Bingo Players Are Slot Spinners Too

Sep 07, 2012
Bingo Players Are Slot Spinners Too
Dreams do come true and it can happen to you, if you SPIN with all your heart! Shouldn't that be what ole blue eyes Frank Sinatra, the Vegas Chairman of the Board, should have sang? The Rat Pack was making the their rounds across the Vegas strip while today the bingo community is soaring the globe with a smorgasbord bigger than any free buffet in Vegas.

Without a doubt Sinatra and his crew would be sitting right alongside of us playing Bingo, Craps and of course spinning the Slots. After all how could Sinatra resist a Slot after his namesake or Dean Martin resist his own irresistible charms on the reels. Oh but let's not leave out Elvis because in reality he was the Vegas King and there are a slew of online Slots in honor of the rock and roll legend.

Some may ask why play Slots at an online Bingo site when there are plenty of casinos that offer it? Ask any bingo player and they readily tell you it combines the best of both worlds; Bingo and Casino game action all at one convenient site. If variety is the spice of life then online bingo is the pepper that makes it hot, hot, hot!

The demographics of the bingo player has changed tremendously in recent years and big part of that is the introduction of some pretty thrilling online sites. If only the online gaming industry was available back in the days of these Vegas icons, they would of wipe out the blue haired concept of bingo with just a snap of the jazzy finger of Sinatra or as fast as the wiggle in the hips of Elvis!

A gambler has dreams of winning the big one and the Progressive Jackpot is the Cadillac win Elvis would of certainly appreciated. And that is another beauty of Bingo because not is there only Progressive Jackpots on Slots and Casino games but Bingo games too.

We bingo fans are not about to give a bingo, not by a longshot. We'll save the longshots for zero on the Roulette table, the Royal Flush in Video Poker and the Scratch Card that matches a $100,000 Jackpot instant win.
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