. Don’t get us wrong, we love the fresh aromas and beautiful colors, but they can’t quite compare to buds sprouting cold, hard cash. That’s exactly what’s coming up this season at Bingo Billy. The site is running an exclusive $5,000 Spring Garden Party that will show off some stunning buds every weekend throughout the entire month of April.

According to the site’s Bingo Manager, Laura Chacon, "Spring is in the air and we’re inviting all our players to warm up to big prizes. Whether you’re a new player or have been playing with us for ages, come see the payouts blossom every weekend."

Members can benefit in lucrative ways during this season-inspired event, with fixed prizes ranging from $50 to $500 in the Lucky Cup Diner Room. Prizes are on offer each Friday and Saturday this month from 9pm to 11pm ET. Watch out for special patterns as the value will go up throughout the night.

While the prizes are cash, they are also spring-inspired. At the end of the 9 o’clock hour, participants will find a $50 tulip, $70 butterfly and $90 daisy pattern. Additionally, $100 flower and $150 garden path pots will pop up at the end of the 10pm hour and in the minutes leading up to midnight, a fabulous $500 Blooming Flower prize will be revealed.

The room is open to all members, and those signing up for the first time will have access to a sweet welcome offer which consists of a $30 free trial bonus. First time depositors may also benefit from progressive bonuses reaching up to 600%.
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