Bingo Halloween and Nightmare Before Christmas

Bingo Halloween and Nightmare Before Christmas
Here is the dilemma – As Halloween approaches, bingo players' scramble to find ghostly spirited bingo sites to spend on 31 October right? Sure there is plenty of frightful bingo patterns for 75 ball bingo and promotional offers that are spooktacular but not a bumper crop of Halloween Slots to choose from.

After players have gotten their deliciously sinful treats and hopefully not a whole lot of tricks in the Bingo rooms it's time to get your game on and head for the Slots. Looking through the list, quickly your expression changes from anxious excitement to a discontented face or sheer horror. What no Halloween Slots to keep the momentum up on Halloween night, realizing this is where the treats stop and the cruel tricks begin!

Then like an evil storm brewing it hits you like a clap of thunder with pitch fork lightning bolts (or the devil's pitch fork) the spirit of Halloween is alive and well on the reels. It is the Nightmare before Christmas where the darkness of Halloween pulls Christmas in a tug of war battle of celebrated holidays.

Suddenly it all makes sense and all that confusion about Tim Burton's classic tale whether it is a Halloween or a Christmas movie becomes clear as the devilish smirk forms across your lips. Bingo provides the best of both worlds with the dark haunted organ music and angelic harps playing Hark the Angels Sing, the melodies collide and triumph.

Players spin the Christmas themed Slot reels in the dark and echoes of eerie sounds of blood curdling screams and the howling winds that beat against the shade drawn windows drown out the Christmas tune on the Slot coming from your computer speakers.

There is a pounding knock at your door with little ones dressed as ghosts, goblins and pumpkins shouting “trick or treat” in unison. At that moment you hit the Bonus Game feature and cackle like a witch with excited glee scaring the daylights out of the visitors at your door.

Feeling a bit impish you rush to the door but not before winning big with your Free Spins bonus game. Slowing opening the door with your bowl of sweet treats a look of horror on the tiny tots faces scream exclaiming “its Jack Skellington the Pumpkin King, run”!

Alas the Nightmare before Christmas mystery solved, it really is a Halloween tale after all.
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