Bingo Can Keep Us Young

Bingo Can Keep Us Young
Did you ever think that playing your favorite game could keep your mind sharp? Many people begin to lose their memory as they get older but there is something you can do. Play bingo. It keeps your mind active and a recent study was conducted to prove the helpful effects of games such as bingo.

The results published in the Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society had shown that activities such as walking, remaining active and challenging yourself mentally are factors of keeping your brain young and sharp.

The report indicated that one of the ways to challenge yourself is to play bingo. Bingo keeps us young? This is fabulous news. Plying online bingo stimulates the brain cells and the connections between them.

The study conducted included more than 1,000 older people who were not suffering from dementia and by becoming more social, playing bingo and volunteering, their cognitive abilities declined at a much lower rate. How does 70% lower sound?

Studies have proven that playing bingo exercises the mind. Sure you can read books, play a variety of board games or even card games but bingo is so much more fun.
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