Bingo Software – A New Rival Gaming Venture

Aug 31, 2011
Bingo Software – A New Rival Gaming Venture
New product features great offering

A brand new product offering has been announced by a major online gambling software developer Rival Gaming this week. It has been specified that Rival's new online bingo software will soon become available to licensees, who will be able to offer their customers the following bingo features:

* 30, 75, 80 and 90 ball variations

* Single player bingo.

* Numerous paytable-based wins including jackpots

* Auto-daubing or manual-daubing on one page games

* Ability to choose a different number of called balls.

* Highly beneficial automatic card ordering based on winning cards

* Play on up to 100 cards at once

* Soon-to-come player-to-player chat feature

* User-friendly graphical interface

* Adjustable speed settings

According to the company's description of the new product, it includes "90 Ball Bingo, popular in the UK and Europe. 75 Ball Bingo is more favoured in the US. 80 Ball Bingo is a fun and unique departure for those looking for something a little different. 30 Ball Bingo is an exciting fast playing shift in the classic Bingo format."
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