BingoBilly Joins Breast Cancer Awareness Cause

BingoBilly Joins Breast Cancer Awareness Cause
Bingo sites are no stranger to good causes - most of them are in league with numerous charity organizations and often organize events whose proceedings go directly to some of those charity programs...

...In the past, bingo has donated to homeless families, parentless children and all of those in need, people with ailments and those struck by misfortune in general.

Think Pink:

We're in the month of October, which is recognized internationally as Breast Cancer Awareness Month - this severe disease can hit even the healthiest people so it is important to raise awareness, primarily among women, of its dangers and the ways this can be prevented before it even appears.

To help this cause, BingoBilly has come up with a range of promotions and programs that should encourage people to talk about this serious matter...

...And the way they're joining the fight against breast cancer is by adopting the Think Pink slogan in their pink-inspired promos running this month. Not only is the site looking to spark the conversation on this topic but even the prizes will be promoting a healthy lifestyle.

The site's Bingo Manager, Laura Chacon, comments: "Breast Cancer Awareness Month is here and we're focused on spreading the word to all our players. Join us as we share important info, hold giveaways that promote a healthy lifestyle, and much more."

Many Healthy Raffles:

Throughout the rest of October, it will be hosting numerous raffles that will award prizes such as Rose Gold iPad, home gym and Amazon Fresh gift certificates, making each prize and raffle itself very much related to breast cancer awareness and generally talking about this grave issue.

In order to partake, players need to fund their accounts by depositing at least $25 - for each deposit, they will earn one entry into the upcoming raffle.

BingoBilly will feature a plethora of special rooms focused on breast cancer survival in October. Each room will have a different theme and come with specials, prizes and breast cancer information.

The culmination of this promotion comes in Billy's Race for the Cure that runs from October 16th to 31st. It comes with a $2,018 grand prize pool - $1,009 goes to the winner and the other $1,009 is donated to The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation in the winner's name.

Don't forget - if you're not a member of the site yet, you can take advantage of their $30 free trial bonus and on a first deposit you can collect a progressive bonus up to 600%.

This site, which is a part of our Bingo Rewards, is around since 2005 and since that time it has won some of the most prestigious awards in industry, such as Bingo Site of the Year in 2012. And even though we vouch for it as it's most secure and trustworthy, you need to decide whether you agree with their terms so don't forget to check them out here.

Good luck and do the right thing for the right cause!
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